10 Dramas Similar to True Beauty to Watch

True Beauty is a K-drama about love, beauty, and acceptance that has quickly become the newest hit series in the genre. This new show has been watched by many people and now what to watch after True Beauty? Below are dramas similar to True Beauty that you can add to your watch list.

Several Korean series, similar to True Beauty, will tell stories about young love, identity, and self-discovery. We are sure you will like it. Below is a list of K-dramas like True Beauty that you must watch!


Dramas Similar to True Beauty List


1. Crash Course in Romance

This is one of the newest romantic Korean dramas like True Beauty available on Netflix. Some similar aspects here are the love triangle, her character, and the female lead whose attitude is similar.

The storyline follows the story of Nam Haeng Sun, a woman who after retiring from her career as a national athlete founded a simple side dish shop.

His cheerful personality and boundless energy caught the attention of Choi Chi Yeol, a popular and hardworking private instructor known as the “1 Billion Won Man”.

Despite his reputation, Choi Chi Yeol becomes increasingly withdrawn and irritable as his success increases.

As Nam Haeng Sun begins a new career in private education, she suddenly becomes attracted to Choi Chi Yeol. Even though they had very different teaching styles, their shared passion for education brought them closer together.

As they work together, they begin to discover a deeper connection that develops into romance. But their relationship is not without challenges. Will their love be enough to overcome the obstacles in their path?

This drama was released in 2023 with 16 episodes. This TV show stars Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho.


2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Dramas Similar to True Beauty

This K-drama tells the story of Kang Mi Rae, a girl who was bullied because of her unattractive appearance. As a result, he becomes insecure, cautious around people, and withdrawn.

However, Mi Rae decides that she must be better in the future and wants to make a new start away from bullying. She then underwent plastic surgery to change her face.

When she starts college, she meets, a handsome guy named Do Kyung Suk from her middle school days, who sees people for who they are on the inside and not the outside; he then becomes interested in Kang Mi Rae.

When Mi Rae starts to be teased once again and labeled “Gangnam Beauty“, the cold, aloof but kind-hearted Kyung Suk becomes the only person who defends her.

In the process, Mi Rae begins to recover her lost confidence and discovers that true beauty does not lie in her outer appearance.

It was released in 2018 with 16 episodes. You can watch this one of the best high school K-dramas like True Beauty on Netflix. Starring Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo.


3. Love Alarm

It tells the story of Kim Jo Jo, a beautiful and smart high school student. He seems like a cheerful person but has trauma because his parents died when he was young.

Since the death of her parents, Kim Jo Jo has lived with her aunt’s family but living there has not been easy for Kim Jo Jo.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh is a popular male student at the high school as Kim Jo Jo. He was the son of a rich family, but he was not loved by his parents.

Hwang Sun Oh has a best friend named Lee Hye Yeong who also attends the high school. He finds out that his best friend, Lee Hye Yeong, likes Kim Jo Jo. Hwang Sun Oh wants to know if his friend really likes him, so he kisses him.

This tv shows like True Beauty was released in 2019 and has 18 episodes. Available on Netflix to watch right now. This drama stars Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang.


4. The Beauty Inside

Han Se Gye is a top actress who is known as a troublemaker with many rumors surrounding her. For other people, his life seems like a mystery, even though he is faced with strangeness where he changes bodies and new identities for one week a month.

One day she met Seo Do Jae, a brilliant man who was an executive at an airline company. He seems like a perfect man, but he also has a secret.

Seo Do Jae suffers from Prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. However, he managed to hide it from the world, because every day he tried to remember people based on their personalities.

Seo Do Jae’s life began to change when he met Han Se Gye. He was the only person whose face Seo Do Jae could recognize. But with Han Se Gye’s constant disappearances and changes, how long can she keep her secret?

This is one of the best K-dramas similar to True Beauty that you can watch on Netflix. It was released in 2018 and has 16 episodes.


5. Start-Up

Korean Dramas Similar to True Beauty

Set in one of the most advanced technology sectors in the world, “Start-Up”, this K-drama tells the story of the fine line between ultimate success and complete failure that fosters romance.

The story takes place in the fictional Sandbox Company, chronicling the journey of four unique individuals. They are successful and find romance there.

Start-Up is a K-drama to watch if you like True Beauty. It has the feel of a love triangle until the end. This drama was released in 2020 with 16 episodes and is available on Netflix.


6. Live On

Baek Ho Rang is the most popular girl in middle school. Everyone wants to be her friend, and all men dream of winning her heart.

