Top 20 Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Ryo Yoshizawa is a Japanese actor known for his expressive eyes and natural acting style in live-action films. He made his debut in early 2011 and now Ryo Yoshizawa has also played in many movies and tv shows, here are the 10 best below!


Ryo Yoshizawa Movies List


1. Black Night Parade

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Black Night Parade is Ryo Yoshizawa’s latest movie to be released in 2022. It tells the story of Miharu Hino, a young man without a decent job or girlfriend.

She supports herself with a part-time job at a convenience store, where she has worked for 3 years.

Sometime during the Christmas season, a man in a black Santa suit appears in front of him and tells him that he is being hired today.

Miharu Hino then wakes up in Santa Claus’s house at the North Pole. He started working there and his job was to deliver gifts to children all over the world.

There he meets other people in black Santa Claus outfits who are also working including Shino Hojo, Kaiza Tanaka, and Teppei Kohira.


2. Awake

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Awake is one of the best Ryo Yoshizawa movies was released in 2020. It tells the story of Eiichi, aspiring to become a top shogi player and attending a shogi player training center run by the Japan Shogi Association.

But at the training center, he is unable to beat Riku, who is extremely talented at the game, and he eventually gives up on becoming a shogi player.

He then enrolls in university to live a more normal life. But has difficulty adjusting to college life and also has no friends, because most of his time is spent playing shogi.

One day, Eiichi comes across an AI-based shogi computer program, which is more creative and more powerful than he expected.

This got Eiichi into computer programming, specifically playing shogi and he visited the AI research club and met a senior student named Isono.

He then learns computer programming from Isono and sets a new goal, which is to write the best shogi computer program.

Several years later, Eiichi won a computer shogi competition and he received a request to play against Riku.


3. Tokyo Revengers

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular Japanese movies of 2021 and is available on Netflix. Here, Ryo Yoshizawa plays “Mikey”/Sano Manjiro.

Tells about Takemichi Hanagaki, a man who lives in a 26-year-old freezer. His life is basically empty and miserable.

One day, he saw the news and learned that Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto Tachibana were killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi Hanagaki was shocked by the news because Hinata Tachibana was his first love in middle school.

The next day, Takemichi Hanagaki was pushed by someone on the station platform and fell onto the train tracks. He thought he would die, but strangely at that moment, he returned to 10 years ago.

There, he tells Naoto Tachibana that in 10 years, Hinata Tachibana will be killed and tries to change everything.


4. Summer Song

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Summer Song is one of the best Yoshizawa Ryo movies was released in 2016. Here he plays Ichihara Kenichi.

Ichihara Kenichi is a man who gave up surfing after losing his father in an accident. But his best friends, Uehara Makoto, and Ohara Daijiro, still invite Ichihara to go to sea and make him glorious again.


5. Blue, Painful, Fragile

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

The storyline follows Tabata Kaede who is a college student with poor social skills. He meets Akiyoshi Hisano, who attends the same university but seems to lack common sense and is also an idealist. He always talked about ending the war and having no more bullies.

Kaede & Hisano have different personalities, but both are outsiders with their goal to change the world and create the secret Moai club.

One day, Hisano suddenly disappears and their secret club Moai also changes. Moai became a club of job seekers and the club just got bigger.

Kaede decides to leave the club, but she later decides to take Moai back for her original mission, which both herself and Hisano dreamed of.

Blue, Painful, Fragile was released in 2020 and this movie is available on Netflix.


6. Ano ko no, Toriko

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

It tells the story of Suzuki Yori and his childhood friends Shizuku and Subaru who vow to become celebrities. But by this time, Yori had moved away and was separated from his two childhood friends.

He grew up as a simple-looking man with glasses in the countryside. However, when he finds out that Shizuku has become a model, and Subaru is a popular actor, he transfers to his friends’ high school to follow his dream.

There he meets Shizuku again and decides to become her manager and support her behind the scenes.

However, when Shizuku participates in a lingerie shoot, he helps her out and into the world of entertainment when she captivates the public as the Mysterious Boy. This Yoshizawa Ryo movie was released in 2018 and you can watch it on Viki.


7. Kingdom 1

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

The film is set during the Warring States period in ancient China. Shin is a war orphan who dreams of becoming the greatest general under Heaven.

After years of training himself relentlessly, he meets a young man named Eisei, (the real King of Qin). Together, they seek to reclaim the throne of Eisei and unite the seven Warring States under one banner.

This is also one of the best Ryo Yoshizawa and Kento Yamazaki movies released in 2019. It is available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.


8. Not Quite Dead Yet

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

This is about Nanase Nobata who is in his last year at University. He lives with his father Kei but their relationship is strained.

His father is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and one day tries an experiment with taking a drug. It was said the drug was supposed to kill him temporarily and bring him back to life after two days.

He did this to find out who was trying to steal top secrets from his company. However, something goes wrong and Kei returns as a ghost.

Nanase then tries to restore his father’s life with the help of Taku Matsuoka who works at Kei’s pharmaceutical company. Not Quite Dead Yet is one of the best Yoshizawa Ryo movies that was released in 2020.


9. Holding The Cat in Arms

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Oishi Saori is a 33-year-old woman who works in a supermarket in a provincial town. In the past, Saori was a member of an idol group, but she has no future as a singer and she is fed up with everything.

He then moved to a provincial town. There she only opens her heart to the tomcat Yoshio at the pet shop. Yoshio senses Saori’s honesty and somehow begins to feel that he is someone and acts like Saori’s boyfriend. Holding The Cat in Arms was released in 2018.


