Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Fortune Writer is a Chinese drama that made me really enjoy its unexpected twists and turns, and I will definitely watch it again. Why do I say that? see the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Fortune Writer (执笔)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: March 20, 2024
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Meet Su Yun Qi, the Prime Minister’s lovely daughter, who stumbles upon a shocking revelation: she’s actually the misunderstood supporting character in a novel, destined for a tragic end as per the “Book of Fate.”

Determined not to accept this predetermined fate, Su Yun Qi embarks on a quest to rewrite her own story and change her destiny for the better.

Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Fortune Writer Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final scene, Lu Huai sacrifices himself to protect Su Yunqi, and she, in turn, chooses to end everything, defying the author’s control.

As they vanish from the story, the heroine returns to her original world, finally free from all attachments and able to shape her own fate.

But what about her relationship with the male protagonist? Back in the real world, she discovers only she and Su Luoluo remember their past, and the male protagonist seems distant.

It feels like the writer left things unfinished, right? But if you stick around for the final episode, you’ll find a sweeter ending. Returning to the tree where their love began, the hero appears unexpectedly, addressing her as “Madam” and revealing he’s been waiting.

This moment brings closure and hints that the male protagonist remembers their past too.

But there’s a deeper message here. A young boy picks up the book of destiny, pondering if he’ll be the next pawn of fate.

With just 24 episodes, each lasting 15 minutes, this drama is perfect for binge-watching. So, if you’re a fan, dive in and enjoy the whole journey at once!


Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Review

The storyline here is absolutely fantastic! It’s such a breath of fresh air, offering a new spin on the classic ‘character realizes they’re part of a story and clings to a powerful ally to survive’ trope.

Our leading lady, the Female Lead, refuses to be pigeonholed into her role as the villainous character and instead cleverly challenges the author of her fate. She discovers she can shape her own destiny as long as the story isn’t set in stone yet.

What’s refreshing is that the Female Lead isn’t painted as a typical ‘good’ person. She’s not some helpless damsel in distress; she’s cunning, pragmatic, and a bit arrogant. She’s willing to do whatever it takes, even lie, cheat, and steal, to ensure her own survival.

She uses all sorts of tricks to win over the Male Lead, known as the Big Thigh, showing that love can transcend flaws and imperfections. The story keeps throwing curveballs, like the Female Lead not being as ‘good’ as expected, or the second female lead not being as ‘bad’ as portrayed.

I particularly loved the playful jabs at clichés, like questioning why characters always hide in bathtubs during emergencies or poking fun at melodramatic medical scenarios.

Visually, the costumes are stunning, and the set designs are meticulously detailed. The music, especially the standout song, adds a poignant touch to the drama.

While the acting has improved overall, there are some rough spots, especially with certain characters struggling to convey emotions convincingly.

As for the downside, some plot points feel glossed over, and certain scenes may be triggering for some viewers due to sensitive subject matter. But overall, this drama offers a thought-provoking exploration of moral ambiguity and the desire for survival.

Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Fortune Writer Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Daisy Li | Li Mu Chen as Su Yun Qi

Ye Sheng Jia as Lu Huai

Support Role

Zhao Mu Yan as Su Luo Luo

Liu Shang Lin as Prince Chun

Du Gong Hai as Prime Minister Su

Wang Xue Xi as Jin Jiu

Shi Rui as Tao Qi

Zheng Feng as Yun Sheng

Chen En Tao as [Prime Minister’s housekeeper]

Jiang Zhe Nian as Lu Huai [Young]

Zhou Shi Qi as Su Luo Luo [Young]

Zhang Da Bao as Qin Ru Yao

Zhang Jian Min as Doctor Chen

Li Hao as [Mail guard]

Qiao Fei as Xu Gong Gong

Wang Hai Yan as Lady Combing Hair

Zhang Yan Hua as [Old Lady]


My Verdict

Overall, despite its flaws, I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns, and I would definitely watch it again. Remember not to analyze it too much and enjoy the ride!

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