I May Love You Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

I May Love You is a Chinese drama that has mature romance, good chemistry, and perfect acting that is worth watching. Why do I say that? See the I May Love You review below for the answer.


Drama Details

Title: I May Love You (对你不止是喜欢)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: November 25, 2023
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

I May Love You Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Tang Xin, a girl who has become a screenwriter in recent years and falls in love with her manager Tang Yu. But unfortunately, Tang Yu falls in love with Tang Xin’s best friend, Ming Zhi.

She had bottled up her emotions, hoping that no one would find out her secret. Tang Xin even offered Tang Yu to be their intermediary and she would help him win Ming Zhi’s affection.

But everything changes when Ming Zhi finally tells Tang Yu that she is not interested in him. On the other hand, Tang Xin saw a good opportunity and mustered up the courage to confess her true feelings to her boss; who immediately rejected it!

A disappointed Tang Xin decided to turn over a new leaf and submit her resignation. But Tang Yu didn’t want Tang Xin to leave the company and tried to convince her to stay.

Can he endure it to stay? And, despite the extreme awkwardness, can love come calling for this duo?


I May Love You Chinese Drama Ending Explained

I May Love You Chinese drama has a happy ending. In episode 23, Tang Xin received a warm welcome at Tang Yu’s house. While eating, Tang Yu’s parents hoped that Tang Xin and Tang Yu would set the wedding date earlier so that they could prepare in advance. Tang Xin didn’t know how to answer and finally managed to forget the topic.

Tang Yu’s mother then invited Tang Xin to enjoy alcohol, and Tang Xin ended up drinking too much. Tang Yu drove her back home. Taking advantage of her drunken state, Tang Xin revealed her true feelings to Tang Yu, feelings that were beyond what Tang Yu could imagine.

The scene switches to Tang Ding Ding visiting Lu Zhi Xing. Lu Zhi Xing used the excuse of considering whether to delete the recording of their kiss to test Tang Ding Ding’s intentions.

After brief consideration, Tang Ding Ding decided not to delete it. Lu Zhi Xing kissed her straight away, sealing their relationship with a kiss.

At the end of the episode, Tang Yu tells Tang Xin that “liking by five points” means he wants to chase her, “liking by seven points” means he wants to kiss her, and “liking by nine points” means he wants to marry her.

Tang Xin found these words quite reasonable. If Tang Yu really liked him, he wouldn’t be afraid of being judged. Tang Yu, seeing her reaction, immediately kissed her, using his actions to score with Tang Xin. End

I May Love You Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

I May Love You Chinese Drama Review

I May Love You is a Chinese drama that is familiar to lovers but more familiar to lovers. It starts by showing us that the main cast is acquaintances and how Tang Yu wanted Tang Xin to help him get together with Ming Zhi in the past.

But they didn’t show anything about what happened with (Ming Zhi) so it saved us a lot of time to understand and focus more on the clues.

The writers cut out the bullshit and gave us what we wanted by showing bits and pieces of the past. Watch until the end of episode 4 to understand the real dilemma that occurs for these characters.

This Chinese drama shows maturity about two adults who fall in love. All the romance unfolds gently from longing for Tang Xin and subsequent degrading/chasing of Tang Yu.

For me, it wasn’t that bad because I felt like we could learn something about this storyline as you should think about it before talking to people.

You saw when Tang Xin confessed to Tang Yu that she liked Tang Yu because he was handsome and rich. Correct?! I just wanted to say that there was nothing wrong with Tang Xin’s treatment of him or rejecting him in a bad way.

I think I understand Tang Xin why she is like that. Tang Yu said the two were incompatible. Of course, Tang Xin was hurt by what Tang Yu said to her, right? I understand that some people think that Tang Xin is annoying and she can’t tell him that she likes him for 4 years.

If you were in Tang Xin’s position how could you tell him that you like Tang Yu so much that you stalk him or stick her photos in your room. To me there is nothing wrong with the way you stalk someone, but of course except for the evil stalker.

To me, this stands out from other C-dramas and other crush-based Female Leads despite being crazy about Tang Yu, after being rejected she doesn’t let go of her pride and focuses on what is right for her.

Additionally, I love the character of the Male Lead’s mother who is very adorable and loves her every time she appears on screen. The side characters or other couples didn’t really interest me and skipped most of their scenes.

The chemistry between the leads is hilarious and beautiful. Wei Zhe Ming and Huang Ri Ying’s acting is very convincing and they succeed here. The OST is also very good.

The Cast of I May Love You Chinese Drama

Main Role

Wei Zhe Ming as Tang Yu

Huang Ri Ying as Tang Xin

Support Role

Yang Shi Ze as Lu Zhi Xing

Zhang Mu Xi as Tang Ding Ding

Fan Jin Wei as Gao Heng

He Yu Hong as You Huan

Chen Bo Hao as Huo Chen Dong

Mark Han as Feng Cheng

Li Jin Rong as Tang Hai Ming

Candy Zhang as Zeng Wan

Lu Yun Feng as Peng Zhou

Xu Meng Yuan as Shen Fei

Peng Bi Yao as Zhou Dan

Xiao Ran Xin as Han Xiao Xiao

Pan Qi Yan as Lu Chu Ning

Gao Wen Feng as Lin Feng Xu

Wang Cheng as Liu Yang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I May Love You is a Chinese drama that has mature romance, good chemistry, and perfect acting that is worth watching. Try this Chinese romance drama with boss and employee tropes. So, for I May Love You Chinese drama review, I would give it a score of 8,7/10.

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