10. Friends Games: The Movie

The storyline follows Katakiri Yuichi, a man whose mother taught him when he was young that friends are more important than money.

Now, as a high school student, Yuichi prefers friends over money. But one day, Yuichi and his friends get involved in a “Friend Game” that brings large amounts of money. It was released in 2017. You can watch this Yoshizawa Ryo movie on Amazon Prime.


11. Marmalade Boy

Koishikawa Miki is a high school student who is told by his parents that they are getting divorced and changing partners with other couples.

The other couple has a son named Yu, whom Miki becomes attracted to after moving in with him. This film was released in 2018.


12. Friends Games: The Movie Final

This is the Continuation of the film Tomodachi Game and still tells about Yuichi Katakiri and his friends who are trapped in the “Friend Game”, which carries a large amount of money. This is the finale or the ending. One of the best Yoshizawa Ryo movies was released in 2017.


Ryo Yoshizawa Tv Shows and Drama List


13. PICU: Shoni Shuchu Chiryo Shitsu

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

It tells about Takeshiro Shikota, a 27-year-old pediatrician in Hokkaido, Japan. He was born and raised in Hokkaido.

Once upon a time, Takeshiro was transferred to the newly established PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). This unit was set up for children under the age of 15 who require advanced and intensive care.

There, he met Dr. Hajime Ueno, an expert in his field, and hopes to set up PICUs across Japan.

The goal is to get sick children to the PICU as quickly as possible and admit them under any circumstances. Meeting Hajim changed Takeshiro’s life as a pediatrician. This Yoshizawa Ryo drama was released in 2022 with 11 episodes.


14. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game is one of the very popular Yoshizawa Ryo tv shows and even several movies have been made.

It’s about a group of high school students who care more about friendship than money and one day, is forced to participate in a mysterious game of wisdom involving lots of money.

This should be a simple game. However, friendships are suddenly tested under extreme conditions that fuel paranoia. The trick to finishing the game is trusting friends. This series was released in 2017 with 4 episodes.


15. Boku wa Mari no Naka

Isao Komori is a high school dropout who spends his days cooped up in his apartment playing video games.

The highlight of the day is visiting a convenience store to meet an angel-like high school girl named Mari who visits every night.

One morning Komori awakens in Mari’s body. Another “Komori” inhabits his old body, and Mari disappears. Komori struggles to maintain Mari’s ordinary life and begins to investigate Mari’s disappearance.

Boku wa Mari no Naka was released in 2017 with 8 episodes. This is one of the best Yoshizawa Ryo drama lists.


16. Seiten wo Tsuke

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

It tells about Shibusawa Eiichi who was born in 1840 to a farming family. He grew up helping his family with jobs, namely producing and selling indigo and also farming silk.

At the age of 23, he left his hometown and started working for the government. He then went to Paris and studied banking.

Several years later, he returned to Japan and helped build Japan’s first modern bank. He eventually became the founder or advocate of some 500 companies and was involved with some 600 public services. This Yoshizawa Ryo tv show was released in 2021 with 41 episodes.


17. Gintama: Mitsuba hen

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

Okita Okita Sougo’s older sister, Okita Mitsuba, visits the Shinsengumi headquarters to announce her marriage to the merchant Kuraba Toma.

The two brothers spend time together. But Mitsuba was worried that his little brother had no friends and to reassure him, he introduced Sakata Gintoki, who happened to be passing by, as his best friend.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of strange boats coming in and out of Edo. Hijikata Toshiro investigates this and it turns out that the incident has an unexpected connection with Mitsuba. This Yoshizawa Ryo drama was released in 2017 with 3 episodes.


18. Survival Wedding

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

It is about Kuroki Sayaka, a 29-year-old writer, who works for a magazine at a publishing company. He then resigns from his job due to getting married in three months.

But unfortunately that night, he finds out that his fiancé, Kazuya, has been having an affair. When she confronted him, she broke off the engagement saying she felt pressured by him to marry.

He then tries to return to his old job only to find out what has been replaced. However, her boss feels bad for her, so she finds a way to rehire her at a company with a much higher caliber fashion magazine.

However, there’s a catch: according to her eccentric new boss, Usami, Sayaka must meet his quirky requirements. That is she must find a better man to marry within six months. This tv show with Yoshizawa Ryo was released in 2018 with 10 episodes.


19. Giver: Fukushu no Zoyosha

Ryo Yoshizawa Movies and TV Shows

This drama tells the story of Giba (“The Giver”), a man who seems to have no emotion towards others, and his colleagues working at a revenge agency.

The leader of their group is a mysterious girl named Teika (“Taker”). This agency accepts requests for revenge on behalf of its clients.

Their clients range from a woman who falls victim to a marriage scam to the families of victims killed by serial killers. This Yoshizawa Ryo drama was released in 2018 with 12 episodes.


20. Koi suru Hong Kong

It tells about Yamada Kenta directing a documentary and with his assistant Hirakawa Aya in Hong Kong and they have to catch up with Japanese talent Elie.

However, during filming, Elie is taken away by Daniel, a local man. Amidst the chaos, Kenta meets Maki, a Japanese woman. She was here to meet a man she had communicated with through a Hong Kong matchmaking site.

They haven’t met each other in person yet. Actually, Maki lacked self-confidence and used Elie’s image as her own, making Daniel think that Elie was the person he wanted to meet.

Daniel now realizes that he mistook Elie for Maki. These five strangers meet as the result of a mix-up that will lead to unexpected results.

This is one of the best Yoshizawa Ryo tv shows released in 2017 with 4 episodes and available on Netflix.


That was the list of the best Ryo Yoshizawa movies and tv shows that you must watch as a fan. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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