11 Best Korean Dramas About Bullying at School to Watch

In the ever-evolving world of Korean dramas, the exploration of societal issues has become a prominent theme, with bullying taking center stage in recent productions.

This comprehensive guide delves into some of the most impactful and thought-provoking KDramas that intricately navigate the complexities of bullying. From psychological explorations to tales of resilience, each series offers a unique perspective on this pervasive issue.


List of Korean Dramas About Bullying


1. Moving

One of the latest additions to the world of KDramas about bullying is “Moving.” Released in 2023 with 20 episodes, this series boldly exposes the harsh realities of bullying that many face in high school.

As the storyline unfolds, it not only captures the challenges faced by victims but also delves into the motivations and consequences of those who commit such acts. Starsg Go Yoon Jung, Lee Jung Ha, and Kim Do Hoon, “Moving” can be streamed on Disney Plus.


2. The King of Pigs

Korean dramas about bullying

In 2022, “The King of Pigs” emerged as a riveting exploration of the dark world of oppression and revenge. This 12-episode series cleverly depicts the aftermath of school bullying, unraveling a tale of two friends who reminisce about their experiences as victims.

Starring Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sung Gyu, and Chae Jung An, you can catch this compelling drama on Amazon Prime Video.


3. Revenge of Others

Korean dramas about bullying

Offering a unique twist to traditional bullying narratives, “Revenge of Others” amplifies the themes of retribution and reclamation.

With 12 episodes released in 2022 and available on Disney Plus, this series stars Shin Ye Eun and Lomon in a compelling tale of resilience and revenge.

The storyline follows the determined Ok Chan Mi as she challenges the circumstances surrounding her brother’s alleged suicide. This drama embarks on an unconventional journey of confronting bullies, delving into the psychological impacts and the quest for justice.

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4. Weak Hero Class 1

Korean dramas about bullying

“Weak Hero Class 1,” comprising 8 episodes released in 2022 on iQiyi, portrays the empowering journey of Yeon Shi Eun. This drama brilliantly showcases the valor and intelligence exhibited by an honor student in the face of relentless bullying.

With stellar performances by Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, Hong Kyung, and Kim Su Gyeom, the series illustrates the harrowing experiences faced by Yeon Shi Eun due to unwarranted violence both within and outside the school premises.


5. How to Buy a Friend

Korean dramas about bullying

Released in 2020 with 8 episodes available on Viki, “How to Buy a Friend” intricately intertwines the complexities of high school friendships with the harsh realities of bullying.

Lee Shin Young, Shin Seung Ho, and Kim So Hye deliver captivating performances in a narrative that follows Don Hyuk, a fighter grappling with the trauma of his girlfriend’s sudden demise. This K-drama masterfully weaves a tale of investigation and protection against the dangers posed by bullying.


6. The Glory

Korean dramas about bullying

Released in 2022 with 8 episodes, “The Glory” offers a unique perspective on bullying and revenge. The series explores the psychological impact of bullying, delving into the mental breakdown and loss of ideals faced by victims.

Starring Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon, Yeom Hye Ran, and Park Sung Hoon, you can catch this compelling drama on Netflix.


7. Alice, The Final Weapon

Korean dramas about bullying

“Alice, The Final Weapon” takes an unconventional approach to bullying by introducing a trained assassin disguised as a transfer student.

Released in 2022 with 8 episodes, this series adds an element of suspense as Gyeo Wool, the assassin, infiltrates the school. Starring Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee, you can watch this unique drama on Viki.


8. Class of Lies

“Class of Lies” delves into the complex web of deception and betrayal that often accompanies bullying in high school environments.

Released in 2019 with 16 episodes, this gripping series follows characters navigating dangerous waters, highlighting the motivations behind bullying and the consequences of uncovering the truth.

Starring Yoon Kyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, Lee Jun Young, and Choi Yoo Hwa, you can find this KDrama on Viki.


9. The Uncanny Counter

Taking a unique approach to bullying, “The Uncanny Counter” introduces supernatural elements. Although not entirely focused on bullying, the series follows a character with extraordinary abilities who steps in to protect the vulnerable from bullies.

Released in 2020 with 16 episodes, this Netflix gem stars Cho Byeong Kyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yeom Hye Ran, and Ahn Suk Hwan.


10. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

“My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” addresses the sensitive issue of oppression through the lens of beauty standards. This 2018 KDrama explores the challenges faced by individuals bullied due to societal expectations of physical appearance.

With 16 episodes, this Netflix series starring Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, Jo Woo Ri, and Kwak Dong Yeon is a poignant exploration of the emotional impact of bullying and the journey toward self-acceptance.


11. Beautiful World

“Beautiful World” embarks on a search for justice and redemption after a tragic incident involving bullying. Released in 2019 with 16 episodes, this Netflix drama follows characters determined to uncover the truth and seek justice for victims.

Starring Park Hee Soon, Choo Ja Hyun, Oh Man Suk, and Cho Yeo Jung, “Beautiful World” serves as a powerful exploration of the impact of oppression and a transformative journey toward a more just and compassionate world.


Korean dramas about bullying serve as poignant reflections of societal issues, fostering empathy, and igniting conversations. These narratives, through their intricate storytelling and compelling performances, delve into the multifaceted impact of bullying on individuals and society at large.

As viewers immerse themselves in these dramas, they embark on emotional journeys that provoke introspection and compassion, underscoring the need for empathy and understanding in the face of adversity.

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