9 Best Japanese Dramas about Marriage to Binge Watch

Japanese doramas or dramas are now much liked by fans of Asian dramas, from young to old. One of the most popular topics is Japanese dramas about marriage.

This topic carries more of the romantic comedy genre that is loved by everyone and never dies. This Japanese drama matchmaking will also make the heart mutter “aww” because of the sweetness of the story until the end.

So for that, here are 9 Japanese dramas with the theme of getting married at a young age that you must watch. Come on, see the discussion below!


Best Japanese Dramas about Marriage


1. Marry Me

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

The series storyline follows a 28-year-old civil servant named Akiyasu Shin. He is currently selected to take part in a new government program under the so-called “NEET protection law”.

This project pairs government employees with NEETs as a means of rehabilitating them and reintroducing them to society.

The problem is that his partner of choice is Sawamoto Himari who signed up without his knowledge. Will Akiyasu Shin finally win her heart? Or will this matchmaking fail!?

This Japanese arranged marriage drama was released in 2020 in 10 episodes. It stars Kumada Rinka and Seto Toshiki in the lead roles.


2. Shanai Marriage Honey

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

Shanai Marriage Honey is one of the best Japanese dramas about marriage that you should try watching.

It tells the story of Miura Manatsu, a young office worker who finds himself in a quandary. Her mother was sick, and she believed that marrying would be a good way to comfort her and aid her recovery.

The only problem is that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So he then downloaded a dating app and started looking for potential partners.

On the other hand, Haruta Ami is a woman who is struggling to forget her ex. He has decided to go straight into a new relationship to forget his old love.

The two then meet online and decide to marry in a hastily arranged ceremony knowing nothing about each other.

But there is a hitch because, in fact, they are co-workers. And because they neglected to tell co-workers they were getting married, their relationship became an awkward secret.

This tv show was released in 2020 with 7 episodes and is available on Viki. It starred Itagaki Mizuki and Matsui Airi in the main roles.


3. Hapimari: Happy Marriage!?

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

It’s about Takanashi Chiwa, an office lady who works part-time at a club because she’s in debt. One day, she gets into an argument with a rich and handsome customer who comes to the club and she ends up getting fired.

The next day, a depressed Chiwa is summoned by her boss to the office and finds the same rude man from the previous day there. Her name is Mamiya Hokuto and there Hokuto suddenly proposes a marriage contract with Chiwa.

Even though he initially rejected the idea, he had no choice but to accept it. The two then overcome all kinds of problems and become a real couple.

Hapimari: Happy Marriage is one of the best Japanese contract marriage dramas. It was released in 2016 with 12 episodes and is available on Prime Video. This tv show stars Dean Fujioka and Seino Nana.


4. Happy Negative Marriage

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

Keitaro Sato is a 30-year-old factory worker and geek who has never been in a love relationship before.

When his parents set up “Omiai”, Japan’s formal system of introducing potential marriage partners, Keitaro is surprised to meet Shimako Akio, a sweet, beautiful woman.

Keitaro falls in love with Shimako at first sight, and Shimako seems open to pursuing marriage plans with Keitaro.

Can the mismatched couple really have a happy marriage, or is Shimako hiding a dark secret that could derail everything? ”

This is one of the Japanese dramas about marriage which was released in 2014 with 7 episodes. The series stars Seto Saki and Nagayama Takashi.


5. Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

It tells of Oto who attends the prestigious Eitoku Academy but is secretly just an “ordinary person” struggling financially due to the bankruptcy of his father’s company.

He fears that his secret will be revealed if he becomes the target of a “people’s hunt”, which C5 Kaguragi does to maintain the school’s dignity.

Meanwhile, Momonozono Academy, where Tenma Hase serves as student council president, is fast catching up to Eitoku Academy as a result of Tenma’s achievements.

Tenma and Oto are actually engaged to each other and are soon to be married, but only under the condition that Oto can become a representative for Eitoku Academy until she turns 18.

This Japanese arranged marriage series was released in 2018 with 11 episodes. This is also a Japanese school high drama starring Sugisaki Hana and Hirano Sho.


6. Watashitachi wa Douka Shiteiru

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

This Japanese drama series tells the story of the daughter of a murder suspect and the son of a victim, Nao and Tsubaki are separated by bad feelings for each other for more than 15 years.

Once upon a time Nao and Tsubaki were reunited at a Japanese confectionery competition.

Tsubaki takes an interest in Nao’s creations and asks her to marry him at the first meeting and unaware that he is her childhood friend.

Nao hides her true identity and decides to enter Kogetsuan through her marriage to Tsubaki to prove her parents’ innocence.

Little did he know that all sorts of bad circumstances awaited him. Despite being made into a cruel sport of destiny, Nao and Tsubaki are attracted to each other.

This is one of the Japanese dramas about marriage available on Netflix. It was released in 2020 with 8 episodes. The show stars Hamabe Minami and Yokohama Ryusei in the main roles.


7. Toshi no Sakon

Japanese Dramas about Marriage

Murakami Maiko is a very sheltered 24-year-old girl who has never had a relationship with a man.

He is then told to go to a matchmaking session arranged by his father. There she meets a man named Hanasato Harumi who is 20 years older than her and also a divorcee.

Despite Maiko’s displeasure, she discovers when they meet that he is a charming man with an air of maturity and she instinctively approaches him.

Harumi had intended to meet Maiko once before she turned it down because she was the daughter of the CEO of an important client. However, it turns out that he is much more than he had imagined.

Maiko messes with him all the time but he is drawn to her straightforward, pure, and dignified nature. They later married despite their 20-year age gap, and their life as newlyweds began.

This forced marriage Japanese drama was released in 2020 with 8 episodes. You can watch it on Viki and iQIYI. The show stars Aoi Wakana and Takezai Terunosuke.


8. Takane to Hana

Takane to Hana is one of the next best Japanese dramas about marriage. Tells the story of Hana Nonomura, a high school student who agrees to go to an arranged marriage with Takane Saibara, the heir to a business fortune in his brother’s stead.

He did it to save face for the family. But what happens when Hana meets Takane who is such a complete opposite in spirit and will they become the perfect couple?

This Japanese tv show was released in 2019 with 8 episodes. It stars Takasugi Mahiro and Takeuchi Aisa and is available on Viki.


9. Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshita dake desu ga

It is about 27-year-old Ookado Akiha who vows to remain single but one day gets a fake marriage proposal.

Momose Shuu, a 30-year-old man is the sender. He wanted to get married man status for some reason and then proposed to Akiha.

Through living together as a fake couple, their relationship gradually begins to change for the better for one.

This fake marriage Japanese drama was released in 2021 with 10 episodes. It stars Seino Nana and Sakaguchi Kentaro and is available on Viki.


Those were lists of the 9 best Japanese dramas about marriage, arranged marriages, and fake marriages that you should watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day.

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