Rivalry Thai Drama Review

Rivalry Review. This is a fantastic lakorn, well worth the time spent watching it. Rivalry is an entertaining spectacle, with several scenes that can be fast-forwarded without missing much. Check out my Rivalry Thai drama review to see why it’s worth watching!


Drama Details

Title: Rivalry ( เกมปรารถนา )
Episodes: 20
Release Date: January 26, 2022
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama, Family
Country: Thailand
Original Network: Channel 3
Available On: Amazon Prime Video

Rivalry Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tells the story of the struggle of two families in the business world, starting from the parent’s generation and continuing to the younger generation.

In fact, they also compete in other things and should not be endless. But when two rival heirs fall in love, will they continue to compete in hurting each other or will they break the cord of enmity?


Rivalry Thai Drama Review

Rivalry is a masterpiece from Thailand and this drama has a beautiful story. It also has an equally talented cast to wrap it up which is, fortunately, the case here.

The excellent performances from the cast have only taken this drama to another level. The story shows the many flaws of the characters and how each character deals with them.

Some positive, some negative and it describes all those emotions so perfectly that even though you may not like every character, you can sympathize with them and understand why their reactions differ.

Everyone has different experiences and difficulties in life but that doesn’t mean one person’s difficulties are the most important and the others are not.

Everyone’s struggle is equally important and needs to be acknowledged. This drama is able to portray all these complex feelings in a believable simple way.

Here the main character has extraordinary chemistry that is undeniable. I can see why they were repeatedly put together before.

They describe all the emotions so beautifully that sometimes even dialogue isn’t needed to understand them. Hope to see them together again in the future.

All other couples also have good chemistry. Luckily, no relationship is toxic.

There are also very powerful moments of the women sticking up for each other even though the characters hate each other.

This is a good example of women’s empowerment. Kudos to the writers for such a heart-touching scene.

Pop has a great magnetic presence on the screen. Her character is one of the highlights of the show and takes the show forward. He deserves more leading roles for his acting and charisma.

The ending is great, although I wish some of the characters had a slightly better ending, at least each character finds peace in their own way. I think it’s an excellent drama worth your time.

Rivalry Thai Drama Review

The Cast of Rivalry Thai Drama

Main Role

Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut as Anawin

Nychaa Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich as Milin

Sam Yuranunt Pamornmontri as Phee

Donut Manatsanun Panlertwongskul as Wianna

Pop Thagoon Karnthip as Tewis

Prima Bhunjaroeun as Lisa

Support Role

Ohm Kanin Stanley as Phakhin

Lita Kaliya Niehuns as Jennis

Cine Phatrakorn Bussarakwadee as Naorn

Baan Nakhun Rojanai as Pete

Bright Rapheephong Thapsuwan as Sean

Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Prama

Mick Boromwuti Hiranyatithi as Toto

Duangta Toongkamanee as Amata

Air Panthila Fuklin as Unging

Suam Sukhapat Lohwacharin as Captain

Jab Penpetch Benyakul as Wasuthorn

Wayne Falconer as Chat


My Verdict

Overall, I would say this is a drama worth watching. if you’re looking for something easy to watch then this is for you, it’s romance, rivalry, and a bit of comedy that’s really sweet. My Rivalry Thai drama review rating is 8/10.

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