7 Best Patricia Tanchanok Good Dramas to Watch

Are you looking for a list of the best Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas that you can watch right now? here we have compiled the list.

Patricia Tanchanok Good, nicknamed Pat, is a Thai-British actress born in Thalang, Phuket, and raised in Bangkok.

Patricia entered the entertainment industry at the age of fourteen by being cast as an actress and her first lakorn was “Num Ban Rai Kap Wanjai Hi-So.”

From 2014 until now, Patricia Tanchanok Good has starred in many dramas and tv shows. Here are 7 of the best Patricia Tanchanok Good TV shows that you can watch right now!


Patricia Tanchanok Good Dramas List


1. You Touched My Heart

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

You Touched My Heart is the newest Patricia Tanchanok Good drama d which was released in 2023 with 18 episodes. Tells the story of Anyanee, a beautiful girl who grew up in a family that only respects men.

One day he met Kueakhun, a man who is friendly and warm to anyone. He is ready to give a warm light to the woman who is like a diamond in his heart, but love life is not that easy.

When the two families’ business problems become involved, including the death of Anyanee’s brother, Kueakhun becomes a suspect. It happened because his past relationship with his brother-in-law which had ended long ago had returned.


2. My Friend, The Enemy

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

This show is about 4 friends who have very different attitudes. They were Nick, Wan, Beam, and Wayu who kept spinning around each other, repeatedly clashing and burning up in the crashing flames.

However, all four sides are relentless, enjoying the pain and pleasure of hatred and rivalry, and perhaps, even love in the end.

My Friend, The Enemy is one of the best Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas released in 2022 with 16 episodes.


3. Buang Athithan

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

The next tv show with Patricia Tanchanok Good is Buang Athithan which was released in 2016 with 11 episodes.

It tells about a mysterious ancient city more than 1000 years old which archaeologists find and start excavations. But they unknowingly release ghosts from the past who wants revenge.


4. Poisonous Passion

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

It tells about Parichat, a girl who becomes pregnant before finding out that her partner, Trin, is already married. After forcibly aborting the child, his girlfriend left him.

Parichat is left alone and he contemplates suicide until his sister and brother-in-law offered to help him plan his revenge.

The plan was then to take years to study abroad, after which Parichat returned and began slowly courting Trin. As he creeps towards his revenge, Trin’s wife’s cousin Payu tries to protect his family by getting in his way.

Poisonous Passion is one of the best dramas starring Patricia Tanchanok Good. It was released in 2022 with 15 episodes.


5. Ded Peek Nangfah

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

It tells about The co-pilot, who is perfect and rich, who will become the center of a catfight between the women trying to win his heart in Nangfah Airlines. Would he allow himself to be captured by these women? Who will he choose?

This tv show with Patricia Tanchanok Good was released in 2018 with 11 episodes.


6. Kaen Sanaeha

It tells the story of a noble couple in Rangsiya Palace. Than Chai was married to Than Ying but was also a mistress of Mother Bulahn, who was expecting her first child.

Than Chai loves Bulahn dearly, but his existence is painful in Than Ying’s hideout comforted by his maid/nanny Fueng.

One day, Fueng, who was very loyal to Than Ying, left. Bulan who gave birth to a son, Chai Daew, did not realize that she was pregnant with twins.

Bulahn and his twin daughters Roong ended up at the home of Pott Pannathorn whose wife had died that day after giving birth to their second child Nurima which left a bad impression on Chaatnya’s mind. But does the ghost of the now-dead Fueng keep anyone happy?

One of the best dramas played by Patricia Tanchanok Good was released in 2013 for 15 episodes.


7. Girl From Nowhere Season 2

Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 is the continuation of season 1. This tv show with Patricia Tanchanok Good is releasing in 2021 with 8 episodes and is available on Netflix.

It still tells the story of a mysterious and clever girl named Nanno transferring to a different school, exposing the lies and wrongdoings of the students and faculty at every turn.


Those were the 7 lists of the best Patricia Tanchanok Good dramas that you can watch now. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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