19 Best Kento Yamazaki Movies and TV Shows to Watch

Are you looking for a list of movies and tv shows starring Kento Yamazaki? Here we have listed the best of them.

Kento Yamazaki is a very famous Japanese actor and model. He made his acting debut in 2010 in the TV series Atami no Sousakan.

In 2011, he made his big screen debut in a film called Control Tower and his acting was well-received. In the following years Kento Yamazaki began to regularly star in movies and dramas, here are the 19 best of them below!


Best Kento Yamazaki Movies


1. Kingdom 2: To the Far Land

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

It tells of Shin finally joining his first battle as a foot soldier to guard the king. The foot soldiers form a five-person “GO” team, and Shin joins the battlefield along with his old friends Bi Hei and Bi Tou.

There’s also the experienced squad leader Taku Kei, who is unreliable but has never killed anyone, and the mysterious Kyou Kai, whose face is almost entirely covered by a mask.

This is Kento Yamazaki’s latest movie released in 2022. It is also one of the best movies starring Ryo Yoshizawa.


2. The Door into Summer

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

It is set in 1995 and the storyline follows Takakura Soichiro, a scientist who develops robots. He was also close to completing the plasma battery, following the wishes of the late Matsushita.

Matsushita was a friend of Takakura’s late father and had raised Takakura as his son.

Outside of work, Soichiro Takakura lives peaceful days with his cat Pete, his girlfriend, Shiraishi-san, and his daughter Riko Matsushita.

But one day, he was immediately betrayed by his business partner and his girlfriend. Takakura then loses control of his company and the work he has done on the robot and plasma battery.

Takakura then chose to put himself into a “cold sleep” freezing machine, hoping to find a better future. When he wakes up, he finds that he is in the year 2025.

This Kento Yamazaki movie was released in 2021 and is available on Netflix.


3. Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

It tells of energy-efficient high school student Houtarou Oreki who ends up with more than he bargained for when he signs up for his sister’s best Classics Club.

He also realized how deep-rooted the club’s history really was. Oreki must then be dragged into an investigation regarding a 45-year-old mystery surrounding the clubroom.

Oreki is accompanied by his fellow club members, the knowledgeable Satoshi Fukube, the strict yet docile Mayaka Ibara, and the ever-curious Eru Chitanda.

Oreki must fight deadlines and a lack of information with wits and hidden talents, so as not to find only buried truths. The film stars Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Alice and was released in 2017.


4. Kingdom 1

It is set during the Warring States period in ancient China and tells the story of Shin, a war orphan who dreams of becoming the greatest general under Heaven.

After years of training himself relentlessly, he meets a young man named Eisei, the real King of Qin. Together, they seek to reclaim the throne of Eisei and unite the seven Warring States under one banner.

This is one of the best Yamazaki Kento movies released in 2019. You can watch it on Prime Video and Netflix.


5. Theatre: A Love Story

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

The film tells the story of Nagata, a bumbling theater director who can’t be sold, and his intrepid girlfriend, Saki, who is madly in love with him.

Their romance begins when Nagata talks to Saki and realizes that she is wearing the same sneakers as him. Saki aspired to be an actress and that led her to move to Tokyo to pursue a fashion degree.

Nagata was penniless and decided to live with Saki. Nagata loves Saki but devotes himself to the cinema to fill the gap between ideals and reality that causes Saki’s loneliness.

It was released in 2020 and is available on Amazon Prime Video. The film stars Kento Yamazaki and Mayu Matsuoka in the main roles.


6. Orange

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

It takes place during the spring of the 16th year, Takamiya Naho receives a letter from her future self. After reading the first page of the letter, the class is introduced to a transfer student from Tokyo named Naruse Kakeru.

While reading the letter, he realized the things he experienced and regretted his future self the most. Frightened, he tried to avoid reading any further. But as her interest in Kakeru grows, Naho finally decides to push him.

Naho, along with the help of her friends Suwa, Chino, Hagita, and Azusa, does her best to avoid having the same regrets in the future and heals Kakeru from grief. This Kento Yamazaki movie was released in 2015.


7. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

Momose Narumi is a 26-year-old OL who starts working at a new company. There, Narumi meets her childhood friend, Nifuji Hirotaka who is handsome and good at his job, but he is an otaku.

Narumi herself also likes to read boy-love manga, but she hides it from others. She can only express her interest in Hirotaka.

After work, Narumi and Hirotaka talk about their otaku interests. Hirotaka asks her if they can date, telling her it would be fun being an otaku partner.

They started their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, but they faced many difficulties later on. The film stars Mitsuki Takahata and Kento Yamazaki in the main roles. It was released in 2020.


8. One Week Friends

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

Kaori Fujimiya is someone who is always alone because all her happy memories and time spent with her friends disappear every Monday.

Meanwhile, Yuuki Hase decides that he still wants to be friends with her and tries to get closer to Kaori every week, hoping that one day she will call him “a friend”. This is one of the best Kento Yamazaki movies that was released in 2017.


9. A Forest of Wool and Steel

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

It tells of high school student Tomura Naoki who meets piano tuner Itadori Soichiro at his school in Hokkaido. There he could smell the forest from the piano played by Soichiro.

The boy then decides to team up with Soichiro at his musical instrument shop. Naoki develops relationships with many piano-related people and he meets pianist sisters and high school students Kazune and Yuni. This film was released in 2018.


10. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

It tells the story of Kusuo Saiki, a 16-year-old high school student who was born with psychic powers. However, he is hesitant to use his superpowers in front of other people because of his childhood experiences.

