Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Will Love in Spring is a Chinese drama that is suitable for adult audiences who are looking for something different and interesting. See the full review of Will Love in Spring Chinese drama below!


Drama Details

Title: Will Love in Spring (春色寄情人)
Episodes: 21
Release Date: Apr 22, 2024
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Family
Country: China
Original Network: CCTV, Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV and Viki

Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Once upon a time, there was Chen Mai Dong, who used to be quite rebellious in his younger days. However, a significant event changed his perspective, leading him to choose a unique path as a funeral makeup artist.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Jie faced adversity after a car accident left her disabled. Undeterred, she embarked on a journey to the bustling city, determined to carve out a successful career and find her best self.

Chen Mai Dong, with his spirited but solitary nature, found solace in his artistry, despite the emotional and physical solitude it often brought. On the other hand, Zhuang Jie, a resilient medical salesperson, radiated bravery and ambition despite her physical challenges.

Through their individual trials and tribulations, they gradually developed a deep understanding and admiration for one another.

Their bond grew stronger as they learned to appreciate each other’s unique strengths and flaws, ultimately finding healing and completeness through the power of love.


Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Will Love in Spring Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the heartwarming conclusion of “Will Love in Spring,” Chen Maidong and Zhuang Jie find their way back to each other after navigating through life’s twists and turns.

Chen Maidong delivers a heartfelt opening monologue, symbolizing a new chapter filled with warmth and love.

Grandma Chen spends her days contentedly in the yard, reminiscing about cherished memories and the journey shared with old friends. She finds solace in the sweet embrace of nostalgic moments, embracing happiness in her golden years.

Meanwhile, Liao Tao and Aunt Wu stroll through the vibrant spring fields, retracing the steps of Grandma Chen and Grandma Lin from years past. Their bond deepens as they reflect on decades of shared experiences, reinforcing the enduring power of emotional connections.

As for Wang Xixia and Cui Ge, they join forces and rise to fame in bustling Shanghai. He Niao Niao diligently tackles his homework, while Zhuang Yan finds inspiration atop the mountains of Nanping City.

Ji San Goose returns with the geese, bringing with him the tranquility of nature’s beauty. Surrounded by the lush landscapes of spring, loved ones come together, basking in the joy and renewal that the season brings.

Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Review

his drama isn’t your typical fluffy romantic tale with cliché storylines. Instead, it offers a modern and realistic portrayal where both protagonists have their own careers, aspirations, and perspectives on life. One is a small-town guy seeking a tranquil existence, while the other is a city girl with ambitious dreams.

Their differences, along with the baggage they carry, whether physical or emotional, add depth to the story. Despite this, their chemistry shines through in their playful banter and subtle flirtation, keeping the plot engaging without dragging on.

Admittedly, not everyone may warm up to the Female Lead’s character, finding her selfish and occasionally annoying. Yet, this imperfection is what makes the characters relatable and the story authentic. It’s a refreshing take on love, portraying two flawed individuals navigating their feelings for each other amidst life’s challenges.

The cast, from the main leads to supporting roles, is well-chosen, each contributing to the storytelling with commendable performances. Li Xian’s portrayal of Mai Dong is commendable, showcasing his talent for bringing characters to life. Zhou Tong’s portrayal of Z Jie is equally impressive, portraying her character’s determination and vulnerability with authenticity.

The writing is poignant, offering thought-provoking insights into life and relationships. Despite occasional missteps, the characters’ growth and the progression of their relationship feel genuine and relatable.

The drama’s unique premise, with the main character being a funeral makeup artist, sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of life and death. It prompts appreciation for those who undertake such roles, adding depth to the narrative.

Will Love in Spring Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Li Xian as Chen Mai Dong

Zhou Yu Tong as Zhuang Jie

Support Role

Wu Jun Ting as Zhuang Yan

Zhang Xi Wei as He Niao Niao

Liu Lin as Liao Tao [Zhuang Jie’s mother]

Fang Fang as Granny Chen

Xu Xing as Grandma Lin

Wan Peng as Wang Xi Xia

Zhang Chi as Cui Ge

Sun Yan Xiang as Dong Zi

Xiao Yang as Zhang Hong Xu

Xiang Xia as Feng Xi Lun

Mark Ma as Chen Mai Dong [Young]

Du Lan as Zhuang Jie [Young}

Tian Ling as Wu Xue Hua

Zhang Zheng Yang as He Zhang Yue

Yang Teng as Xiao Jia

Li Jia Wei as Wang Chang Sheng

Cao Lei as Li Pei


My Verdict

Overall, this drama is a compelling watch for mature audiences seeking something different and relatable. It offers a realistic portrayal of love, complete with its complexities and imperfections, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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