7 Best Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows That You Must Watch

Seo In Guk is a South Korean singer, actor, and Korean dramas television personality. He was born on October 23, 1987, in Ulsan, South Korea. Seo In Guk first gained recognition after winning the reality TV singing competition “Superstar K” in 2009. His win on the show led to the release of his debut single, “Calling You,” which achieved commercial success.

Following his singing career, Seo In-Guk ventured into acting and appeared in several popular Korean dramas. He gained wide acclaim for his role in the drama series “Reply 1997” (2012), where he played the main role of Yoon Yoon-jae.

Since then, Seo In Guk has starred in various television series which made his acting career better and gained a large fan base. So, for those of you who are looking for a list of the best Seo In Guk dramas and tv shows, here are the top 7 lists!


Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List


1. Shopping King Louie

Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List

This is a romantic comedy series that revolves around a handsome shopaholic named Louis, who is the successor to a vast business empire but becomes homeless after suffering from amnesia.

Meanwhile, Go Bok Shil, is a country girl who lives a life away from the rich and famous. Once he met Louis in Seoul.

The impossible romance that unfolds between Louis, who can afford everything he wants, and the angelic girl, Go Bok Shil, shows viewers that the value of true love is priceless and not something that can be bought.

This Korean tv show stars Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun. It was released in 2016 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


2. Café Minamdang

Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List

Nam Han Joon is a former criminal profiler who is now working as a conman. To carry out his scam, he disguised himself as a fortune teller with his shop called Minamdang.

Clients are attracted by his attractive appearance and smooth way of speaking. While he scams his customers money, he works to solve their problems, while providing excellent customer service.

He is partnered with Gong Soo Cheol, who runs a private detective agency, and his younger sister, Hye Joon, an elite hacker. For the past three years, Detective Han Jae Hee has carried out his work with passion and integrity. Will her involvement with Nam Han Joon jeopardize all of that?

This is one of the best dramas of Seo In Guk, Oh Yeon Seo, Kwak Shi Yang, Kang Mi Na, and Kwon Soo Hyun. It was released in 2022 with 18 episodes and is available on Netflix.


3. 38 Task Force

Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List

It tells the story of a special Task Force who will combine police and criminals to catch the bad guys, but this time the good guys will become con artists who use their deception and fraud skills to help catch tax evaders.

While the working class faithfully pays its taxes, the wealthiest elite use elaborate schemes to get out of paying their fair share of taxes.

The righteous Baek Sung Il is a civil servant who works as the Head of Division 3 in the National Tax Service who is fed up with the richest citizens circumventing Article 38, which regulates the payment of taxes.

Under pressure from his superiors to increase his division’s delinquent tax collection, Sung Il tries to go after the country’s biggest tax evader, Ma Jin Seok, a shady Gangnam businessman who owes the state about $50 million in taxes.

But when Sung Il and his loyal subordinate Chun Sung Hee are humiliated by Jin Seok and face possible disciplinary action, Sung Il realizes that he needs help to chase down the corrupt businessman. He enlists the help of professional swindler Yang Jung Do to beat Jin Seok at his own game

This tv show with Seo In Guk was released in 2016. It has 16 episodes and you can watch this K-drama on Disney Plus.


4. Doom at Your Service

Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List

It tells the story of Tak Dong Kyung, a woman who has worked hard since her parents died. His life seemed more stable after working as a web novel editor for 6 years, but then he was diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer).

He blames his unlucky life and wanting to curse everything to disappear, accidentally calls out to Myeol Mang.

Myeol Mang said that he can grant Dong Kyung’s wish. As his last wish, he makes a contract with Myeol Mang for one hundred days to live as he wants, risking everything for him.

This is one of the best Seo In Guk dramas available on Netflix. This tv show also stars Park Bo Young, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Kang Tae Oh. This Kdrama with a sick female lead was released in 2021 and will have 16 episodes.


5. The King’s Face

“The King’s Face” is about Prince Gwang Hae, the illegitimate son of King Seon Jo, who has suffered from his childhood with his father’s indifference and the constant feeling that he has no place in the palace.

Gwang Hae finds himself in a constant war between his brothers as King Seon Jo has no legitimate sons and has to choose which of his sons will become the Crown Prince.

Amidst all this tension, Gwang Hae rediscovers an old friend, Kim Ga Hee, who promised to marry him when they were little.

The burden of responsibility to people and the desire to fulfill his love put Gwang Hae on a sad path of renunciation that will turn everyone against him and also determine the future of Joseon.

This Korean tv series stars Seo In Guk, Lee Sung Jae, and Jo Yoon Hee. It was released in 2014 with 23 episodes. You can watch this drama on Viki.


6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Seo In Guk Dramas and TV Shows List

A TV series centered on the open relationship between Kim Moo Young, a free and unpredictable yet dangerous man, who is referred to as a “monster”.

He is the first assistant at a Korean brewery to become a suspect when a woman’s suicide turns out to be a homicide.

Her life begins to change when she meets a friendly and kind-hearted advertising designer named Yoo Jin Kang, who wants to become Moo Young’s shelter. She also bears many emotional scars like him.

Yoo Jin Kang also has a brother, a homicide detective named Yoo Jin Gook, with 27 years of work experience. He tries to “reveal” who Moo Young really is and tries to distance his younger brother, Jin Kang, from Moo Young, whom he starts to get to know.

One of the best Korean dramas starring Seo In Guk, Jung So Min, and Park Sung Woong. It was released in 2018 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


7. Hello Monster

The series’ storyline follows Lee Hyun, a genius Profiler who returns home to Korea after something from a case he sent triggers memories he thought were lost forever.

But unbeknownst to him, one of his team members, Detective Cha Ji An, has been investigating him for some time. He realizes that his father was murdered and his brother has mysteriously disappeared involving a criminal named Lee Joon Young — who both want to find and jail.

Each seeks to uncover the other, unaware that they have been pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse by expert players and that truth and evil are closer and far more twisted than they think.

This tv show stars Seo In Guk, Jang Na Ra, Park Bo Gum, and Choi Won Young. It was released in 2015 with 16 episodes. You can watch this K-drama on Apple TV.


That was the list of the best Seo In Guk dramas and tv shows that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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