Kusuo Saiki now tries to keep his distance from others to hide his psychic powers, but his classmates with different personalities flock under Kusuo. This Kento Yamazaki movie was released in 2017 and is available on Netflix.


11. Your Lie in April

Kosei Arima is a man who wins many piano competitions under his mother’s strict tutelage. He was known as a human metronome during that time, but since his mother’s death, Kosei Arima has been unable to hear the sound of his piano.

Kosei Arima later met Kaori Miyazono through childhood friend Tsubaki Sawabe. Kaori Miyazono plays the violin and is a free spirit. Since meeting her, Kosei Arima is able to face the piano again. Meanwhile, Kaori is keeping a secret.

This is one of the best Kento Yamazaki movies released in 2016. It is available on iWant TFC.


Best Kento Yamazaki TV Shows


12. Imawa no Kuni no Alice Season 2

Alice in Borderland 2 is one of the’s newest Kento Yamazaki Japanese dramas available on Netflix.

It tells of Arisu Ryohei and Usagi Yuzuha who have been pursuing the mystery of the “frontier area”, risking their lives in a game of survival and returning to their world.

The two encounter friends, foes, and a game-controlling mastermind at a location believed to be the key to unraveling the mystery.

They collected numbered cards every time they won a game. All that’s left are the jack, queen, and king cards. The games they face in this round will be more difficult than the last. This Japanese tv series survival game was released in 2022 with 8 episodes.


13. Good Doctor

Good Doctor is a Japanese medical drama that tells the story of Minato Shindo, a person who has savant syndrome. His memory is excellent, but he has difficulty communicating with other people.

When Minato Shindo was young, he dreamed of becoming a doctor. At that time he met Doctor Akira Shiga and he wanted to become a pediatric surgeon.

Akira Shiga was shocked by the 7-year-old’s memory of human organs and he decided to support Minato Shindo in achieving his dream.

At this time Minato Shindo finally graduated from medical school and passed the national exam for medical practitioners. Now, Akira Shiga works as a director at a large hospital.

He suggested to Minato Shindo work in the pediatric surgery department at the hospital where he worked. This tv show with Kento Yamazaki was released in 2018 with 10 episodes.


14. Death Note

It tells the story of Light Yagami, an ordinary college student whose life changes when he receives a Death Note.

The Death Note is something that evokes his warped sense of justice and genius. Light Yagami now becomes Kira’s killer and punishes criminals.

L is a famous private detective tasked with capturing Kira. L appears in front of Light Yagami. This is one of the best Kento Yamazaki dramas was released in 2015 with 11 episodes. You can watch it on Hulu and Netflix.


15. Imawa no Kuni no Alice

Arisu Ryohei is a young man who doesn’t have a job and is only obsessed with video games. Once he suddenly finds himself in a strange and empty version of Tokyo where he and his friends must compete in a dangerous game of survival.

In this strange world, Arisu meets Usagi, a young woman who runs games alone. After a dangerous game that tests Arisu’s limits, the two of them set off together to unravel one mystery after another.

This is one of the best Kento Yamazaki tv shows released in 2020 with 8 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


16. Todome no Kiss

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

Dojima Otaro is a popular presenter. Due to a past incident, he believes that love makes people unhappy. He is now only after money and power.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman appears in front of Dojima Otaro. The mysterious woman had a pale face with red lips. He kisses her and she dies, but the next moment she regains consciousness.

He realized he was now 7 days in the past. The mysterious woman also followed him. Because of her kiss, Dojima Otaro dies and repeatedly returns to the past.

The drama starring Kento Yamazaki was released in 2018 with 10 episodes.


17. Atom no Ko

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

Azumi Nayuta is a magical young game developer who produces games privately under the name “John Doe”. But he has no relationship whatsoever with the company or major distributors.

Nayuta is also known as the “Banksy of the game industry” because no one knows his true identity. But an incident keeps him out of game development.

However, his story begins when “Atom”, an old toy manufacturer that was on the verge of bankruptcy, starts looking for him to rebuild his business.

This tv show with Kento Yamazaki is releasing in 2022 with 9 episodes. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.


18. Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto

Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows

Sakurai Misaki is a pastry chef who dreams of one day working for a famous overseas pastry shop and she has prioritized work to the point where she has forgotten how to kiss.

When she loses her job at the bakery and has trouble finding another one, Misaki suddenly meets Shibasaki Chiaki. She was his first and unrequited love since his school days.

Learning about her situation, Chiaki offers her a summer job at a beachside restaurant, her family runs Shonan and invites her to live in the family home there, along with her two younger brothers.

The second brother, Kanata, is a talented chef, while the third brother Toma is a student at a culinary school. Misaki jumps at the chance to spend the summer working with three handsome siblings.

It was released in 2016 with 10 episodes. You can watch one of the best Kento Yamazaki dramas on Prime Video and Viki.


19. Suikyuu Yankees

Inaba Naoya is a person who grew up overseas and admires the Yankees because he was saved by a Yankee when he was a child.

One day, he finally arrives in Japan to attend high school for a year. But he chose a run-down school full of naughty students (like the Yankees).

Immediately, he realized the importance of water polo for their school. He decides to rebuild the water polo club so his classmates finally have a goal to focus on. This one of the best Kento Yamazaki tv shows was released in 2014 with 10 episodes.


Those were the 19 best Kento Yamazaki movies and TV shows that you as a fan must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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