Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Review and Ending

“Fantastic Doctors” is a Chinese medical drama that shows viewers the deep emotional dilemmas and struggles of a doctor. Check out the Fantastic Doctors Chinese drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: Fantastic Doctors (对你不止是喜欢)
Episodes: 16
Release Date: November 17, 2023
Genres: Life, Drama, Medical
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Mango TV

Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Review and Ending

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Chen Hui, a medical school graduate with Asperger’s syndrome. He has superior intelligence but is not good at expressing himself.

After Chen Hui came to Songjia Hospital to work in the surgical department, he did not pay attention to human feelings and proper expressions.

In the process of treating patients, Chen Hui was often misunderstood and complained about by patients and their family members, causing the hospital committee to question his medical qualifications.

So this is Chen Hui’s journey to prove himself during the exam period before he can continue working in surgery.


Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Fantastic Doctors Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, the Director quickly asks to take Chen Hui to the operating room. After an ultrasound examination of the heart, a small piece of broken glass was found in the little boy’s body.

The danger to the child’s life was removed, but Chen Hui fainted. Dean Pan was very satisfied. Dean Pan asked Dean Jiang for his opinion, but Dean Jiang asked for everyone’s opinion.

Chen Hui was taken to the conference room, and when Liu Zhenwei asked him, if the chest was opened on the road, wouldn’t he be worried about contracting bacteria? Chen Hui whispered that he would never let anyone die in front of him again.

Dean Pan encouraged him to say what was in his heart. Chen Hui’s eyes flashed back to the scene where her sister died in front of her. He took the medical oath out loud. Everyone was moved.

Dean Pan also stood up excitedly. Telling everyone that never giving up saving lives at all times is the recruitment standard of Puyun Hospital, his words received applause from everyone present.

Chen Hui ended up staying in Liu Zhenwei’s department. He Tong and Yuan Ye greeted Chen Hui warmly. Dean Pan thanked Liu Zhenwei for accepting Chen Hui, but Liu Zhenwei refused to let him thank him, saying that Chen Hui’s poor communication character would affect him in the future. That’s the weakness.

If he returns the product in the future, Dean Pan can’t be angry. Dean Pan handed Chen Hui a work permit and congratulated her on officially becoming a doctor. Chen Hui also said that she would officially go to work tomorrow.

Dean Jiang didn’t understand why Dean Pan defended Chen Hui so much and was very curious about the relationship between Chen Hui and Dean Pan. Dean Pan said that the relationship was not important.

Dean Jiang reminded Dean Pan that Chen Hui must be controlled well, otherwise, it would be a big problem. Dean Pan said with a pun, that living is a problem, but no one wants to die.

Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Review and Ending

Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Review

“Fantastic Doctors” shows the audience this emotional dilemma. The narrative becomes more homogeneous and limited and becomes increasingly clear.

In recent years, almost all medical dramas have followed a similar narrative routine, namely to highlight the topicality and sensitivity of the case in an attempt to elicit resonance and empathy from the audience.

But as a drama series, the appeal of long-form video content ultimately lies in deepening the story and creating endearing characters. This should also be the reason why medical dramas retain their audience.

The drama deserves recognition in this regard. The drama uses the main narrative of Chen Hui, a patient with Asperger’s syndrome, to become a doctor, opening a new valve in the content value and emotional value of medical dramas, and regaining the emotional depth, temperature and concentration of medical dramas.

In terms of depth, first of all, in terms of narrative themes, it goes beyond the narrative scope of existing domestic medical dramas, and the setting is even transcendent in terms of public perception.

Can a genius doctor who can’t even communicate fluently with patients about their conditions and has difficulty communicating with colleagues grow into a good doctor? The truly unconventional narrative activates a group portrait from doctors to patients.

Their interactions with these “extraordinary doctors” form an unusual storyline, and the protagonists with tragic undertones provide perspective on the medical industry. The underlying causes of many practical problems.

Content innovation starts with the creation of the “heart”. The basis of narrative depth is the play’s success in establishing character and emotional relationships.

Chen Hui’s character goes against the grain and goes beyond expectations. As a patient with Asperger’s syndrome, he has a tragic past, not to mention his personal life; and as a doctor, in the current storyline.

He causes more trouble than help to his colleagues at the hospital, and his accurate assessment is difficult to win.

But whether it is because of his strong knowledge and spatial imagination, or his determination to take the medical oath during interviews, he has demonstrated a strong charisma and a heart of gold.

The emotions contained in these character relationships also provide a prominent content temperature to the drama. The warmth brought by characterization and emotion is further refined in the processing of the drama, reaching a very high emotional concentration.

For example, besides the series’ serious core, the show also adds a lot of comedy. These scenes try to lighten the overall load and enrich the viewing experience.

For example, the character Wang Kai is a funny person in the series. the entire general surgery department. , Yang Haoyu’s appearance will also strengthen the comedy of some characters.

In terms of a specific plot, the famous scenes discussing Liu Zhenwei’s ex-girlfriend’s condition, Chen Hui’s problems, etc. made Liu Zhenwei “a fire in the backyard”.

This removes the huge tears caused by Luo Haitao’s suicide note in the first half of the fifth episode and brings richer viewing memories, and leaves emotions.

Fantastic Doctors Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhang Wan Yi as Chen Hui

Jiang Pei Yao as Yuan Ye

Support Role

Zheng Yun Long as He Tong

Lu Xiao Lin as Bai Chun

Liu Xiao Hai as Liu Zhen Wei

Wang Zhi Fei as Pan Wen Bin

Feng Lei as Jiang Xu Feng

David Wang as Luo Hai Tao

Yang Hao Yu as Wang Kai

Liu Zi as Ma Lan

Amber Song as Zhang Ke Ai

Ma Su as Zhang Ke Jia

Daniel Feng as Feng Shuai

Che Yong Li as Li Min Ru

Feng Xue Ya as Chen Dan / Fan Qi Qi

Zhou Ye Mang as Ding Ming Zhang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, the show is experimental. However, as a story, this Chinese drama is very grounded, with solid characters and enough emotion. Based on good storytelling, this drama regains the depth, warmth, and emotional concentration of a medical drama. So, for Fantastic Doctors Chinese drama review, I would give it a score of 8,7/10.

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