Although he is known for being aloof, he is also a star on social media and the whole school seems to follow his every post. But when a mysterious person arrives on the internet, he is shocked.

This guy seems to know all of Baek Ho Rang’s deepest secrets and seems to be armed with all sorts of information about him that he would rather keep secret forever.

Desperate for answers, he seeks the help of Go Eun Taek, the meticulous and straight-headed head of the school’s broadcasting club. However, to get her help, he realizes that he must become a permanent member of the club. A fact that finally brought him together with a group of students he never thought he would consider as friends.

It was released in 2020 with 8 episodes. You can watch one of the high school K-dramas like True Beauty on Viki.


7. A Romance of the Little Forest

A Romance of the Little Forest is one of the best Chinese romantic TV shows that is similar to the K-drama True Beauty. It tells the story of Yu Mei Ren, a fashion blogger who relies on makeup to maintain her appearance.

She wants to use her beauty to get back at the man who once rejected her, marking the start of a sweet love story that takes the two from campus to the countryside.

Meanwhile, botany Professor Zhuang Yu is a man who is completely devoted to work. He is indifferent to otherworldly desires and accidentally hurts the feelings of Yu Mei Ren, a rural girl who has liked him for a long time.

Years later, Yu Mei Ren graduated with honors and received a Ph.D. in Ornithology. But instead, he became a fashion blogger.

Once, Yu Mei Ren and Zhuang Yu met again, when Zhuang Yu traveled to Qingshui Village for work and happened to find accommodation at Yu Mei Ren’s bed and breakfast. The two then started a better approach again.

The drama was released in 2022 with 35 episodes and is available on Viki. Starring Vin Zhang and Yu Shu Xin.


8. A Business Proposal

K-dramas Similar to True Beauty

It tells the story of Shin Ha Ri, a beautiful woman who works at a famous company. Despite this, he experienced financial difficulties.

One day he meets his friend Jin Young Seo, who is the daughter of a chaebol family. At that time, Jin Young Seo asked Shin Ha Ri to replace her on a blind date and even offered some money for her time.

Shin Ha Ri accepted her friend’s offer. She goes on a blind date as Jin Young Seo with the intention of being rejected by her date. However, when she saw her blind date, Shin Ha Ri was stunned because the person she met was Kang Tae Moo, CEO of the company where she works.

Kang Tae Moo is the CEO of the company founded by his grandfather. One day, her grandfather told her about a blind date he was planning for her.

Kang Tae Moo is a workaholic, and he is upset because his grandfather arranged a blind date for him. He decides to marry the next woman he meets on a blind date so that he won’t be bothered by his work anymore. The woman is Shin Ha Ri, but she pretends to be Jin Young Seo.

This is one of the funny Korean dramas similar to True Beauty on Netflix. It was released in 2022 and has 12 episodes.


9. Sh**ting Stars

Gong Tae Sung is a much-loved star who is used to living his life in the spotlight. He had to do his best to keep a smile on his face and control his emotions.

That then made him seen by people as a kind and polite young man. But the only person who doesn’t believe in his good personality is Oh Han Byeol, a woman who works for his management company.

As the head of the company’s PR team, Oh Han Byeol knows exactly what Tae Sung is really like. Because Oh Han Byeol often has to use all means to keep Tae Sung’s reputation as clean as it seems.

Even though he works for him, Oh Han Byeol doesn’t like him. They even fight constantly, there is no one in this world who is more suitable to act as natural enemies than Han Byeol and Tae Sung. Can the time they spend together change those feelings or will their hatred last forever?

This series was released in 2022 with 16 episodes and is available on Netflix. This TV show stars Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae.


10. Extraordinary You

KDramas Similar to True Beauty

The plot follows the story of Eun Dan Oh who is a 17-year-old high school student from a wealthy family who suffers from a lifelong heart disease which means she will not be able to survive her teenage years.

One day, Dan Oh realized that she was also experiencing long gaps in her memory and realized an unpleasant reality in her life. Eun Dan Oh turns out to be a character in a Korean webtoon and all her actions have been determined by the artist who drew her.

Even worse, she realizes that she is the only supporting character in the cast. With her newfound understanding of the world she lives in, she is determined to find true love within her own storyline.

She would also circumvent the writer’s plans for her characters by using flashes of storyboards that only she could see.

It was released in 2019 with 32 episodes. You can watch some of the best Kdramas like True Beauty on Netflix.


That’s the list of the best dramas similar to True Beauty that you must watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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