12 Best Mike D’Angelo Movies and TV Shows That You Must Watch

Are you looking for a list of the best Mike D’Angelo movies and tv shows? here we have compiled a list of the 12 best of them.

Mike Pirat Nitipaisalkul or better known by his stage name Mike Angelo, formerly Mike D’Angelo is a Thai-Chinese singer, actor, and model.

He is known in the entertainment world for being part of the musical duet Golf-Mike with his brother, Golf Pichaya Nitipaisalkul, from 2005 to 2010.

Mike Angelo made his acting debut in the 2008 television drama “Ubatruk Karmkobfah” and has since appeared in many popular films and television dramas, including Thai versions and Chinese dramas. Below are 12 lists of the best Mike Angelo films and dramas that you must watch!


Best Mike D’Angelo Movies List


1. The One Hundred

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

“The One Hundred” is Mike D Angelo’s new movie which tells the story of a young woman who has just returned from a foreign country.

He has to stay in a hotel for quarantine, but then suddenly encounters a monster that can change its shape in various ways, according to the individual the monster belongs to. This movie was released in 2022 and is available on Amazon Prime Video.


2. Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

It tells the story of Tang Nannan who has his own way of bringing love to web bloggers. He was an aspiring writer with an imaginative mind that was often too unconventional for most people.

Hoping to make it big, he daydreams too much and one day, he accidentally ruins Zhu Huo’s proposal for his ideal girl and immediately makes an enemy out of her.

Holding on to their own pride and prejudices, the two end up in a living arrangement where they have to live together.

Zhu Hou’s good friend, Xiao Jian Jun, falls in love with Tang Nannan at first sight and begins to actively pursue her. Instead of helping, Zhu Hou creates more conflict and that’s where their love begins.

Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice is one of the best Mike D’Angelo movies. It was released in 2017 and also starred Dilraba Dilmurat.


3. Hashima Project

It tells the story of 5 college graduates who head to Hashima Island in Japan to make a recording to disprove the supernatural legends that surround the island.

Even though neither of them believes in these stories, they have to start considering the options of otherworldly creatures when they find out that they are being haunted. This movie was released in 2013.


4. The House That Never Dies 2

This is one of newest Mike D’Angelo movies, which tells the story of a cultural heritage restorer who finds a baby’s skeleton while working in an old house.

It made the bloody events of the past drag everyone who worked on the project into a dark abyss. The House That Never Dies 2 is a Chinese film released in 2017.


Best Mike D’Angelo TV Shows List


5. Legend of Nine Tails Fox

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

It tells of Qing Qiu’s Mei fruit has the ability to give extraordinary strength to anyone who eats it. The fruit has now been under the fox clan’s protection for generations.

But when the precious fruit is stolen, the only witness is Fei Yue, and her family members are thrust into a series of adventures to bring the fruit back.

The fox clan members also went on a journey to find the lost fruit, the hurdles before them were now enormous.

Often entangled in human affairs, sly foxes must do everything they can to survive. But humans are their least of worries.

This Chinese drama was released in 2016 with 37 episodes. You can watch this Mike D Angelo drama on Viki.


6. Mr. Swimmer

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

It tells the story of a group of young men who compete in every aspect of life, from love to career.

They train strictly for the upcoming national swimming competition, and before the fight starts, they sometimes cheat to win the competition.

But in the process, they also uphold justice and maintain honor and sportsmanship, and help restore their reputation.

Through many twists and turns, the group of young men builds a sense of responsibility and perseverance by releasing themselves to become extraordinary youths.

This Mike D Angelo tv show was released in 2018 with 46 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


7. Delicious Destiny

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

The series tells the story of Li Yu Zhe, a Western chef who is obsessed with gourmet food. Once she participates in a TV cooking program and meets drama director Song Jia Ming who has an extraordinary sense of taste.

The two often bicker at first, but over time they become attracted to each other and develop feelings of love. This is one of the best Mike D Angelo dramas was released in 2017 with 53 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


8. My Little Princess

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

It tells of Lin Xing Chen, a daughter of a conglomerate heir who has enjoyed a luxurious life since childhood. But he is actually the illegitimate child of his father’s infidelities that no one else knows about.

Due to his father’s death, Xing Chen’s mother was forced to give him to his Stepmother, Madam Chen, in the hope that Xing Chen would be able to live a good life. Under the care of his Stepmother, Xing Chen lived a life of strict discipline.

Madam Chen always reminded her that she was a princess and that she should behave like one. Xing Chen grew up to be a beautiful but haughty princess, truly feeling herself a real princess.

But things changed when Xing Chen met two men. His fiancé, Chu Yao, openly expressed his hatred for the arrogant Xing Chen. Meanwhile, a man named Nian Yu is always there for her through the ups and downs.

This Chinese series was released in 2016 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of the best Mike D’Angelo tv shows on Viki.


9. Hua Jai Patapee

Hua Jai Patapee is a Thai drama starring Por Tridsadee Sahawong, Yam Matira Tantiprasut, and Mike Angelo.

It tells about Forest Conservation which must be protected. The main lead character is a special agent from the Department of National Forest Rangers. This drama was released in 2015 with 12 episodes.


10. My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

This is the follow-up drama My Amazing Boyfriend season 1. In season 1, second-rate actress Tian Jing Zhi and mutant Xue Ling Qiao meet due to a car accident and end up falling in love.

But in order to give him a peaceful and ordinary life, he decided to leave. This sequel continues this fantastic love story between humans and mutants.

Not long after Xue Ling Qiao left, Tian Jing Zhi found out that she was pregnant with his child. Worried about his mother and daughter, Xue Ling Qiao secretly moved to the next house to protect them.

Meanwhile, Tian Jing Zhi befriends another mutant, Yun Zhen. Yun Zhen started pursuing him romantically.

At the same time, the S Organization led by Qiu Yue Bai finds out about Tian Jing Zhi’s pregnancy. Qiu Yue Bai used his identity as a relative to connect with him while planning to use it for his own benefit.

At the same time, murder cases that may involve mutants start cropping up as women in the town start mysteriously disappearing.

This Mike D Angelo tv show was released in 2019 with 38 episodes. It is available on Viki and WeTV.


11. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer Season 2

Mike D'Angelo Movies and TV Shows

This is the continuation of the tale of monster hunter Wu Xin and the evil spirit Yue Qi Shan as they wake up 20 years later in Republican Era Shanghai. This Chinese drama with Mike Angelo was released in 2017 with 27 episodes.


12. Kiss Me

It tells about Taliw, a cute, lively, and clumsy girl, who has a crush on the popular genius Tenten, who is a new student with an IQ of 200.

Tenten just returned from Japan with her family to Thailand. But how will Taliw deal with his feelings for Tenten?

Because sometimes, he treats her well and cares about her. However, sometimes he teases and humiliates her in front of all the students in their school.

This is one of the best Mike D’Angelo tv shows that was released in 2015. It has 20 episodes and is available on Netflix.


Those were the 12 lists of the best Mike D’Angelo movies and TV shows that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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