Silent Japanese Drama Review

Silent is one of the best melodrama genre J-dramas I have ever seen and I just wish more Japanese dramas came out like this. See the review below to see why I can say that!


Details Drama

Title: Silent (サイレント)
Episodes: 11
Release Date: October 6, 2022
Genres: Romance, Life, Melodrama
Country: Japan
Original Network: Fuji TV
Available On: Viki

Silent Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of this Japanese drama follows Tsumugi Aoba, a beautiful girl who falls in love with the handsome So Sakura. Both attended the same high school and they both shared an interest in music.

Their relationship grew closer, but suddenly, Sakura said goodbye to him without giving a reason for their breakup and he disappeared right then and there.

Time passes and eight years later, Aoba is in Tokyo working part-time at a large CD music store. He is now surrounded by the music he loves.

One day while working he happens to see Sakura. He wanted to talk to her, but he realized that he had lost his hearing.


Silent Review

Silent is one of the most modern J-dramas I’ve ever seen and I just wish there would be more Japanese dramas coming out like this one.

Even though I like J-dramas with romantic comedies, the melodrama Silent is very refreshing. I really felt like I was watching a cool Korean drama or C-drama.

As a melodrama, Dorama Silent is neither too slow nor too fast. I enjoy using silence and soft music to set the tone.

I also appreciate the efforts and dedication of the actors to learn sign language. It’s not easy, and sign language is not used sparingly but heavily throughout the series.

There are a lot of emotions that go through while watching “Silent”. You will cry with them. However, because the story is told using flashbacks throughout the drama, it detracts from the heartbreaking rush of emotion in the first episode when the main cast is reunited.

This drama hasn’t shown enough scenes from their high school days that I feel emotionally connected to their love story. So when they meet again 8 years later and learn that So Sakura has been suffering alone, the repercussions are not so strong.

I love dramas that focus on relationships, have character development, and best of all, Kindness. I also don’t think Tsumugi Aoba should give up. I don’t think So Sakura should hold all the cards and be the only one who can dress well.

The plot here is decent but nothing extraordinary. The transition from someone who can hear to someone who has lost his hearing becomes the main plot of this drama.

Here, we learn about the prejudice against those who are born deaf and those who are not. Through So’s story, we see the emotional toll and impact his illness has had on himself, his loved ones, and his feelings for his future and the world.

I love seeing different perspectives from Nana and Masaki. I’m glad So reconnected with his friends and continues to maintain a close friendship with Minato. It was very touching and fun to watch.

Overall, the actors’ acting is good, especially Kawaguchi Haruna as our female lead, Aoba. When her big eyes look directly at the camera, they convey so much emotion and sparkle too.

Meguro Ren’s portrayal of So Sakura is a bit inconsistent in my eyes. There are times when I can really feel the sadness, but other times it feels forced (maybe it’s just me).

Our main couple is the best choice for this J-drama and you can feel the organic chemistry between the two. I like that drama is also about side characters.

On the other hand, Suzuka Ouji as the second male character looks too young. I can’t forget her high school drama “Horimya” and as a real-life 22-year-old, she looks nothing like her 26-year-old character.

As cute as her character is, Suzuka Ouji looks like a child wearing her father’s clothes and hanging out with her sister.

Then is the Japanese drama Silent worth watching? worthy for those of you who like melodrama even for those who don’t. It has good acting, chemistry, and story.

Silent Japanese drama review

Silent Japanese Drama Cast

Main Role

Kawaguchi Haruna as Aoba Tsumugi

Meguro Ren as Sakura So

Support Role

Shinohara Ryoko as Sakura Ritsuko

Suzuka Ouji as Togawa Minato

Kaho as Momono Nana

Kazama Shunsuke as Haruo Masaki

Sakurada Hiyori as Sakura Moe

Itagaki Rihito as Aoba Hikaru

Fujima Sawako as Yokoi Mako

Yamazaki Shigenori as Koga Yoshihiko

Sato Arata as Tabata Riku

Inoue Yuki as Nomoto Takumi

Ishikawa Ren as Igusa Hana

Uchida Chika as Hoda Yukako

Riju Go as Sakura Takashi

Kubota Yuki as Nezu


My Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed watching this J-drama. This is a rare binge-worthy melodrama for me with a good tempo (not slow and not fast). Sometimes I may feel frustrated, but that also speaks to the drama’s success in playing on the emotions of the audience.

I recommend this for you to watch and make sure you watch it if you are a J-drama fan. My rating for the Japanese drama Silent Review is 8.7/10.

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