Dream 2024 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Dream is a Chinese drama that offers a timely exploration of social issues, thereby attracting the attention of viewers looking for a relevant narrative. See the full review below


Drama Details

Title: Dream (创想季)
Episodes: 38
Release Date: February 21, 2024
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: ZJTV
Available On: TencentVideo

Dream 2024 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of four college friends getting together after graduating with a brilliant idea: starting a business helping Beijing drifters who have difficulty finding accommodation.

With a shared vision and teamwork, they face challenges head-on, learning and growing as they go. Through perseverance and creativity, they achieve their dreams, proving that with friendship and determination, anything is possible.


Dream Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Dream Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the episode’s closing moments, emotions run high as Wang Ruoyu, unable to bear the burden of secrecy and betrayal, tearfully walks away from Yu Pengyue. Meanwhile, Feifei, leading a peaceful life, finds herself unable to shake off thoughts of Zhou Yan and ends up injured while trying to rescue him from a car accident.

In prison, a transformative encounter awaits Li Tengfei and Chen Husheng, as Li’s heartfelt words break through Chen’s initial hostility, leaving him to grapple with the pain of his son’s departure. Fast forward two years, and it’s a day of celebration as Zhou Yan and Xu Zishan exchange vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony, unbeknownst to Wang Ruoyu.

But fate has its way of bringing people together, and with the help of friends, Wang Ruoyu finally reunites with the person she’s been longing for. As they lock eyes, emotions overflow, and tears of joy stream down their faces, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and reconciliation.

Dream 2024 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Dream Chinese Drama Review

Urban dramas often captivate viewers with their realism, resonating with many who seek authenticity in storytelling. When a storyline mirrors real-life experiences, it tends to strike a chord with audiences, contributing to the show’s popularity. Conversely, if a drama falls short of portraying life convincingly, it risks receiving negative reviews.

Despite being a popular genre with a broad audience appeal, recent years haven’t consistently delivered blockbuster hits in the realm of urban dramas.

Amidst a sea of productions, finding standout dramas has become increasingly rare. Many struggle to maintain engagement due to disjointed plots and pacing issues, ultimately affecting viewer relations.

Take, for instance, CCTV’s “Fireworks,” an urban family drama that debuted not long ago. While it aimed to depict the daily lives of a multi-generational family realistically, its numerous inconsistencies drew widespread criticism upon release.

Despite initial anticipation, the show failed to garner the acclaim it hoped for, disappointing many viewers.

However, amidst the fluctuating landscape of urban dramas, a new contender emerged with “Dream.” This series follows the journey of young individuals navigating post-graduation life, embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors. Their struggles and triumphs are portrayed with a focus on realism, resonating with audiences seeking relatable narratives.

The show’s central theme revolves around the challenges of renting accommodation and establishing careers, tapping into issues that resonate deeply with viewers. By highlighting the experiences of northern drifters facing housing insecurities in a competitive metropolis, the series aims to spark resonance and discussions among its audience.

Through the lens of protagonist Yu Pengyue and his peers, the series delves into the harsh realities of city life, from job hunting woes to housing dilemmas. Their journey reflects the trials and tribulations many young professionals encounter, adding depth to the narrative.

While the show’s premise is promising, execution falls short in some aspects. The premiere episode struggles with pacing issues, with dialogue-heavy scenes dragging on, detracting from the overall viewing experience. Additionally, some plot points feel exaggerated or contrived, hindering the show’s authenticity.

Dream Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Jia Nai Liang as Yu Pen Yue

Qiao Xin as Wan Ruo Yu

Zheng He Hui Zi as Xu Zi Shan

Pang Han Chen as Li Teng Fei

Support Role

Cao Lu as Yang Xin Wei

Michael Mao as Huang Xin / Lao Huang

Wen Yi Fan as Zhou Yan

Du Zi Ming as Ye Zhi Qiu

Bai Fan as Chen Hu Sheng

Peng Bo as Cheng Fei Fei

Cao Wei Yu as Wang Shuo

Li Yan Man as Chen Tai Zhen

Lan Cheng as Smart Zhao

Qin Yue as Aunt Song

Yao Jian Ming as Uncle Song

Xia Jia Wei as Old Sichuan

Hao Shuang as Zhang Tong

And More


My Verdict

Overall, despite these shortcomings, “Dream” offers a timely exploration of pertinent social issues, thereby appealing to audiences looking for a relevant narrative. I recommend this for those of you who are looking for a drama with social issues. My rating for Dream Chinese drama review is 8,1/10.

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