Only for Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Only for Love is the latest domineering CEO trope Chinese drama with good chemistry from the leads, but the plot drags. This is a potential that is not maximized properly, see the Only for Love Chinese drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: Only for Love (以爱为营)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: November 3, 2023
Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
Available On: iQiyi and Viki

Only for Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Zheng Shu Yi, a hard-working woman who works as a reporter for one of China’s leading financial newspapers.

She was determined to get front-page news, so she tried her best to have an interview with one of the most talked about young CEOs in the country – Shi Yan.

Meanwhile, Shi Yan wants to make a series of investments in promising startup companies as a way to contribute back to society.

A mix-up occurs between the two, and their work paths lead the two to meet. But when they (accidentally) get to know each other, they begin to realize that their destinies are intertwined.

Shi Yan knew that Zheng Shu Yi’s extensive reporting career made more people know about local startups.

He agreed to let Zheng Shu Yi write a series of stories about his company, causing them to work together. But could this burgeoning work relationship also lead them down the path of love?


Only for Love Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Only for Love Chinese drama has a happy ending, but it’s a little disappointing because it doesn’t show our main character’s wedding scene. Everyone probably expected it to exist!

At the end of the episode, Shi Yue was successfully accepted into a financial institution, and Shu Yi also encouraged her to continue her efforts to become a great reporter.

Shi Yue then came excitedly to tell Yu You the news, but she did not expect to see her uncle and Guan Ji there.

Meanwhile, Shi Yan saw Shi Yue and Yu You showing off their affection in front of them for the first time, and teased Yu You for calling him “little uncle”.

Lean Technology and Dark Horse Technology have made major breakthroughs in the field of millimeter wave chips, and Yun Chuang’s investment is considered a great success.

A year later, Shu Yi won the 10th Financial Journalism Award. Shi Yan accompanied Shu Yi to receive the award.

At the 7th Anniversary Appreciation Banquet of Lean Technology, Chen Kang especially thanked Shi Yan for providing help during Lean’s most difficult time.

Shi Yan was also very happy that Lean had achieved today’s success and looked forward to Chen Kang taking Lean further in the future.

After the thank you banquet, Shi Yan took out the engagement ring and officially proposed to Shu Yi. And Shu Yi happily agreed to Shi Yan’s proposal.

On the other hand, Tang Yi is preparing to marry Guan Xiang Cheng. She invited Shu Yi to be her bridesmaid. Shu Yi was surprised to find out that the two had become a couple.

At Guan Xiang Cheng and Tang Yi’s wedding, everyone gathers and talks about relationship matters. Everyone was interested in Shi Yan, Guan Ji, and Yu You’s wedding. Guan Xiang Cheng only suggested that the three of them have a collective wedding together.

Shi Yan, Guan Ji, and Yu You are both determined to get married, although the bride and groom say they are in no rush to get married. End!

I honestly wish there was a wedding scene of our leads Shi Yan and Shu Yi shown, but there wasn’t one. A little disappointing!

Only for Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Only for Love Chinese Drama Review

I watched this Chinese drama full of hope and anticipation that it would be about the “domineering CEO trope”, and Dylan did a great job with that character.

I love how arrogant Shi Yan is even when he shows love and affection to Shu Yi. But this drama is not for everyone.

Different from other Chinese CEO dramas, this show does not make the female lead character naive, overly enthusiastic, cheerful and stupid as usual. But I have love-hate feelings for the character Shu Yi played by Bai Lu.

Shu Yi is smart, sharp, and sassy in her professional life but completely clueless about her personal life. It doesn’t help that she keeps listening to her friend, Shan Shan, who is the worst relationship guru ever!

However, most of Shu Yi’s actions and thought processes are acceptable and quite realistic. Many of us often step back and immediately assume the worst, but unfortunately, in her case, the show went on too long for most viewers.

Besides, the broadcast didn’t make Shu Yi humble himself enough, Shi Yan should have gotten more apologies and appreciation from Shu Yi.

As for her acting, Bai Lu really succeeded in portraying Shu Yi’s character perfectly. Cheesy lines, dramatic acting, and everything seemed convincing to me.

I don’t care about Shu Yi’s character lacking multiple personalities because that lies in the writing of the story not the acting of the actors and actresses. Bai Lu did her job well!

Meanwhile, Dylan Wang is the best here with his extraordinary acting. He managed to portray Shi Yan’s character very well. He’s a cold and distant guy on the surface, but when it melts down, it’s a big bowl of charm.

As for chemistry, Bai Lu and Dylan Wang have it. they are very charming and their togetherness is very natural. I have to say that they are indeed a beautiful couple.

I also loved the journey of the second couple Shi Yue and Yu You toward their relationship which was really fun to watch. Shi Yue was also often the catalyst that helped Shi Yan and Shu Yi advance their relationship.

Shen Yu Jie managed to shine as Shi Yue, and she was gorgeous throughout the show. Miles Wei is also wonderful as the dorky professor “Yu You” who ultimately can’t resist the beautiful Shi Yue.

As for the rest of the cast, the actors did well but what was lacking here was that the storyline dragged on too much and some of the characters were not well developed. That’s what disappointed the audience after a lot of expectations were given.

Some of the shortcomings of this drama lie in the writing (I didn’t read the novel) and the pace of the story. I can accept misunderstandings but I hate it when it drags on and communication is poor.

While we all love a smooth romance, I don’t think I can say there were any worthwhile moments. Lastly, perhaps the least interesting part for everyone is the business aspect.

For the visual setting and music, the drama Only for Love is charming and quite good.

So is the Chinese drama Only for Love worth watching? worthy, I enjoyed this drama despite a lot of venting and frustration, but somehow, many of us continued.

The Cast of Only for Love Chinese Drama

Main Role

Bai Lu as Zheng Shu Yi

Dylan Wang as Shi Yan

Support role

Wei Zhe Ming as Yu You

Shen Yu Jie as Qin Shi Yue

Liu Dong Qin as Guan Ji

Jiang Pei Yao as Bi Ruo Shan

Nie Yuan as Guan Xiang Cheng

Zeng Li as Tang Yi

Dong Xuan as Song Le Lan

Kou Zhen Hai as Shi Wen Guang

Kong Lian Shun as Fan Lei

An Yue Xi as Xu Yu Ling

Lu Cheng Jue as Yue Xing Zhou

Zheng Shu Huan as Qin Le Zhi

David Wang as Qin Xiao Ming

Vian Wang as Kong Nan

Daniel Zhou as Yi Yang

Tu Zhi Ying as Fiona

Yang Ming Na as Wang Mei Ru

Lu Zhao Hua as Ada

Duan Xing Yu as Cheng Bei Er

Song Xiao Ying Zi as Li You Ran

Sun Ao as Hu Qing Hua

Liu Ming Hao as Chen Sheng

Tom Price as Bruce

James Yang as Chen Kang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, this Chinese drama is good with interesting parts and good chemistry. Even though the plot is lacking, it’s still worth it because of the main cast and the visuals, it’s a solid watch. I would rate this 8,1/10.

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