8 Dramas Similar to Nevertheless to Watch

If you liked “Nevertheless”, here are other similar romantic dramas that you should watch next. This list of TV shows will have the vibe, story, and romance like Nevertheless.

Some of these series also have male main love interests who are toxic but charming like Jae On and also handsome. So you don’t need to worry about straying from “Nevertheless”. The following is a list of Korean TV series like Nevertheless that you must watch!


Dramas Similar to Nevertheless List


1. The Forbidden Flower

Dramas Similar to Nevertheless

This is the latest romantic Chinese drama like Nevertheless available on Amazon Prime Video. It tells the winter-summer romance story of He Ran, a girl who is learning about the outside world, romance, and personal growth at a crucial point in her life.

By chance, she meets a great horticulturist named Xiao Han, who has a difficult past and is content with a solo life.

He Ran and Xiao Han found the most important part that each other was missing. Together, they regain the confidence and hope that life has to offer, so where will their story take them in a sea of paint and flowers?

This drama was released in 2023 with 24 episodes. It stars Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han.


2. Cheese in the Trap

Hong Seol is a girl who returns to college after a year-long break due to her poor family background. She is a hard worker who excels, but accidentally gets on the wrong side of her senior, Yoo Jung, who is athletic, handsome, gets good grades, and has good grades.

Since then her life has changed for the worse and Hong Seol is almost sure it was all Yoo Jung’s doing. So why was he suddenly being so friendly a year later?

It was released in 2016 and has 16 episodes. You can watch any of these Korean dramas like Nevertheless on Netflix.


3. Soundtrack #1

Dramas Similar to Nevertheless

It tells the story of two people who have been friends for two decades, but only two weeks of living together blurs the fine line between love and friendship.

Han Sun Woo is a handsome novice photographer with a warm personality, while Lee Eun Soo is a lively, straightforward, and honest woman who openly expresses her feelings.

Three years ago, he jumped at the opportunity to become a lyricist. Today, the details of their romance are subtly woven into his musical compositions.

This K-drama like Nevertheless was released in 2022. It has 4 episodes and is available on Disney Plus. Starring Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee.


4. Now, We Are Breaking Up

This K-drama story follows the story of Ha Young Eun, a beautiful woman who works as team leader of the design department at one of the nation’s well-known fashion companies.

He is currently quite famous in the fashion industry. Beautiful, trendy, and smart, Young Eun loves her job and she is good at her job.

But when it comes to relationships, things are a little different because pragmatic, Young Eun often comes across as cold-hearted, as she prioritizes stability above all else.

One day she meets Yoon Jae Kook, a popular freelance fashion photographer who makes Young Eun’s life take an unexpected turn.

The definition of a perfect man, Jae Kook is rich, handsome, and intelligent, but that’s not what attracts Young Eun’s attention. There’s something more to Jae Kook that Young Eun can’t seem to ignore.

This is one of the romantic Korean dramas that is similar to Nevertheless on Viki. Released in 2021 and has 16 episodes.


5. Love Alarm

It’s about a cellphone application called “Love Alarm” which is made to find out people who like you. If someone likes you and they are within 10 meters of you, the app alarm will ring. The app also shows how many people like you, but it doesn’t reveal specific details about who likes you.

Kim Jo Jo is a high school student. She was beautiful and smart and seemed like a cheerful person, but her parents died when she was young.

Since the death of her parents, Kim Jo Jo has lived with her aunt’s family. Living there was not easy for Kim Jo Jo. He didn’t download the app because his phone wasn’t new enough.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh is a popular male student at the high school as Kim Jo Jo. He was the son of a rich family, but he was not loved by his parents.

Her best friend, Lee Hye Yeong, also attended the high school. Hwang Sun Oh finds out that his best friend, Lee Hye Yeong, likes Kim Jo Jo. Hwang Sun Oh wanted to know if his friend really liked him, so he kissed Kim Jo Jo.

The series was released in 2019 with 8 episodes and is available on Netflix. Starring Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang.


6. Tempted

Dramas Similar to Nevertheless

Kwon Shi Hyun is a rich man who bets with his friends that he can seduce Eun Tae Hee, a naive girl who believes that people affected by love are stupid.

The time spent together makes Tae Hee reevaluate his views on love. As Shi Hyun’s secret deepens, so do his feelings for his intended victim. Can scandal and heartache be avoided?

It was released in 2018 and has 32 episodes. You can watch one of the best romantic Kdramas like Nevertheless on Netflix.


7. Lovestruck in The City

Dramas Similar to Nevertheless

It tells the story of Park Jae Won, an honest man, passionate architect, and lover of city alleys. He has a hobby of collecting new hobbies and is a romantic at heart who cannot forget a certain woman.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun Oh is an ordinary woman who temporarily reinvents herself as the spontaneous and free-spirited Yun Seon Ah. But he suddenly heads to parts unknown, where Jae Won falls in love with his new identity.

This TV show is very similar to Nevertheless was released in 2020. It has 17 episodes and is available on Netflix. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won.


8. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Dramas Similar to Nevertheless

The storyline of this Korean TV series centers on Kim Moo Young, a free and unpredictable yet dangerous man, who is referred to as a “monster”.

He is the first assistant at a Korean brewery to become a suspect when a woman’s suicide turns out to be murder.

His life begins to change when he meets Yoo Jin Kang, a woman who works as an advertising designer who is kind and warm. She wants to be a refuge for Moo Young and bears as much emotional pain as he does.

Yoo Jin Kang also has a brother, a homicide detective named Yoo Jin Gook, with 27 years of work experience. He tries to “reveal” who Moo Young really is and tries to keep his younger brother, Jin Kang, away from Moo Young, whom he is starting to get to know.

This is one of the best Korean dramas nevertheless on Apple TV. It was released in 2018 and has 16 episodes. Starring Seo In Guk, Jung So Min, and Park Sung Woong.


That’s the list of the best dramas like or similar to Nevertheless that you must watch. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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