9 Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows to Watch

Yoo Seung Ho is actor who has extraordinary talent in the South Korean entertainment industry and has left an indelible mark with his outstanding performances in several Korean dramas.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best of Yoo Seung Ho’s dramas, offering a detailed look at the TV shows with Yoo Seung Ho that have captured hearts and received critical acclaim. Below are the 9 best Yoo Seung Ho dramas that you must watch, if you are a big fan


Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows List


1. The Perfect Deal

Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows

This is the latest Korean drama starring Yoo Seung Ho. Tells the story of Lee Joon Sung, Song Jae Hyo, and Park Min Woo who graduated from high school together and are now in their twenties.

The three friends meet for drinks, and Jae Hyo, facing a personal crisis, asks Joon Sung and Min Woo for help. To avoid trouble for himself, he impulsively instigates a fake kidnapping of Min Woo (the conglomerate’s son) with the aim of getting one billion won.

However, after the kidnapping is carried out, things take an unexpected turn, and the ensuing complications lead the three of them down a dark and tumultuous path. Released in 2023 with 8 episodes and available on Wavve.


2. I’m Not a Robot

Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows

“I’m Not a Robot” is a delightful romantic comedy that remains a fan favorite. Yoo Seung Ho’s character, a wealthy CEO, becomes entangled in a unique relationship with a woman who pretends to be a robot.

The chemistry between the leads and Yoo Seung Ho’s charming performance makes this series an unforgettable experience. This drama is undeniably among the best Yoo Seung Ho dramas and is a testament to his ability to excel in romantic comedies.

This Korean robot drama was released in 2017 with 8 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix and Apple TV.


3. Remember: War of the Son

For those who appreciate intense legal dramas, “Remember: War of the Son” is a must-watch. Yoo Seung Ho takes on the role of a young attorney with hyperthymesia, a condition that grants him impeccable memory.

His journey to prove his father’s innocence in a high-profile murder case is gripping and emotional. This series is undoubtedly one of the top 10 dramas in Yoo Seung Ho’s career and showcases his exceptional acting abilities in a different light.

This Korean legal drama was released in 2015 with 20 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


4. Moonshine

Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows

It tells the story of a prolonged prohibition in the Joseon era proving that alcohol restrictions are not in line with human desires.

The law prohibiting drinking, buying, or making alcohol poses different challenges for the following residents: Inspector Nam Young of the Inspector General’s Office who left his hometown to achieve fame in Hanyang and restore his family’s status.

Meanwhile, Kang Ro Seo, a noble but poor woman who brews liquor to reduce her debt, allows her to continue buying her mother’s medicine and her brother’s books.

The drink she made was delicious, even to Crown Prince Lee Pyo, who tended to climb the palace walls in search of a drink.

The trio has a fateful encounter that leads to the discovery of a hidden stash of alcohol. Revealing this secret will only result in death.

This is one of the best dramas starring Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Hye Ri. and Byeon Woo Seok. Released in 2021 with 16 episodes and available on Prime Video.


5. The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

In this historical drama, Yoo Seung Ho takes on the role of a crown prince who battles corrupt officials while wearing a mask to hide his true identity.

“The Emperor: Owner of the Mask” is a thrilling and emotionally charged series that further solidifies Yoo Seung Ho’s reputation as a versatile actor. His portrayal of a determined prince is both moving and powerful.

This tv show with Yoo Seung Ho was released in 2017 and has 40 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


6. Memorist

Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows

Dong Baek is a man who has extraordinary abilities. He can peer into the memories of anyone he touches.

With his supernatural powers, his get-the-job attitude, and his charming looks, he is highly respected throughout the world as a superstar detective. However, when his punches met the suspect before words, he could become a headache for his comrades.

Meanwhile, Han Sun Mi is the youngest person to pass the bar exam, obtain a doctorate in criminal psychology, and become a senior supervisor in the police.

Having solved five cold cases that even a detective with supernatural powers couldn’t do, she is a genius profiler. She has a secret that drives her to do what she does.

These two highly skilled professionals meet their match—a serial killer with abilities that exceed their combined abilities. This will be a fight worth watching.

Released in 2020 and has 16 episodes. You can watch one of the best Yoo Seung Ho dan Lee Se Young dramas on Viki.


7. Operation Proposal

“Operation Proposal” is a heartwarming romantic drama that centers around a man’s journey to change the past and win the heart of his lifelong love.

Yoo Seung Ho’s character, despite his mistakes, is determined to make things right. This drama offers a unique take on the concept of time travel and second chances in love. This tv show with Yoo Seung Ho was released in 2012 and has 16 episodes.


8. Warrior Baek Dong Soo

This action-packed historical drama features Yoo Seung Ho as a martial arts prodigy. His character’s bond with the titular warrior Baek Dong Soo is central to the plot.

Yoo Seung Ho’s portrayal of a young swordsman in training is both physically demanding and emotionally resonant, making “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” a thrilling and immersive experience.

One of the best Yoo Seung Ho dramas was released in 2011. It has 29 episodes and is available on Viki.


9. My Strange Hero

Best Yoo Seung Ho Dramas and TV Shows

In “My Strange Hero,” Yoo Seung Ho plays a high school teacher who returns to his alma mater to seek justice and redemption for an injustice he faced as a student.

The drama blends humor, romance, and drama in a compelling narrative, reaffirming Yoo Seung Ho’s ability to excel in diverse genres. This K-drama was released in 2018 with 32 episodes and is available on Viki.


That’s the list of the best dramas starring Yoo Seung Ho that you must watch. Whether you’re a fan of romance, legal thrillers, historical dramas, or inspirational stories, Yoo Seung Ho has delivered outstanding performances in every genre.

So, grab your favorite snacks, relax, and binge on a Yoo Seung Ho drama marathon. With these top 9 dramas, you will be on an unforgettable and emotional journey through the world of Korean television. Enjoy watching!

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