15 Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty to Watch

This time we will recommend to you a list of the best Korean dramas set in the Joseon dynasty era. The Joseon Kingdom also known as the “Great Joseon State” is an empire that lasted for five centuries, from July 1392 to October 1897 (Wikipedia).

K-dramas based on the Joseon dynasty feature many of Korea’s strong and unique cultural history. It was a period of great storytelling filled with so many enigmatic and memorable personalities.

The storyline of this historical Kdrama is also full of political maneuvers and plots and of course, a sweet romance that will completely enthrall you. Below is a list of the best K-dramas set in the Joseon dynasty that you must watch!


List of The Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty


1. Captivating the King

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty to Watch

Set during the Joseon dynasty, “Captivating the King” is the latest historical K-drama full of political intrigue that you must watch.

This TV show produced by tvN tells the story of Prince Lee In’s loyalty to his older brother, King Lee Sun, which was tested when he was taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. A misunderstanding arose, causing King Lee Sun to reject his older brother.

During his emotional turmoil, Lee In finds solace in a talented baduk player. Meanwhile, Kang Hee Soo, a skilled player, falls in love with Lee In and gets entangled in a web of espionage, seeking revenge.

Released in 2024 and has 16 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Jo Jung Suk, Shin Sae Kyeong, and Lee Shin Young.


2. Knight Flower

“Knight Flower” is one of the historical Korean dramas set in the Joseon dynasty which offers a variety of actions from a strong female lead. But for those of you who are looking for a romantic atmosphere, this is not for you.

The story follows Cho Yeo Hwa living as a filial widow for 15 years and always honoring the memory of her late husband during the day.

But at night, she transforms into a masked hero known as Hero, leaping over walls to help those in trouble.

When she meets Park Soo Ho, a senior officer in the Capital Guard, she discovers his secret. As they navigate their dual identities, they form unexpected bonds, face challenges and uncover truths together in a kingdom in need of heroes.

Released in 2024 and has 12 episodes. You can watch it on Apple TV. Stars Lee Ha Nee, Lee Jong Won, Lee Ki Woo, and Kim Sang Joong.


3. My Dearest

Set in the village of Neunggun-ri in the 1600s during the Joseon dynasty, an interesting story unfolds amidst the invasion of the Qing Dynasty.

The story follows Yu Gil Chae, known as the “99-tailed fox”, adored by the young nobles but facing jealousy from other women due to her outspoken nature.

Lee Jang Hyun, a mysterious newcomer, attracts attention despite the rumors circulating about him. Their budding love story is halted by the outbreak of war, leaving their feelings unresolved.

Released in 2023 and has 10 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Namkoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, and Lee Hak Joo.


4. The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

This is one of the latest romantic Korean dramas set in the Joseon dynasty era. The storyline follows Yoon Dan Oh, a girl who has been enjoying a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter of a wealthy family but is no longer.

Now the breadwinner for the family, he runs Ihwawon Inn. The current guest is a scholar taking the civil service entrance exam with hopes of becoming a high-ranking official.

Among them are Kang San, Kim Si Yeol, and Jeong Yoo Ha, all of whom have deep secrets. They and Yoon Dan Oh will share information and work together to find Lee Seol who disappeared 13 years ago.

Released in 2023 and has 18 episodes. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Stars Shin Ye Eun and Ryeoun.


5. Mr. Queen

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

Jang Bong Hwan is a woman who works as a chef in South Korea. Once upon a time, she rose through the ranks to cook for the country’s top politicians in the presidential residence of the Blue House.

But on the way, he gets into a serious accident and suddenly finds himself in the body of the young queen, Kim So Yong, while being whisked away to a distant era in Korea’s past.

Meanwhile, Queen Kim So Yong’s husband is the ruling king, King Cheol Jong, just his name. Queen Sun Won, however, has taken advantage of King Cheol Jong’s better nature and rules the kingdom in his name.

He is then drawn into the machinations of royal power which are full of cunning and intrigue. Queen Kim So Yong also discovered that her husband kept some secrets, and was not as gentle and gentle as he seemed.

Released in 2020 and has 20 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun.


6. Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

Set in the Joseon dynasty era, this one of the best Korean historical dramas tells the story inside the palace when there is a troubled prince who causes headaches for the royal family and is about to be transformed into a worthy crown prince. Their mother, Im Hwa Ryeong, was the wife of a great king.

