Rose Mansion K-Drama Review

Rose Mansion is one of the most thrilling mystery-thriller K-dramas I’ve ever watched. Each episode will bring you so many thrills. But it’s not too perfect, check out my Korean drama Rose Mansion review below!


Drama Details

Title: Rose Mansion ( 장미맨션 )
Episodes: 12
Release Date: May 13, 2022
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Country: South Korea
Original Network: TVING
Available On: –

Rose Mansion Kdrama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The K-drama Rose Mansion takes place in an apartment that is about to be redeveloped. The storyline follows the story of Ji Na, a hotel employee who tracks down and seeks the truth about her older sister’s disappearance.

Ji Na starts tracking him back to his family home, the Rose House, only to get caught up in an unexpected situation.

There he starts to uncover secrets gradually but it presents realistic fear and intense suspense. He suspected the neighbors who seemed to be hiding their greed behind casual appearances.

The only person who believes in Ji Na’s words and helps her is violent crimes detective Min Soo. He is a stubborn man who must see through to the end of a case once he gets entangled, Min Soo will help Ji Na uncover the truth behind Ji Hyun’s disappearance.

Despite appearing as a strong and reliable man, Min Soo also has a dark secret that not many people know about.

Rose Mansion Review

Rose Mansion Review

I think Rose Mansion is one of the most thrilling mystery-thriller Kdramas I’ve ever watched. Each episode will bring you so many thrills.

If you are a lover of this kind of genre, just watch it without question. Very strong characters and tense storylines are enough to give excitement all over the body.

In terms of storyline and plot, I must say, I was expecting more. To begin with, the story is good, although we end up with the same thing as in “Strangers from Hell”.

The mystery stories about the neighbors and their actual role in the sister’s disappearance, we somehow know that they are related and especially that they are strange people, but the mystery remains total.

On the other hand, what disappoints me is that the show doesn’t explore further, I mean, they keep the mystery but don’t really try to make us believe that one of them is actually responsible.

The promised big plot twist wasn’t sensationalized (or my expectations were too big), and the story overall was pretty slow despite some action scenes, like, we knew they were investigating.

This series is not extraordinary but quite tense even though the plot is predictable but I enjoyed it. The characters in this Korean drama show good acting, even side characters.

And for the two main characters, we saw that there’s still a lot to explore, especially their bond, and I honestly think that’s what keeps the series going because without their interaction the series would be boring.

For serial production, it really gives the impression of watching a thriller, the tone is dark and sometimes even tragic, so for that they succeeded and must be appreciated. I really like it especially when the music is playing during the outro. The music is perfect for this drama.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this season and unsolved mysteries, and there will probably be a season 2. I’ll probably watch it just to find out where this is all taking us.

Is the K-drama Rose Mansion worth watching? Worth it, this is one of the most thrilling mystery dramas in my opinion and you guys should try it.

Rose Mansion K-drama Cast

Rose Mansion Korean Drama Cast

Main Role

Im Ji Yeon as Song Ji Na

Yoon Kyun Sang as Park Min Soo

Support Role

Son Byung Ho as Song Hyung Shik

Song Ji In as Song Ji Hyun [Ji Na’s sister]

Lee Mi Do as Sook Ja

Jo Dal Hwan as Lee Woo Hyeok

Go Gyu Pil as Oh Beom

Lee Moon Shik as Pyo Chang

Kim Do Yoon as Charlie

Ahn Jung Hun as Song Ji Seok [Ji Na’s brother]

Jung Ae Ri as [Charlie’s mother]

Lee Joo Young as Nam Young

Jin Ye Ju as Lee Yoon Ji

Joo Suk Je as Detective Lee

Song Yi Woo as Han Mi Yeon

Goo Shi Yeon as Kim Si Young

And More


My Verdict

Overall, the K-drama Rose Mansion is a good drama, both in the story and acting. I think this show is both character-driven and story-driven, both are average (don’t stand out against each other).

I recommend this for your viewing but prepare yourself for a rather slow and average story. I hope the story improves in the next season. My rating for the Rose Mansion K-drama review is 7,5/10.

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