15 Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus and Hotstar to Watch Now

With the growing popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture, many streaming platforms want to present Korean dramas, and Disney Plus is one of them.

In 2021, Disney+ was launched in South Korea and since then, they have brought many Korean dramas for the whole world to enjoy (especially those with Disney Plus subscriptions).

They are interested, especially after Netflix’s huge success there. And now Disney has brought some of the best Korean talent to our screens.

From thrilling crime shows to heartwarming romances, it’s all here. Here is a list of some of the best and newest K-Drama series available on Disney+.


Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus List


1. Call It Love

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

Call It Love is a romantic melodrama depicting the story of a man and a woman who are deeply affected. Both of them grew up with empathy and understanding for each other. They embark on a transformative journey filled with new emotions.

Sim Woo Joo is a woman who finds her life taking a turn for the worse after the death of her father. At that time he was also kicked out of his house by his employer.

She then plots revenge and starts seducing Han Dong Jin, the son of her father’s former lover. As he spends more time with her, he realizes that he is in love.

On the other hand, Han Dong Jin is a workaholic with a lonely life. But ever since Sim Woo Joo came into her life, she found her world turned upside down and for the better.

This is one of the latest K-dramas on Disney Plus. It was released in 2023 with 16 episodes. For those of you who have subscribed to Hulu, you can also watch this Korean drama on Hulu.


2. Reborn Rich

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

Yoon Hyun Woo is a loyal, hardworking, and fiercely loyal secretary to the Soonyang Chaebol family. The family that runs the lucrative Soonyang Group business empire, was founded by Jin Yang Cheol.

After the death of Jin Yang Cheol, there was a power struggle between his sons for control of the company. Back then, Hyun Woo was cruelly betrayed and killed under the orders of an unknown chaebol family member.

But Miraculously he wakes up as a child in the body of the youngest member of the family – Jin Do Jun. He was also in the year when Jin Yang Cheol was still the leader of the Soonyang Group.

After he realizes what has happened, Yoon Hyun Wo plans to use his new “identity” to formulate a takeover of the hostile group and punish those who killed him.

This is one of the best Korean dramas available on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes.

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3. Beyond Evil

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

This is the story of two men who are fearless and willing to do anything to catch up to a serial killer that rocked their desolate town.

Lee Dong Sik is a detective who used to be capable but is now demoted to doing menial tasks at the Manyang Police Station.

Just as he is adjusting to a peaceful life, his new boss, Detective Han Joo Won, is transferred. Joo Won is an elite detective who is admirable and high in social status but harbors an old secret.

When a series of grisly murders occur, a pattern takes a form that is strangely reminiscent of some cold serial killer cases from 20 years earlier.

Dong Sik and Joo Won then team up, vowing to stop this heinous culprit. As their investigation continues, they are forced to look deeper than what the evidence suggests.

Beyond Evil was released in 2021 with 16 episodes. You can watch this K-drama with Detective on Disney Plus.


4. Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others is a K-drama about bullying whose storyline follows Ok Chan Mi, a girl who searches for the truth behind the death of her twin sister at school.

She then transfers to her brother’s school, Yongtan High School, and meets Ji Soo Heon, who witnessed his older brother’s death.

But just then a “hero”, who seeks revenge on students he bullied, appears in Yongtan High School. Chan Mi then started to speculate that he (the hero) might have something to do with his brother and started looking for this hero.

The series was released in 2022 with 12 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas on Disney Plus. This tv show stars Park Solomon and Shin Ye Eun.

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5. The First Responders

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

Tells about the fierce detective Jin Ho Gae who catches lowly people. He solves cases with his uncanny ability to understand crime scenes, read criminals’ minds, and has a strong will to win.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, fearless firefighter Bong Do Jin, who appears cold on the outside, is kind to those around him and takes good care of the victims.

He then joins forces with Jin Ho Gae and forms a great duo. Meanwhile, Song Seol, an empathetic paramedic who heals broken hearts while tending to wounds also joins. They start solving difficult cases together.

This is a Korean show on Disney Plus that was released in 2022 with 12 episodes. The series stars Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun, and Gong Seung Yeon.


6. Big Mouth

Park Chang Ho is known since his school days as “Big Mouth” because he talks big and promises big things but is unable to follow through.

He is also a famous attorney with a very low success rate who is later hired by the Mayor due to his incompetence. But unfortunately, he is framed as the famous and mysterious swindler “Big Rat” and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Go Mi Ho is Park Chang Ho’s beloved wife who works as a nurse. She has a strong personality and will do anything to prove her husband’s innocence and help solve the case that the Mayor gave her husband.

Big Mouth is one of the best Korean dramas that you can watch on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. This tv show stars Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah, and Kim Joo Heon.


7. One Dollar Lawyer

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

The series’ storyline follows Cheon Ji Hun, a lawyer with an unusual talent. He had a perm hairstyle and one could rent him for only 1,000 won despite being one of the most skilled lawyers.

He is the man who stands against the most expensive lawyers and their rich clients who are intent on breaking the law. On the other hand, Baek Ma Ri is a woman who graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute and has become an Assistant Prosecutor.

He is very confident as a lawyer with his grandfather Baek Hyun Mu’s famous Baek Law Firm. However, Ma Ri’s life, which was going smoothly, had to change when she met Cheon Ji Hun.

