Super Rich Japanese Drama Review

Super Rich is a refreshing Japanese drama for you to watch. Why is that? see my Super Rich review below to find the answer.


Details Drama

Title: Super Rich (スーパーリッチ)
Episodes: 11
Release Date: October 14, 2021
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Original Network: Fuji TV
Available On: Viki

Super Rich Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Hyoga Mamoru is a woman and CEO of Three Star Books. He was born into a wealthy family and was never troubled by a lack of money.

But despite his success with his job, he is lonely and harbors sadness over the death of his parents when he was little.

Hyoga Mamoru has a close friend named Ichinose Ryo, the only person he can talk to about anything.

Hyoga Mamoru also started Three Star Books with Ichinose Ryo and they are still working together today. Meanwhile, Hyoga Mamoru is also involved with Haruno Yu who is much younger than him.

Haruno Yu is a vocational school student who has a loving family, including his parents and younger sister. But his parents’ financial situation was not very good.

Haruno Yu then while studying also worked part-time to support himself. He then applied for an internship at Three Star Books and started working there.


Super Rich Review

I originally started watching this for Eiji and Keita. However, I ended up retaining many of the series’ other great qualities. Not only do the characters, acting, and plot continue to surprise me to no end, but the romantic interests are just as enjoyable.

The actual plot construction is non-existent. And for those who read this review, I suggest don’t expect a strong and emotional story in that sense.

This drama is mainly about the motive and theme of money. For example debt, embezzlement, living conditions, expropriation, and others related to money. Here it is also shown how the relationship of the characters who were torn and put back together because of it.

The romance here isn’t all sweet and cute moments either, it won’t even get you excited like K-dramas. But considering this is a drama about business, this bit of romance is appropriate.

I saw some people say this is a romance drama, but while watching it, I learned to think of this drama not as a romantic challenge, but as a collection of layers tied together by money, romance is just one of those layers.

It’s also not very aesthetically pleasing, or thought-provoking. So why do I like it?

Despite all these flaws, there are characters who are fun to watch. And what’s more, the main character Mamoru, is one of my favorites for this year’s Jdrama. These are the aspects of this drama that I really like.

I also like this drama with short episodes, unlike the convoluted C-dramas and K-dramas that have to prolong their conflicts because of the 20 episodes they limit.

Then watching “Super Rich” was very refreshing, especially for 45 minutes, something Japanese dramas seem to understand. Although the drama has suffered a dip in quality in the last three episodes, being a gentle entertainment, I think it succeeded in everything its creators set out to achieve.

It also has most of the characters that stick to my heart and refuse to let go. All get proper character development, like Mamoru, Yuu, Miyamura, Kitapepu, Shoji, etc. They even provide side character development and I love this.

The set design, shooting method, and OST used for this drama are really good. These aspects are competent in their purpose and evoke a sense of unity and feeling.

Lastly, acting/casting. An extraordinary cast that embodies their characters in perfect sync and effortlessly moving acting and convinces viewers with raw emotion, expression, and impeccable line delivery. I will not comment on this.

This drama in general is a hidden masterpiece that everyone should watch. I will make sure to recommend it to everyone from now on. A truly refreshing and inspiring story.

Super Rich Japanese Drama Review

Super Rich Japanese Drama Cast

Main Role

Eguchi Noriko as Hyoga Mamoru

Akaso Eiji as Haruno Yu

Support Role

Machida Keita as Miyamura Sora

Yamoto Yuma as Shoji Tatsuya

Kanno Rio as Samejima Aya

Nakamura Yuri as Imayoshi Reiko

Totsugi Shigeyuki as Ichinose Ryo

Kashima Riku as Kito Ryusei

Furuta Arata as Ikari Kenji

Yuki Kosei as Kido Hizoka

Shida Mirai as Tanaka Ririka

Itagaki Mizuki as Gotoku

Nonomura Hanano as Takahashi Miyu

Matsushima Nanako as Shimatani Satomi


My Verdict

Overall “Super Rich” is a drama that lacks ingredients by today’s drama viewing standards, but they managed to create something that is moving, subtle, and fun to watch.

I look forward to more dramas like this and this one is living proof that you don’t have to have a fancy set, a fancy wardrobe, or a great camera—as long as you have a soul. After all, there are more important things than money and here you will find them. My rating for the Super Rich review is 8/10

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