10 Best Korean Dramas on Apple TV That You Must Watch

Apple TV is an online streaming platform that provides you with lots of entertaining shows. Various series and movies with interesting genres are available here. Then does Apple TV have Korean dramas? Of course.

K-dramas are now very popular all over the world so of course they provide them. There are tons of highly rated Kdramas available on Apple TV for you to watch. Below is a list of the best K-dramas available on Apple TV.


The Best Korean Dramas on Apple TV


1. Mr. Queen

Korean dramas on Apple TV

Jang Bong Hwan is a South Korean chef who rises through the ranks to cook for the country’s top politicians in the presidential residence of the Blue House.

However, a serious accident occurs which causes him to find himself in the body of the young queen, Kim So Yong, while being whisked away to a distant era in Korea’s past.

Meanwhile, Queen Kim So Yong’s husband is the reigning king, King Cheol Jong. King Sunjo’s late Queen, Sun Won, has taken advantage of King Cheol Jong’s better qualities and ruled the kingdom in his name.

And he faces competition from his older brother, Kim Jwa Guen, who also has designs on power. Queen Kim So Yong will find that her husband is keeping some secrets, and is not as gentle and gentle as he seems.

This time-travel Korean drama was released in 2020 with 20 episodes. You can watch this Kdrama on Apple tv.


2. Hotel Del Luna

Korean dramas on Apple TV

It tells the story of Jang Man Wol, a woman who has lived for thousands of years looking after a hotel in the heart of downtown Seoul.

He acts as the CEO of a hotel company and has a greedy, hateful, and thirsty-for-revenge attitude. The only hope of escaping from there is if he can let go of his hatred and hatred and find love.

Things take an interesting turn when Goo Chan Sung shows up to work there. She has the experience of being the youngest assistant manager working in a multinational hotel company but is forced to manage Hotel del Luna because of the deal her father made with Man Wol a few years ago.

This is one of the best Korean dramas available on Apple TV. This tvN drama was released in 2019 with 16 episodes.

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3. Doctor John

“Doctor John” is a Korean medical drama about a doctor who specializes in pain management. It follows Cha Yo Han, a genius anesthesiologist, who is also the youngest professor at his medical school.

This brilliant doctor goes by the nickname “10 Seconds”, referring to his ability to diagnose his patients within 10 seconds of them entering an examination room and walking to their seats.

Kang Shi Young is a legendary anesthesiologist, who was always the best in his class during his school days at the medical academy.

This gifted doctor inherited his skills from his level-headed and rational mother, while he inherited his empathy, listening skills, and warm attitude from his father.

This Korean tv show was released in 2019 with 32 episodes and is available on Apple TV.


4. The Penthouse

It’s about the residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors. They all have many secrets and hidden ambitions.

There Sim Su Ryeon, who was born into a rich family, is the queen of the penthouse apartment.

Meanwhile, Cheon Seo Jin is the belle of the residence who does everything he can to provide everything for his daughter.

Meanwhile, Oh Yoon Hee comes from a poor family background, but she tries hard to enter high society by becoming the queen of the penthouse, the pinnacle of success in her eyes. This is where the battle for wealth, power, and prestige in Seoul’s most coveted penthouse begins.

The Penthouse was released in 2020 with 21 episodes and several sequels. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas on Apple TV.


5. Watcher

Korean Dramas on Apple TV

This Korean tv series tells the story of an investigation team that was formed after a dramatic incident 15 years ago. The team consists of a senior detective, Do Chi Kwang, former prosecutor Han Tae Joo and a young cop, Kim Young Koon.

They will investigate internal affairs to reveal the truth and root out corruption and injustice from within the ranks of the police force. This drama was released in 2019 with 16 episodes. You can watch these Kdramas on apple tv.


6. Love with Flaws

Korean Dramas on Apple TV

This is a romantic comedy Korean drama that follows a woman who dislikes flower boys and a man who is obsessed with appearances.

Joo Seo Yeon, is a hot-tempered physical education high school teacher who always wears sneakers, jeans, and a training uniform.

She lives in a house with three angry and very attractive brothers, she hates flower boys. His ideal type is someone who is “not handsome”.

Lee Kang Woo, on the other hand, is a handsome chaebol who focuses mainly on outward appearances. Initially, she craved attention, exuded arrogance, and loved her appearance but resented the strict diet and exercise required to maintain it.

Although he seems perfect, he (like anyone else) was hurt growing up. When they meet, they struggle to overcome their biases and slowly fall in love.

This is one of the best Korean dramas available on Apple Tv. It was released in 2019 with 32 episodes.


7. True Beauty

Korean Dramas on Apple TV

True Beauty tells the story of a high school girl, Lim Ju Gyeong, who becomes a famous beauty after mastering the art of makeup from YouTube.

She was like a goddess who suddenly exploded her makeup skills, but would rather die than show her face without makeup.

The only boy who sees her without makeup is Lee Su Ho, an attractive and handsome boy who looks cold because of his past.

Lee Su Ho likes Lim Ju Gyeong even without makeup and supports Ju Gyeong to find her true beauty. In the process, they share secrets and find love in each other.

This drama stars Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang in Yeop. It was released in 2020 with 16 episodes and this Kdrama is available on Apple TV.


8. Flower of Evil

Korean Dramas on Apple TV

Baek Hee Sung is a cold man who hides a dark secret surrounding his true identity. He has now built a happy family life and a successful career.

He is a loving husband and a doting father to his young daughter. But his perfect face begins to crumble when his wife, Cha Ji Won, a detective, starts investigating a series of serial murders from 15 years ago.

Ji Won also noticed the change in Hee Sung’s behavior and started to wonder if he might be hiding something from him.

This is one of the best Korean dramas that you can watch on Apple TV. This tv series was released in 2020 with 16 episodes.


9. The Tale of Nokdu

Korean Dramas on Apple TV

This series tells about Jeon Nok Du, a man who lives on an island with his father and older brother. He is smart and is a good swordsman. But since childhood, his father did not allow him to study or go to the mainland.

One day, his father and older brother are attacked by a group of assassins consisting of women. Jeon Nok Du chased one of the killers to the capital and at that time Jeon Nok Du met Dong Dong Ju.

He wanted to shoot the King with his arrow, but Jeon Nok Du saved him from trouble. Meanwhile, the killer that Jeon Nok Du is chasing enters the village of widows.

To find out who and why his family was attacked, Jeon Nok Du disguised himself as a woman and entered the widow’s village. There, she meets Dong Dong Ju again and teams up with him. This Apple tv plus Korean drama was released in 2019 with 32 episodes.


10. 100 Days My Prince

Lee Yul is the Crown Prince of Joseon who is a perfectionist and often neglects most of the palace. His cold demeanor demands to cover up his deep-rooted loneliness.

Once upon a time, he passed a law stating that Korean citizens of marriageable age must marry before the age of 28.

Hong Shim is a strong and intelligent woman who supports herself and her father. After an attempt on his life, Crown Prince Lee Yul is seriously injured and finds himself under the care of the Hong household.

She had temporary amnesia, and now oblivious to her identity, she is free to roam as she pleases as an ordinary person.

But on the other hand, Hong Shim is now the oldest unmarried woman in her village and because of the law, she must marry or face punishment from officials.

Lee Yul then proposed to Hong Shim for them to get married. Can their budding romance withstand Lee Yul’s eventual recovery, with his memories completely intact?

This Korean tv series was released in 2018 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas on Apple TV.


That was the list of the best Korean dramas on Apple TV. The list we compiled is based on the rating from the audience. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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