Love Me Love My Voice Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Love Me, Love My Voice is a Chinese drama that is perfect if you are struggling with stress and need something to warm your heart and make you smile from ear to ear at the end of the day. Check out the review of the Chinese drama Love Me, Love My Voice below!


Drama Details

Title: Love Me, Love My Voice (很想很想你)
Episodes: 33
Release Date: November 30, 2023
Genres: Food, Music, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

Love Me Love My Voice Chinese Drama Review and Ending

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows the story of Gu Sheng, a college student who has another identity – online he is “Sheng Sheng Man” who makes music for the historical genre.

Even though he was still a nobody, that didn’t stop him from dreaming that one day he could collaborate with his favorite voice dubbing god “Qiang Qing Ci”.

Driven by his passion, Gu Sheng, who is in high school, is diligent in composing and creating music. Meanwhile, Mo Qing Cheng is a famous voice actress known as “Qiang Qing Ci.”

Gu Sheng never told anyone that her greatest wish was to be able to work with “Qiang Qing Ci”, but one day, she suddenly found her voice. Mo Qing Cheng read the recipe aloud to him, which stirred his heart.


Love Me Love My Voice Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Love Me, Love My Voice Chinese drama has a happy ending for everyone. At the end of the episode, Mo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng are happily married. There are many sweet scenes shown of couples wearing wedding attire for photo shoots.

Moreover, Mo Qingcheng had now discovered the “voice” that had haunted him for so long because it had been Gu Sheng all along.

The second couple is also happy and going well. Zhou Zheng and Geng Xiaoxing look very cute together in the final scene when Xiaoxing pinches his chin.

Love Me, Love My Voice chinese drama ending

Love Me Love My Voice Chinese Drama Review

Love Me, Love My Voice is one of those Chinese dramas that has a convoluted plot and intense conflict but stands out as a breath of fresh air.

Tells the story of Mo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng who met each other online by accident and gradually got to know each other and fell in love.

The beauty of this Chinese drama lies in its simplicity. The series also refrains from bombarding the audience with excessive conflict or confusing storylines and instead opts for a narrative that revolves around a sincere relationship between two individuals and delicious food.

What sets this C-drama apart is its realism – the drama narrative focuses on the gradual deepening of relationships and connections between the main characters: love, career, and family are very realistic and relatable to anyone.

There are no antagonists in the drama, instead, the characters live normal lives, celebrate each other’s successes, and navigate the complexities of their lives with a joyful sense of unity and togetherness that is rare in the realm of drama.

The side characters in this drama are also very beautiful. The interactions between the main and side characters are also beautifully woven, each individual character fitting into the broader story tapestry, allowing each side character to contribute uniquely to the overall narrative.

Not to forget, this drama also shows a lot of delicious food and cooking. The inclusion of delicious food and cooking scenes adds to the sensory delight in the storytelling, viewers are treated to a visual feast of mouth-watering dishes! (You definitely can’t watch on an empty stomach!)

Our two actors, Tan Jian Ci and Zhou Ye are perfect choices for the main characters Mo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng. They have a good relationship and they look beautiful and harmonious and provide many interesting moments.

Our main character is a truly extraordinary man. he is an introverted and mature man. He doesn’t try to hide his feelings for the female lead, even though he is an introvert.

He also tries his best to strike up a conversation with the female lead and create a comfortable space between them.

Meanwhile, the female lead is also cute, her acting is good, and I never felt horrified by her acting and attitude.

Both main characters are very well-written and also the environment of this drama is very positive, the Female Lead has a great and awesome family and the Male Lead has amazing friends and family.

Their chemistry also looks very real and extraordinary. They succeeded in depicting a couple in love through their micro-expressions.

Although some people may complain that their love story is moving slowly, this is justified, as this is only the beginning of their relationship, they are still getting to know each other.

The second couple in this drama is also cute. And between the main characters, there is no rivalry, no jealousy and that is a great thing.

The cinematography of Love Me, Love My Voice also deserves special attention. The visual aesthetic is lively and calming, reflecting the overall drama.

Shots of bustling cityscapes juxtaposed with quiet moments between the leads create a pleasant visual experience that complements the narrative beautifully. Apart from that, this series also has very beautiful and beautiful outfits.

Another important mention is the OST. This Chinese drama has a series of OSTs that complement the narrative perfectly. Each OST is carefully crafted with heartfelt lyrics and also carefully placed, to enhance the mood of each scene.

The OST resonates with themes of love, passion, and more, creating an immersive experience that transcends the screen and sticks in the hearts of viewers.

Is Love Me, Love My Voice worth watching? worth it, it’s a fun and sweet drama with all the positives and feel-good vibes.

Cast of Love Me Love My Voice Chinese Drama

Main Role

Tan Jian Ci as Mo Qing Cheng / Qiang Qing Ci

Zhou Ye as Gu Sheng / Sheng Sheng Man

Hou Wen Yuan as Zhou Zheng / Jue Mei Sha Yi

Yang Xi Zi as Geng Xiao Xing

Support Role

Vincent Cao as Feng Ya Song

Chen Hao Lan as Dou Bing / Mo Mo Er

Zhang Qiao Er as She Zhang

Juan Zi as [Gu Sheng’s Mom]

Chen Guan Ning as [Gu Sheng’s Dad]

Liu Zhe Hui as Wang Ke

Liang Tian as [Gu Sheng’s Grandfather]

Yan Wei as Lin Yao

Xia Ning Jun as Fei Shao

Ou Jian Yu as Zhang Le Le

Xia Zhen as Guai Guai

Shi An as Xi You

Yang Dong Qi as Zhu Zong

Huang Jing Xiang as Mu Mu

Fu Han Yuan as Mo Bai

And More



Overall, Love Me Love My Voice is a Chinese drama that presents a moving and soothing narrative, giving audiences a respite from the genre’s typical dramatic rollercoaster. I recommend this and it’s a must-watch if you like simple but heartwarming dramas. So, for this Love Me Love My Voice Chinese drama review, I would give it a score of 9,5/10.

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