Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Guess Who I Am is an entertaining, hilarious, and silly Chinese drama with hot chemistry between the main characters. I think if you’re looking to watch a silly cliche romantic comedy done in a better way, this is for you. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Guess Who I Am (猜猜我是谁)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: March 22, 2024
Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Song Yao, a girl who never misses out on punishing scoundrels. She then met the fake prince of the Chengtian Group.

That meeting caught them in a Smith-style fight, the “mediocre” girl with electrifying eyes and the lying “CEO” started their story.


Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Guess Who I Am Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Ji Chengchuan realized there were urgent matters needing attention, with no time to waste. Chen Jinghui, saddened by Wu Shi’s passing, also felt the need to address pressing issues without delay.

Sheng Silin eagerly wanted to share a video from last night’s club outing, only to be met with unexpected resistance. Gu Zijun swiftly uncovered that crucial evidence had been tampered with. Song Yao, determined to obtain evidence, made a call to the other party.

The caller, curious about Song Yao’s findings, hinted at a previous conflict. Sensing danger, Song Yao urged Ji Chengchuan not to attend Chen Jinghui’s ceremony the next day, fearing a trap. After much consideration, Song Yao volunteered to go in Ji Chengchuan’s place.

Aware of the danger posed by Li Chen, Ji Chengchuan hesitated to let Song Yao face the risk alone. Despite Ji Chengchuan’s concerns, Song Yao reassured him, willing to confront the challenge. Ji Chengchuan knew the risks but understood Song Yao’s determination.

As the day marked the end of their contract, Ji Chengchuan felt a sudden unease before collapsing. Despite his condition, he urged Song Yao to stay. Feeling Ji Chengchuan’s protective instinct, Song Yao decided to attend the meeting, knowing they were being watched.

Meanwhile, Li Chen’s presence added tension, with Song Yao feeling increasingly monitored. Gu Zijun noticed the surveillance, while others attempted to gather evidence. Ji Chengchuan, waking up and realizing the situation, rushed to the scene, albeit too late for the meeting’s start.

Chen Jinghui aimed to eliminate Song Yao and his allies, hoping to secure his position. Li Chen seized the opportunity to tarnish Song Yao’s reputation. Despite the animosity, Song Yao sought to delay proceedings.

Ji Chengchuan intervened, granting Song Yao a brief window to negotiate with Li Chen. Using the time wisely, Song Yao convinced Li Chen to cooperate. Ji Chengchuan engaged Chen Jinghui to buy time, leading to his eventual arrest when the police arrived with evidence.

With the crisis averted, Ji Chengchuan assumed the chairman’s role. Song Yao and Shen Shuangshuang returned to their flower shop venture. Shen Shuangshuang, delighted, purchased a celebrity pillow, while Jiang Nanxuan planned a proposal. Gu Zijun expressed his love uniquely to Song Lingren.

Ji Chengchuan fulfilled a childhood promise by taking Song Yao stargazing. Sheng Silin found happiness, and Song Yao received positive feedback on their novel, securing a contract. Editor Liu’s recommendation surprised Song Yao, reminiscent of Ji Chengchuan’s impact.

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Review

I didn’t expect much from this drama, only that I was quite interested in the story, considering I tried my hardest to take on the enemies-to-lovers role.

Considering this drama had been delayed for 3 years before finally airing without any promotion, no one expected much.

In this drama, a story is told within a story (you know what I mean, right?). In real life, the Female Lead (Song Yao) is a novelist who is on the verge of rejecting a project.

Using her brilliant and unique methods, she managed to convince the director of the publishing company and was given 3 months to create a new project. After examining the crystal glass, she begins to write her story… and becomes the main character herself.

In the story, the Female Lead has the supernatural ability to see through the lies of rich people and help innocent people get what is rightfully theirs from rich people.

On one occasion, her supernatural abilities failed him in front of the future director of Chengtian Group, Ji Chengchuan aka Qin Hao. Initially the two of them never saw each other face to face and constantly fought over trivial things.

In fact, Qin Hao had a hidden agenda for returning to China, namely suspecting the death of Ji Chengchuan and his mother – and the only evidence was a cufflink decorated with the Chengtian Group symbol.

I won’t ramble any more about the plot because this review is more than just a spoiler. There is indeed a slight plot twist in the last episode and if you are curious you can check it out for yourself.

My only complaint is that everything seems to be copied from another drama according to the title. Let’s see, transmigration and contract marriage are nothing new in the world of C-dramas – the only saving grace is that they are not overused in this drama.

Childhood sweethearts and PTSD tropes are also present. The Ji family is somewhat similar to the Fu family in ‘South Wind Knows’ (another Zhang Yuxi drama).

Apart from that, the scene when they are trapped in the cargo hold is no different from the scene when the main character is trapped in the cave (still about ‘South Wind Knows’).

The kidnapping scene seems to be copied from ‘My Demon’ while the Female Lead’s supernatural abilities are similar to the Female Lead in ‘My Lovely Liar’, except under different circumstances.

Three-wheeled vehicles are also here; there were two of them, Liang Jingyi and Sheng Silin. Luckily, Sheng Silin wasn’t that toxic and he also became one of the main allies, which was very refreshing rather than constantly chasing the Female Lead.

Liang Jingyi is more poisonous and a little possessive. Since the first time she met Female Lead, she hated her and wanted to get rid of her as quickly as possible.

In the second half of the drama, she suddenly disappears or maybe she has found someone who wins her heart – Ji Chengan, because he has liked her for a long time.

Illogical stories are inevitable in a rom-com. However, considering that this is a story written by the Female Lead, anything can happen according to her own wishes, so it won’t be a big problem for me.

This is my first drama about Wang Ziqi and the role of CEO is nothing new to him. He handled his role well as the role was not challenging.

As for Zhang Yuxi, I liked her role as the brave and justice-oriented Song Yao. The second and third pairs are also cute and funny.

Guess Who I Am Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhang Yu Xi as Song Yao

Wang Zi Qi as Qin Hao / Ji Cheng Chuan

Support Role

Ke Nai Yu as Song Ling Ren

Han Dong Lin as Jiang Nan Xuan

Wang Jia Yin as Shen Shuang Shuang

Liu Zhe Hui as Gu Zi Jun

Wang Qian Guo as Liang Jing Yi

Monica Mok as Chen Ya Qin

Zheng Yu as Ji Hong Lin

Jin Jia as Lu Yu [Chief Editor]

Yang Dong Qi as Mr. Liu [Publishing House]

Joycee Chen as Kang Li Ping

Yan Feng as Li Chen

Gao Bei Bei as Lin Shu

Li Shuai as Qin Tian

Danny Ray as Joseph

Marina Maloy as [Joseph’s girlfriend]

Ma Yi Rui as Song Yao [Young]

Ma Rui Ze as Wang Chuang

Cha Zhen as Mr. Xu

He Peng as Sheng Si Lin

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Guess Who I Am is a Chinese rom-com drama with a combination of thriller and fantasy genres that is worth watching. There’s a lot here that’s very entertaining, hilarious, and goofy with hot chemistry between the main characters. My rating for Guess Who I Am Chinese drama review is 8,6/10.

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