Hard to Find Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Hard to Find is a Chinese historical drama with a solid plot, great performances, and undeniable chemistry between the leads. Why do I say that? see the full Hard to Find Chinese drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: Hard to Find (难寻)
Episodes: 28
Release Date: Apr 2, 2024
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
Available On: iQiyi and Viki

Hard to Find Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Once upon a time, in the beautiful lands of Yongzhao and Linchuan, there lived two remarkable souls named Princess Feng Yuan and Young Master He Lian Xi.

They were known as “Lian Lizhi,” destined to complement each other perfectly. But fate took a surprising turn when they made a life-altering decision in secret, stirring ripples of change throughout their clans.

After three long years, their paths crossed once more, igniting a tumultuous battle of emotions, desires, and choices. It was a tale woven with the enchanting essence of the Orient, filled with love’s trials and the promise of redemption.


Hard to Find Chinese Drama Ending Explained

The finale of the web drama “Hard to Find” brings together the three kingdoms of the Donglu tribe: Yongzhao, Linchuan, and Shuoyun.

Linchuan Kingdom shines with righteousness, led by the noble-hearted Young Master Helianxi, portrayed by Zhao Yiqin. Shuoyun Kingdom exudes gratitude, ruled by Prince Xijiu, portrayed by Fang Xiaodong.

Yongzhao Kingdom maintains neutrality. Princess Feng Yuan, played by Shen Yujie, and Prince Feng Yin, played by Wang Zexuan, navigate political turmoil, with Feng Yin harboring ambitions for the throne.

Forced into a marriage to expand her kingdom, Feng Yuan faces a harrowing choice: her beloved Helianxi or her mother’s life. Amidst this turmoil, a sacred tree’s fate intertwines with the kingdoms’.

The Lianli Tree, linchpin of Linchuan’s destiny, wilts when tragedy strikes the royal couple. The tree’s heart, symbolizing divine power, becomes a coveted prize, triggering chaos.

Initially, Linchuan and Yongzhao’s alliance seems unshakeable. Yet, betrayal lurks in the shadows, orchestrated by Feng Yin’s spy, Hua’e.

As Feng Yuan grapples with her loyalties, she faces a heart-wrenching decision: betray Helianxi or sacrifice her mother. She chooses love, sparing Helianxi but enduring public scorn.

Helianxi’s return from the brink of death is a miracle, orchestrated by Feng Yuan’s selfless act. Saved by Xijiu, he embarks on a journey of redemption and renewal.

Three years later, Helianxi, now known as Liang Chan, finds solace in a new life. But destiny has other plans, reuniting him with Feng Yuan amidst turmoil.

Their reunion is marred by danger as assassins threaten their happiness. With Linchuan’s aid, they confront their enemies, revealing truths long buried.

Through sacrifice and forgiveness, they thwart Feng Yin’s ambitions, restoring peace to their kingdoms. Feng Yuan reclaims her throne, while Helianxi saves Linchuan.

Justice prevails as Feng Yin and Hua’e face consequences, and love blossoms for others caught in the storm.

In the end, alliances endure, and true love triumphs, proving that even amidst chaos, hope prevails. Helianxi and Feng Yuan find happiness together, their love standing the test of time.

Hard to Find Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Hard to Find Chinese Drama Review

“Hard to Find” certainly lives up to its title, though it’s not without its minor hiccups. Firstly, the music can be a bit overwhelming at times, and the rules surrounding Lin Chuan’s ancient tree can be a tad confusing.

These elements may have slightly detracted from the impact of the final episodes as viewers tried to piece together character motivations and plot developments.

Now that I’ve aired out these concerns, let’s dive into why this drama stands out among the sea of idol dramas released each year.

Firstly, kudos to whoever chose the English title and crafted the opening credits. Instead of a generic title like ‘Love Lasts Forever’ or ‘Blossom’, we have something intriguing and unique.

The storyline, centered around Master He Lian Xi and Princess Feng Yuan’s ill-fated marriage and its aftermath, is refreshingly concise, clocking in at around 19 to 20 minutes per episode. There’s no unnecessary filler here, just a gripping narrative packed with intense drama and dark themes.

The characters are where “Hard to Find” truly shines. Each character is given depth and complexity, allowing viewers to empathize with their choices and emotions. Special mention goes to Zhao Yi Qin, whose portrayal of Master He Lian Xi is truly remarkable. It’s a shame he doesn’t have more opportunities to showcase his talent in longer dramas.

Shen Yu Jie also delivers a strong performance as Princess Feng Yuan, although her character’s perfectly manicured nails sometimes felt out of place in certain scenes. Nevertheless, her emotional scenes are convincing, and her character’s strength is commendable.

The supporting cast adds further depth to the story, with characters like Shu Yin, Qing Sang, and Xiu Jiu providing moments of hope amidst the darkness.

Visually, the costumes strike a balance between beauty and practicality, with darker shades dominating Princess Feng Yuan and Master He Lian Xi’s wardrobe. Special mention goes to the striking outfit designs for Xiu Jiu.

The music, while hauntingly beautiful, can sometimes overpower the scenes, and the background score deserves special mention for its impact, particularly in episodes 16 and 27.

Hard to Find Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhao Yi Qin as He Lian Xi

Shen Yu Jie as Feng Yuan

Support Role

Fang Xiao Dong as Xiu Jiu

Guo Jia Yu as Qin Sang

Wang Ze Xuan as Feng Yin

Kay Song as Hua E

Wu Ri Li Ge as Shi Ying

Wu Tian Hao as A Sheng

Ma Jia Ming as Wu Qing

Huang Xiao Chao as Yun Mu

Ren Yu as [Great Lord]

Li Man as Chun Po Po

Lily Wang as Aunt Lan

Chang Jin as Eunuch Mo

Jiang Yun as [Empress]

Song Ya Gang as Wu Fei [General]

Li Zhen Qi as Yu Shi


My Verdict

Overall, “Hard to Find” is a must-watch for anyone seeking a break from lengthy dramas filled with filler. With its solid plot, stellar performances, and undeniable chemistry between the leads, it’s a satisfying watch from start to finish. And after all the chaos they endure, the leading couple certainly deserves a well-earned break. Highly recommended!

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