10 Best Japanese Drama Office Romance to Watch

Japanese romantic dramas are always interesting to watch, especially about office romance relationships and the relationship between bosses and employees.

In dramas that have the theme of love between superiors and employees, there are many love stories that are very sweet and funny. Here are our top picks for must-watch Japanese romantic series!


Best Japanese Drama Office Romance


1. Imadoki No Wakai Mon Wa

This drama tells about Ishizawa Hajime, a man who works as the head of the sales department at a trading company.

Once upon a time, younger employees complained about the company, including having to work overtime and a lack of innovative work methods. Ishizawa Hajime then shot them an intimidating look and the young employee ran away from him.

Then a rookie employee, Mugita Ayumi, started working in Hajime Ishizawa’s sales department. Mugita Ayumi tries to adjust to her new work environment but fails.

The only time he feels comfortable is at lunch at his table alone. She is also frequently involved with Ishizawa Hajime which leads her to a strange love story.

This Japanese drama boss and employee romance was released in 2022 with 8 episodes. The show stars Sorimachi Takashi and Fukuhara Haruka.


2. Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo

Japanese dramas office romance

It tells about Anzu, a woman who goes to a drinking party with her best friend Yuka. Just then Anzu was completely drunk and saw a handsome man before she left in a hurry.

The next day, Anzu meets the handsome man again. But now the conditions are different because the handsome man is one of two new employees at the company.

This Japanese dramas office romance was released in 2021 with 6 episodes. It is available on Viki and stars Okunaka Makoto and Kizu Takumi.


3. The Survival Wedding

This Japanese series tells about Kuroki Sayaka, a 29-year-old woman who works as a magazine writer at a publishing company.

He wanted to resign from his job because he wanted to get married but his girlfriend betrayed him instead. Sayaka then tries to return to his old job but the position has been changed.

Her boss felt sorry for her finds a way for her to get reinstated at a company with a much higher caliber fashion magazine.

But there is an interesting condition, according to her eccentric new boss, Usami, Sayaka must fulfill a strange condition.

She must find a better man to marry within six months, and as embarrassed as she is, she must do so to find a job.

This Japanese marriage drama was released in 2018 with 10 episodes. This tv show stars Ryo Yoshizawa, Haru, and Iseya Yusuke


4. Please Love the Useless Me

Japanese dramas office romance

Please Love the Useless Me or its original title Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai is one of the best Japanese dramas office romance was released in 2016 with 10 episodes.

It tells of Michiko, a 30-year-old woman, who continues to look for a job after her previous employer went bankrupt, but she can’t find one.

He is also still supporting his younger girlfriend and his savings are running low. Later, Michiko meets her terrifying former boss, Ayumu, who now runs the teahouse left by her grandmother.

Michiko then decides to work there part-time, but she runs into various problems every day. Ayumu helps Michiko, which allows her to see a side of herself she never realized before.


5. Takane no Hana San

Japanese dramas office romance

Next is the drama Takane no Hana San which is included in the category of Japanese boss and employee romance dramas. It will be released in 2021 with 12 episodes.

The series tells the story of Takamine Hana, a cold-looking businesswoman who constantly makes fun of and belittles her co-workers for her mistakes at work. But behind that, he secretly fell in love with her.


6. You Want to Warm up This Love (Kono Koi Atatamemasu Ka)

Japanese dramas office romance

Kiki Inoue is a woman who works part-time at a convenience store. He spends most of his day lazing around or reviewing sweet treats on his social media accounts.

One day at work, she is introduced to the branded chain’s CEO Takumi Asaba, who turns out to be familiar with Inoue’s online reviews. Asaba then asked Inoue to develop a new dessert to sell throughout the chain.

As CEO, Asaba was tasked with turning around the fortunes of the chain, as it is now the lowest-ranked among its competitors. The close collaboration makes Inoue and Asaba sweet to each other.

This Japanese dramas office romance was released in 2020 with 10 episodes. The series is starred by Mori Nana and Nakamura Tomoya.


7. I Love You Most (Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru)

Japanese dramas office romance

It tells of Kurihara Mia, a woman who works for the public relations department of a company. She falls in love with the vice president of her company, Miyoshi Kairi after he helps her find her engagement ring which she lost during a business trip.

Mia doesn’t realize who she is until she comes to the public relations department as part of their training. He then finds himself having to work with Miyoshi as his trainer.

He is sometimes tough but gentle with others. Mia’s heart was captured by him bit by bit. But the problem is Miyoshi already has a wife.

This Japanese drama boss and employee romance was released in 2016 with 10 episodes. It starred Takei Emi and Takizawa Hideaki.


8. Rinko San Wants to Try

Japanese dramas office romance

Amaki Rinko is a 27-year-old single woman. She works as a wedding planner and has been promoted to a chief wedding planner.

She is recognized for her great work and also as a person with a good heart, but she has the complex of not being married.

Meanwhile, his colleague Kamisaka Gen is also 27 years old and still single. He has the most contracts as a wedding planner. He also has an attractive appearance. Rinko happens to know that Gen is not married and asks him to marry her.

This is one of the Japanese dramas office romance that was released in 2021 with 8 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


9. Aquarium Girl

It tells the story of Shima Yuka, a woman who works as an OL at a large general trading company. But suddenly, he gets transferred from his office to an aquarium affiliated with his company.

He now works as a caretaker at an aquarium and his senior is Kaji. Yuka Shima struggles with her new job and marine animals, but with her bright personality, she is able to thrive as an aquarium keeper.

Aquarium Girl is a Japanese boss-employee relationship drama released in 2016 with 7 episodes. It starred Matsuoka Mayu and Kiritani Kenta.


10. Ore no Kawaii wa musugu shouhi kigeni?

Japanese dramas office romance

The storyline of the series features two people who experience their first love at a ripe old age. They are Maruya Kosuke and Sanada Izumi.

Maruya Kosuke is a 29-year-old employee in the sales department of a beer company. Thanks to his good looks he has always been popular, receiving many love confessions from women since his youth.

However, he has a violent awakening when he realizes his cuteness has an expiration date. Meanwhile, Sanada Izumi is a researcher at the company. Past experiences had led him to believe that he was inferior to other people.

This is one of the best Japanese dramas office romance was released in 2022 with 9 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. it starred Ryosuke Yamada and Kyoko Yoshine.


That’s our top-pick list of Japanese dramas office romance that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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