10 Best Li Xian Dramas and TV Shows That You Must Watch

Li Xian Dramas and TV Shows. Li Xian is a Chinese actor who was born in Jingzhou, Hubei, China. She began her acting career with a minor role in director Wang Jing’s film Feng Shui (2012) as the young Li Xaoli.

For her drama debut, she started in China’s first urban web series City of Fantasy (2014).

His breakthrough role came in the esports drama Go Go Squid! (2019). Li Xian also appeared on the Forbes Asia 100 Digital Stars list after starring in that drama.

After that, he started starring in a lot of dramas and tv shows, here below are 10 lists of Li Xian’s best series and tv shows!


Best Li Xian Dramas and TV Shows List


1. Meet Yourself

Li Xian dramas

It tells the story of Xu Hong Dou, a woman who has worked in the hotel industry for most of her adult life. She is an ordinary big-city girl, but her life suddenly changes when her best friend dies.

It makes his life miserable and his job begins to fall apart. He then moved to a remote village, Yun Miao village, near Dali, in Yunnan Province – in search of peace and tranquility.

But there he finds that life in the farming village is not as beautiful as he imagined. Navigating a field full of dirt and mud was not something he was used to!

But he soon finds some sort of balance when he meets Xie Zhi Yao, a native who started a tourism business that flaunts Yun Miao.

But when they start working together, Cupid seems determined to bring them together! Can they find love in this quiet little village?

This Li Xian tv show was released in 2023 with 40 episodes and is available on Viki.

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2. Shooting Stars

Li Xian dramas

The drama’s story is set in the Anti-Japanese War period. It tells the story of Xia Ji Cheng, a proud son of a wealthy high-ranking political family.

He initially wanted to go into the Marines to fulfill his dream of becoming a captain. However, an unexpected trip to Shanghai changes his life completely and he becomes a low-ranking police officer.

Shooting Stars is one of the latest Li Xian dramas. It will be released in 2023 with 34 episodes.


3. Who Sleeps My Bro

Li Xian dramas

Who Sleeps My Bro is a Chinese drama that follows a group of freshmen at college as they live wild days of friendship, pranks, and love.

It is also based on a song written about friendships growing apart after college. This Li Xian show was released in 2016 with 26 episodes.


4. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Li Xian dramas

It tells about Dr. It was Qin Ming who was temperamental and made his assistant resign. He then looked for a new assistant and found Li Da Bao from the Inspection Mark Department.

At first, Qin didn’t believe the girl but later found out that she had very good reasoning and observation skills. He has a very sensitive sense of smell.

The critical Qin decides to ask him to join. Later, Qin, along with his detective friend Lin Tao and assistant Li Da Bao, uncover various strange cases.

Medical ExaminerDr. Qin is one of the best Li Xian dramas. It was released in 2016 with 20 episodes and you can watch it on Viki and Prime Video.


5. Only Side by Side with You

Li Xian dramas

Only Side by Side with You tells the story of Nan Qiao, a career woman who catches her fiancé having an affair and breaks up with him.

But because of that, he also lost an important business partner as a result. Desperate for another solution, he meets a potential investor at a bar where he gets into a fight with bar owner Shi Yue.

He seems to be someone related to her past so he purposely approaches her to find out more. But ends up falling in love with her in the process.

This tv show with Li Xian was released in 2018 with 40 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


6. Go Go Squid!

Go Go Squid! is one of the best Li Xian and Yang Zi dramas. It tells the story of Han Shang Yan, a former legend in the world of esports who founded his own esports club, K&K.

One night, after losing to K&K in the CTF competition, Han Shang Yan walks into a cafe to cool off. There he meets Tong Nian and instantly falls in love with her.

A series of coincidences and further misunderstandings bring the two of them together and, as Han Shang Yan slowly starts to soften up toward her, Tong Nian also finds herself involved in K&K activities and the world of professional esports.

He even revealed Han Shang Yan’s past and the reason for his sudden withdrawal from the world of esports in the past. This tv show was released in 2019 with 41 episodes and is available on Viki and Apple TV.


7. Tientsin Mystic

Li Xian dramas

This drama is set during the Republic era and tells the story of a river being haunted by an unexplained incident. Guo De You is a policeman who succeeded his master ‘Old River God’ and has inherited his ability to get rid of the guilty every time he lights a pipe.

Once he was suspected of murdering a respected chairman but Ding Mao (the chairman’s son) didn’t believe him and joined hands with him to uncover the truth.

Together with some unlikely partners, they embark on an investigation that leads them to an incident that occurred twenty years ago and uncovers the truth.

This is one of the best iQIYI Chinese dramas. It was released in 2017 with 24 episodes.


8. Sword Dynasty

It tells of Ding Ning, a young man from a humble background, who is ravaged by a chronic illness. He held a grudge against the new royal family and wanted to overthrow them.

Armed with his wits and phenomenal martial arts skills, he embarks on a revenge mission against Heng the Great.

His ultimate goal is to take the King’s life, and he hopes to gather like-minded allies to help him form a “Sword Dynasty” that will one day rule the entire land.

On the way, he meets the beautiful Zhang Sun Qian Xue, the eldest daughter of an influential aristocrat. He also proves to be a deadly warrior and perhaps his most powerful ally.

Can the two forms an unlikely alliance – and can their relationship develop into romance?

One of the best Li Xian dramas was released in 2019 with 34 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


9. 11 Left

It tells the story of Chen Zhen Yu, a young man who failed at entrepreneurship and fell into despair. He was heavily in debt, but he firmly believed that luck would find him before his creditors.

He also has a bad habit of being addicted to betting on horses and has no qualms about risking all of his wealth. A transaction at a mysterious pawnshop gives her a turning point in her fate. However, is this luck good luck or bad luck?

11 Left is a short Korean web drama with a duration of 5 minutes per episode. It will be released in 2021 with 6 episodes.


10. City of Fantasy

City of Fantasy tells about supernatural events that occur in a city. Here Li Xian plays the character A Liang, an ordinary insurance agent, who lost his beloved wife two years ago in a car accident and has not been able to forget that day.

Sad dreams appear again and again, and Liang can only rely on medicine to continue living in a world without his wife. One of Li Xian dramas was released in 2014 with 8 episodes.


Those were the list of the best Li Xian dramas and tv Show that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article have a nice day!

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