But instead of having an air of grace and elegance, she is the queen of thorns, sensitive and hot-tempered. Once again calm, he changed since people kept pushing the button.

She was a queen who sometimes abandoned her pride and was even known to swear a lot. Every day of her life was full of trials, but she endured them all, for the sake of her children.

Released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Choi Won Young.


7. The Tale of Nokdu

Jeon Nok Du is a man who lives on an island with his father and older brother. He is smart and is a good swordsman. But since childhood, his father did not allow him to study or go to the mainland.

One day, his father and older brother are attacked by a group of female assassins. Jeon Nok Du chases one of the killers to the capital. During that time, Jeon Nok Du met Dong Dong Ju.

At that time, Dong Dong Ju wanted to shoot the King with his arrow, but Jeon Nok Du saved him from trouble. Meanwhile, the killer that Jeon Nok Du is chasing enters the village of widows.

To find out who and why his family was attacked, Jeon Nok Du disguised himself as a woman and entered the widow’s village. There, she meets Dong Dong Ju again.

This fantasy romance K-drama set in the Joseon dynasty was released in 2019 and has 32 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi. Stars Jang Dong Yoon, Kim So Hyun, and Kang Tae Oh.


8. Our Blooming Youth

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

“Our Blooming Youth” is one of the best historical Korean dramas set in the slow-burning era of the Joseon dynasty. The story follows the story of Min Jae Yi, a gentle and calm daughter from a prominent family. She is currently engaged to the son of a powerful State Councilor.

Devoting herself to learning all she needs to know to be a good wife and mother, Jae Yi dutifully prepares for the future. But sadly, fate has other plans for his future.

Just days before her wedding, tragedy strikes when her family is brutally murdered, and Jae Yi is accused of the crime.

Amidst the chaos, she crosses paths with the cursed crown prince named Lee Hwan. He then agrees to help her in exchange for her help in breaking the curse.

As they face challenges together, Jae Yi and Lee Hwan begin to develop unexpected feelings for one another. But their love faces countless obstacles, including their past, and their uncertain future.

Released in 2023 and has 20 episodes. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Stars Park Hyung Sik, Jeon So Nee, Pyo Ye Jin and Yoon Jong Seok.


9. The King’s Affection

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

The story is set in the Joseon Dynasty, at a time when twins were considered a bad omen. As a result, when the Crown Princess Consort gave birth to twins, orders were sent to kill her daughters. In order to save him, the Empress was secretly sent out of the palace.

Several years later, a twin princess named Dam Yi returned to the palace to work as a maid. Once upon a time, the twin brother, Lee Hwi, lost his life due to a case of mistaken identity. Their mother then persuaded Dam Yi to take Lee Hwi’s place.

Even though she distances herself from everyone, Dam Yi begins to develop feelings for Jung Ji Woon, her first love and later teacher who comes from an aristocratic family.

Released in 2021 and has 20 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Park Eun Bin and Rowoon.


10. The Forbidden Marriage

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

One of the best Korean romcom dramas set in the Joseon dynasty era tells the story of the king of Joseon without a queen because 7 years ago when he was crown prince, his beloved wife died.o this day, he has not been able to get over his death.

For the past 7 years, the royal family and members of the government have tried to get King Lee Heon to remarry but without success.

The nation has also implemented the geumhonryung edict, which prohibited all single women from marrying during this time when the king was unmarried. In the end, people were outraged by the ban on marriage.

One day, King Lee Heon hears about a woman named Ye So Rang, who claims the ghost of the king’s late wife is in the royal palace. Meanwhile, Ye So Rang is a con artist and admits to interpreting signs of maritime harmony.

He was then arrested and imprisoned where Officer Lee Shin Won worked. To get out of his predicament, he pretends to be possessed by a spirit in front of Lee Shin Won.

During her busy schedule, she mentions that the spirit of King Lee Heon’s late wife is in the royal palace. He is then brought before the king and he asks if he can see the ghost of his late wife.

To survive, Ye So Rang acts as if her body is possessed by the late king’s wife. Ye So Rang’s lies became bigger and bolder.

Released in 2022 and has 12 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, and Kim Woo Seok.


11. Lovers of the Red Sky

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

It tells the story of Hong Chun Ki, a young woman who made her profession as a painter during the Joseon Dynasty. Jobs were extremely rare in Joseon Korea, where Confucian values dictated that such pursuits were unfit for a woman.

