On a Starry Night Japanese Drama Review

On a Starry Night or Hoshi Furu Yoru ni is a good and delicious Japanese drama that makes you want to fall in love. It has so many romantic, sad, and happy moments. Check out the full On a Starry Night review below!


Drama Details

Title: Hoshi Furu Yoru ni ( 星降る夜に )
Also Know: On a Starry Night
Episodes: 9
Release Date: January 17, 2023
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Original Network: TV Asahi
Available On: Viki

On a Starry Night Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yukimiya Suzu is a 35-year-old female gynecologist who works at a hospital in a peaceful seaside town. While she helps bring new life into the world, she is emotionally exhausted in this narrowed and stifling society and can’t be vulnerable to anyone.

Suzu then studies hard to become a doctor, and as a result of working for money and status, she loses not only the friends she fought with, but also the passion and dreams she once had.

He learns that society is not always on the side of those who are in the right, and he only gets tired if he fights them all the time.

Suzu decided to go camping alone to rest. As he drank the alcohol and looked up at the starry sky, Hiiragi Issei wordlessly moved towards him and took a series of photos with his camera.

Then he kissed her without warning. The next morning, when Suzu woke up, the youth conveyed something to her with a hand gesture and left. This episode will be an irreplaceable meeting of fate for each of them.

Issei lives in a world without sound. She has many interests and friends all over the world and follows her heart’s desire. Even though Issei is 10 years younger than her and can be arrogant and immature at times, he has a radiance that can’t be missed. As Suzu interacted with him, her heart gradually broke free.


On a Starry Night Review

Hoshi Furu Yoru ni or On a Starry Night is one of the good Japanese series. It has a somewhat slower tempo but is consistently captivating. I have watched many Jdramas and so far this is one of the best I have seen.

Aside from the awkward opening moments, this is an extremely well-written series. There are no super weak and easily manipulated women here and no forced dates.

There’s also no weird love triangle here and just friendship, communication, and good humor. I love how supportive friends are to each other and how they treat each other like family.

It was a very hot series for a relationship. There are some sad moments but also a lot of heartfelt and funny ones.

The thing I didn’t really like about the story was how they portrayed abortion, now, I understand that Japan is a very different country, especially in social issues, but with the number of videos I’ve made.

I’ve seen pro-choice youth, I think they’ll handle it better or at least give us two sides of abortion rather than just the “selfish” point of view of the pro-life type of people, which is what they should be. can handle. it’s worst, it’s true but still, i don’t like it.

The acting and chemistry between the two main characters are also outstanding, for a drama with such an age gap. I like the way they communicate with each other. I appreciated the way the male lead kept repeating the “I like/love you” sign to the female lead because he said he didn’t want to regret anything.

This is something I can relate to and it feels realistic considering his background of losing both of his parents.

Also, I really like OSTs, especially Yuka’s “Hoshizukiyo”. In accordance with the drama and the lyrics are very good. And Doyoung’s voice is very soothing and very beautiful.

I would consider this a healing drama. Sometimes healing takes a decade or more and healing from complex grief is no easy journey.

It can take many different twists and turns. This drama also reminds me to cherish the time I have left with the people I love and that family is not only made up of blood relations.

Hoshi Furu Yoru ni cast

On a Starry Night Japanese Drama Cast

Main Role

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Yukimiya Suzu

Kitamura Takumi as Hiiragi Issei

Dean Fujioka as Sasaki Shinya

Support Role

Chiba Yudai as Sato Haru

Nekoze Tsubaki as Inuyama Tsuruko

Nagai Mijika as Hachisuka Shinobu

Nakamura Riho as Date Marina

Kiryu Sakura as Sakura Hokuto

Komagine Kiita as Inuyama Masanori

Wakabayashi Takuya as Momono Takuro

Miyazawa Miho as Hatori Hiromi

Doronzu Ishimoto as Iwata Gengo

Mitsuishi Ken as Marokawa Sanpei

Mizuno Miki as Hokuto Chiaki


My Verdict

Overall On a Starry Night is a very good Japanese drama. it’s also the kind of good, fun drama you want to fall in love with, as someone who grew up learning a little bit of sign language.

I highly recommend this for you to watch and make sure you put it on your watch list. My rating for the On a Starry Night Japanese drama review is 7.8/10.

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