This Korean law drama was released in 2022 with 12 episodes and is available on Disney Plus.


8. Love All Play

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

This is a sports romance drama depicting the passion and affection for badminton of the male and female protagonists who are in a mixed doubles group with players from the badminton business team.

Park Tae Joon, is a man who naturally jumps into the world of badminton because of his parents’ badminton equipment business. Although he started to see the sport as a job, his passion for badminton stemmed from his desire to impress women.

Meanwhile, Park Tae Yang is a former Olympic athlete who had to leave the world of badminton for three years because of the bribery scandal that befell him.

This is one of the best Korean dramas on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes.


9. Rookie Cops

This is a coming-of-age story that captures the passion, challenge, and passion of youth when two students at the Korean National Police University experience the charms and traumas of life while trying to become real cops.

They bridge the generation gap with harmony to find their own romance on campus, two very different students working to achieve their dreams and goals in carrying out their duties.

This Korean series was released in 2022 with 16 episodes and you can watch it on Disney Plus Hotstar.


10. May It Please the Court

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

It tells the story of No Chak Hee, an Ace lawyer at a big law firm who is willing to take any risks to win cases. He is currently up for a promotion to a partner position but problems occur in the case he accepts.

Because of that case, he was suspended for one year. He then begins to work as a public defender but hopes to return to his position at the law firm where he previously worked.

As a public defender, he shares an office with fellow public defender, Jwa Shi Baek, a distinguished graduate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

Instead of becoming a judge, prosecutor, or attorney at a large law firm, he chose to work as a public defender. He is enthusiastic about his work but also has a mysterious part in his personal life that no one knows about.

No Chak Hee and Jwa Shi Baek often bicker, but a serial murder case brings them together and as they try to solve cases together, more secrets are revealed and they grow to trust each other.

This Korean tv show released in 2022 with 12 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas on Disney Plus.


11. Crazy Love

No Go Jin is the most popular math instructor in private education and the CEO of GOTOP Education. Although he only received a high school level education, he achieved all of his success because of his extraordinary intelligence.

He seems like the perfect guy with good looks, high IQ, and wealth. But because of that, one day, he was suddenly warned that he would be killed.

On the other hand, Lee Shin A works as No Go Jin’s secretary. He is a diligent and responsible employee. Due to her reserved and introverted personality, she rarely sees her boss No Go Jin, and his colleagues at work.

His colleagues start to recognize him, as he has worked for the famous No Go Jin for over 1 year. He later learned that he didn’t have much time left to live.

You can watch one of the best romantic K-dramas on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes.


12. Bloody Heart

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

Bloody Heart is a fictional historical drama that tells the story of Lee Tae, the legitimate eldest son of King Sunjong who becomes king after a rebellion and ascends to the throne of Joseon.

Long ago, Lee Tae’s father overthrew the king with the help of Park Gye Won and his father became the king of the new dynasty. Now having succeeded his father, Lee Tae then becomes the next king.

Lee Tae believes any action is justified in order to achieve his goal. He wanted to rule as an absolute monarch, but First Deputy Prime Minister Park Gye Won was against the idea. Park Gye Won is now even stronger than the king.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is the daughter of a noble family and Lee Tae considers her as his wife. Because of this, his family was involved in a power struggle in the palace.

This is one of the latest Korean historical dramas on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 and has a total of 16 episodes.


13. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

The series storyline follows Eun Gye Hoon, a chef who sets up a restaurant in the town where his twin brother went missing 20 years ago.

One day, he finds himself randomly experiencing emotions that make him cry and laugh spontaneously, and it turns out to be the emotions of a woman named Noh Da Hyun.

This K-drama about cooking was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch it only on Disney Plus and Hotstar.


14. Kiss Sixth Sense

Hong Ye Sool is the best account executive in Planning Team 1 at Zeu Ad and is rising as a project manager. She has one secret: she can see the future when she kisses someone.

One day, after Ye Sool’s lips accidentally meet those of her evil team leader, Min Hoo, she sees herself in bed with him in the future.

While Ye Sool is confused about her future, her ex-boyfriend Pil Yo shows up to work on a new project together and offers Yesool to date him three times.

This Kdrama was released in 2022 with 12 episodes. You can watch one of the best fantasy Korean dramas on Disney Plus.


15. The Golden Spoon

Best Korean Dramas on Disney Plus

It tells the story of Seung Cheon who obtains a magic spoon that allows him to switch lives with his rich best friend. And he immediately swapped without thinking anymore.

But life-changing decisions are always accompanied by hesitation, and with only three chances to change his mind, Seung Cheon must decide which of his two possible futures is worth holding onto.

The Golden Spoon was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch this K-drama on Disney Plus.


How to Watch Kdrama on Disney Plus in The USA?

Here are the steps you should follow that may bypass geo-restrictions and watch Kdrama on Disney Plus in the US. This will certainly help you with how to watch Korean dramas on Disney Plus.

  • Subscribe yourself to a premium VPN (make sure it has South Korean servers)
  • Download and install a VPN on your streaming device.
  • Connect to a server in South Korea.
  • Enter your credentials and search for the title on Disney Plus Korea. Now you can watch Kdrama on Disney Plus in the US. Happy Streaming!


That was the list of the best Korean dramas available on Disney Plus and Hotstar which you can watch right now. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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