He was born blind but somehow managed to gain a sense of sight. Now he has been accepted into the country’s most prestigious art college.

One day, he meets Ha Ram, a fortune teller whose fate contradicts itself: Though she was born sighted, she lost it in a childhood accident.

Apart from that, he also has an extraordinary talent that allows him to read the future by tracking the movement of the sky at night, even though he is blind.

The duo is sucked into the intrigues of the royal palace, especially involving two princes, the free-spirited Prince Yang Myung, and the ruthless and cunning Prince Joo Hyang, a man who wants to become the next king of Joseon.

Released in 2021 and has 16 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Kim You Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop, Gong Myung, and Kwak Shi Yang.


12. Love in the Moonlight

The storyline follows the story of Hong Ra On, a girl who disguises herself as a man and advises men on dates. She did it to protect herself and her family.

Once, because of a love letter she wrote for a client, she met Crown Prince Hyo Myung. Ra On doesn’t know that he is the Crown Prince, and Hyo Myung doesn’t know that Ra On is a woman.

Soon after Ra On is forced to become a eunuch by loan sharks, Crown Prince and Ra On become attracted to each other. As Ra On tries to survive in the palace and the Crown Prince embarks on his journey to become king, their love begins to develop.

This Korean is one of the Korean dramas set in the Joseon dynasty. Released in 2016 and has 18 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Park Bo Gum, Kim You Jung, and Jung Jin Young


13. 100 Days My Prince

Lee Yul is a Crown Prince of Joseon who is a perfectionist and often ignores most of the royal court. His cold and demanding demeanor masks deep-rooted loneliness.

Once he passed a law stating that Korean citizens before the age of 28 must marry, otherwise they will be punished.

Meanwhile, Hong Shim is a strong and intelligent woman who supports herself and her father. After an attempt on his life, Crown Prince Lee Yul is seriously injured and finds himself under the care of the Hong household.

He had temporary amnesia, and now oblivious to his identity, he is free to wander as he pleases as an ordinary person.

Due to existing laws, Hong Shim, now the oldest unmarried woman in her village, must marry or face punishment by officials. Lee Yul then proposed to Hong Shim for them to get married.

Released in 2018 and has 16 episodes. You can watch it on Apple TV. Stars Doh Kyung Soo, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kim Seon Ho.


14. Kingdom

It tells the story of people’s lives after the King of Joseon died of smallpox and rumors about his death started. The Cho clan, the clan of the pregnant Queen and her father, Chief State Councilor Cho Hak Joo, declared the Crown Prince a traitor.

Questioning the circumstances surrounding the King’s death, the Crown Prince and his bodyguard, Moo Young, set out to find Lee Seung Hui, the last healer to treat his father.

However, the two of them end up trapped with Doctor Seo Bi and a mysterious man named Young Shin in a village that is plagued by a terrible disease.

This is one of the Korean dramas set in the Joseon dynasty which has a zombie theme and a scary atmosphere. Released in 2019 and has 6 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Ju Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Bae Doo Na.


15. The Red Sleeve

Best Korean Dramas Set in Joseon Dynasty

Yi San is a young prince who is aloof and loves perfection. His father’s murder haunts him, though it puts him in a position to take the throne once his grandfather – the cruel and ruthless king responsible for Yi San’s father’s death – dies.

He had decided to become a benevolent king who would reform the law when he finally ascended the throne, but the way his father was killed had scarred him emotionally and mentally.

At court, he met a young woman named Sung Deok Im. Yi San falls in love with her and tries to convince her to become his official concubine. But Sung Deok Im is strong-willed doesn’t like to be restricted and is free-spirited.

She was also intelligent enough to understand that being the future king’s consort was a prestigious role. But a role that will limit his freedom and most likely will not make him happy.

But Yi San’s love for Sung Deok Im is genuine, and he comes to understand that forming a union with him could ultimately benefit his troubled territory.

Released in 2021 and has 17 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Lee Jun Ho, Lee Se Young, and Kang Hoon.


That’s a list of Korean dramas set in the Joseon Dynasty that continue to captivate audiences with their timeless appeal and rich stories. From epic historical sagas to intimate character dramas, these shows offer a glimpse of the grandeur and intrigue of ancient Korea. Thank you for reading this article!

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