Blooming Days Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Blooming Days is a good historical Chinese harem drama, but it’s not for everyone as there’s no pure romance here. Why do I say that? see the Blooming Days review below!


Drama Details

Title: Blooming Days (岁岁青莲)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: October 23, 2023
Genres: Historical, Romance, Melodrama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

Blooming Days Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Qing Lian, a woman who is content living an ordinary life and dreams of finding a suitor who only has eyes for her. But in reality, she was forced to marry into the royal family.

Qing Lian was married to He Lian Xin, a kind and wise nobleman. She never imagined that she would find someone good.

To gain love, affection, and respect, Qing Lian secretly helps He Lian Xin navigate the dangerous waters. In the process, they find true love.


Blooming Days Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Blooming Days Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Zhi Mei goes to Lian Xin when she finds out that Lian Xiu has been arrested and says that Lian Xiu had nothing to do with the plan. She also offered her life and Lian Xin agreed.

So, Zhi Mei goes home and drinks poisoned wine. Meanwhile, Lian Xiu, who couldn’t live without Zhi Mei, committed suicide too.

Meanwhile, Li Bei Yi is grieving for Yuan Xue so he decides to leave and find his true identity. He had also rejected Lian Xin’s job offer.

Meanwhile, First Madam goes to see Lian Xin and admits the great harm she did while collaborating with Zhi Mei. She asked to be removed from the position of Empress.

The title and robe were immediately sent to Qing Lian but she rejected them. Qing Lian says that she never wanted to be Empress because her position contains so many complicated issues. All she wanted was to be the woman Lian Xin loved most. He was satisfied with that and didn’t ask anymore.

They agreed that Quliang was their priority and when a guard came running to inform them that the army sent by the Grand Chancellor was almost at their door.

It was a worrying time but the people of Quliang rose up with Lian Xin. Lian Xin asked King Celun for help, and they defeated the Grand Chancellor’s hundred thousand troops. Quliang is rebuilding and prospering. End

Blooming Days Chinese Drama Review

This is a Chinese drama that carries a nostalgic feel of past harem/palace dramas, especially in the first few episodes. This is not your “typical” love story, but a harem drama that not everyone will like.

Fun fact, before I started this show, I saw a lot of people here complaining about the appearance of the Male Lead, the age difference (in the show), the number of concubines, and more. I almost didn’t watch because of that.

But then I decided to try it anyway and see for myself. I don’t know what other people thought of the drama, but I finished this.

For those of you who are still unsure about watching this drama, please watch at least the first 6 episodes then it will be seen whether you are suitable for this or not. Let’s start the review!

The story focuses on Luo Qing Lian, a carefree and lively woman, who is later included by her mother in the selection of a concubine for the Prince.

But now, he was not an ordinary young prince. He was an old prince with many adult sons, most of whom were married and had many concubines. Note the “many concubines“, so this won’t be the romance most viewers want it to seem like.

The rest of the story revolves around the harem, plot, intrigue, friendship, enemies, and more. Here, palace intrigue and harem battles are told very well.

Also, it’s quite interesting how all the characters are portrayed the decisions they make, and the consequences of it all. Even evil characters have reasons for doing what they do, not just because they commit evil for evil’s sake.

Even though I hate some evil characters, I can understand why he does what he does. So far, no one has overreacted and everything has gone smoothly.

Unfortunately, the story never rises to the level of stories of other strong female leads in past palace/harem dramas such as “Story of Yanxi Palace” or “The Sword and the Brocade“.

This drama tries to involve too many stories – the brothers fighting for the title of Prince, the story of Qing Lian’s ex-lover, Lu Bei Yi, and several other storylines.

However, because there was too much editing, the story became disjointed and didn’t flow well. It might be better to end the drama around episode 30 when our Male Lead achieves the title of Prince and focus on building the character relationships better.

For our main female character, Qing Lian, is a character that is written well. She’s smart, but not too smart for her own good. She knows when to be stupid, but not so “stupid” that others can’t take great advantage of her.

Even though the other concubines always schemed against her, they actually admired her and knew that she was a worthy opponent. I really hope they don’t mess up her character.

But what I don’t like about the portrayal of “Qing Lian” is the change from a cheerful and enthusiastic woman to a woman who consistently tries to get out of chaos.

Some people here say the two leads have no chemistry. I’m not sure about that but also can’t say they have complete chemistry.

They may have it, but it’s not a “pure” romance story so people can’t see it well because of high expectations.

I think most of you are biased because the Male Lead is not your ideal young idol Male Lead and there is no unnecessary filter on him to make him look otherworldly. I think this is unfair.

Apart from the many things that are lacking in this drama, Blooming Days Chinese drama is worth watching. As I said, if you are hesitant about watching this, try the first 6 episodes then it will show you whether you like this drama or not.

Blooming Days Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Cast of Blooming Days Chinese Drama

Main Role

He Hong Shan as Luo Qing Lian

Peter Ho as He Lian Xin

Support Role

Huang Sheng Yi as Mu Hai Yao

Huang You Ming as Lu Bei Yi

Niki Chow as Fang Huai Rui

Morni Chang as He Yun Shuo / Prince An of Quliang

Shen Tai as He Lian Xiu

Zeng Yi Xuan as Ruan Zhi Mei

Xia Nan as Nan Ru Zhen

Guan Xue Ying as He Yuan Xue

Bai Lan as Xu Ji Rou

Li Yun as Shen Jing Rong

Gao Lan Cun as Yuan Bai Li

Chen Peng Wan Li as He Lian Qi

Fan Zhen as Li Qian Mo

Li De Long as He Lian Zuo

Jenny Zhang as Madam Song

Wang Ruo Xi as Sun Kang Min

Ren Qing Na Mu as Shen Jing Yan

Zhao Yu Tong as Ce Lun

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Blooming Days is a good palace/harem Chinese drama, you might want to watch it casually. But there are probably much better dramas out there that are more worth your time. I would rate this 7,8/10.

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