Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Rising With the Wind is a Chinese romance drama that presents business reality with extraordinary stories and chemistry. It explores the conflicts of interest that arise when two people with different natures collide and also shows the difficulty in separating business and personal life. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Rising With the Wind (我要逆风去)
Episodes: 40
Release Date: October 30, 2023
Genres: Business, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Dragon TV, iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Xu Si, an investment professional who returns to mainland China from a Hong Kong investment bank. Once he met Jiang Hu, the only daughter of the chairman of a national clothing conglomerate.

However, due to their different business philosophies, the two were at odds with each other. Jiang Hu also suddenly found herself falling from the peak of success after her father went bankrupt.

Meanwhile, Xu Si, who is always ambitious, is targeting the rubber-soled shoe brand “Teng Yue” which was created by Jiang Hu’s father. Determined to save “Teng Yue” at all costs, Jiang Hu despite her fall engages in a fierce battle with Xu Si.

Ultimately, their interactions and struggles will determine the fate of “Teng Yue” and whether he can be revived. In the process, they fall in love.


Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Rising With the Wind chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, the stubborn Ye Guo Ming finally confirmed Jiang Hu’s management ability and handed over “Bu Yunxia” to her with confidence.

After Xu Si arranged everything for “Teng Yue”, he asked Wu Guang Lei to give Jiang Hu’s car and the share donation agreement of “Teng Yue” to Jiang Hu.

Jiang Hu who knew that, then looked for Xu Si all over the country but couldn’t find him, and finally learned from Hong Die that Xu Si had gone abroad.

Feeling lost, Jiang Hu finally realized that Xu Si really loved her, she drank Xu Si’s favorite milk tea alone and shed tears.

A few months later, “Bu Yunxia” and “Teng Yue” moved to a new factory, and Jiang Hu and Xiang Chao Yang discussed joint model creation between the two brands.

In the new factory, a puppy who looked like Boss walked by Jiang Hu’s feet, Jiang Hu turned around, and Xu Si stood opposite her.

Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama Review

This is a Chinese drama about the business world that revolves around companies and investments, how the market works, and how competitive the market is. Here you will find 60% business and 40% romance and nothing boring.

Honestly, I love watching dramas where the main characters are 2 mature individuals who have their own careers to focus on, this mix of inspiration and growth is really my thing.

I see many dramas where the main character goes through difficult times and suddenly becomes successful, without focusing too much on their struggles and growth to achieve success but this drama is not like that.

In this series, they explain the struggles and cruelties of entrepreneurship in great detail without sacrificing romance (that’s what I call adult love).

However, this cannot be separated from the interesting scriptwriting. The dialogues are refreshing, and the dynamic variety of characters makes for more interesting viewing.

The plot knows its themes well and doesn’t stray into unnecessary tropes. It provides the perfect balance between the following genres: business, romance, and life.

The business aspect was interesting and realistic which kept me emotionally involved. I enjoyed the flirty banter the main cast had early on, the friendship they formed when they became business partners, and their eventual smooth progress into a relationship.

I really liked the way they wrote the main cast characters. Xu Si is the perfect picture of an investor and it’s nice to watch him even though I’m a bit irritated by his excessive choices and behavior.

Meanwhile, Jiang Hu is a female character that we can emulate and inspire. At first, we saw how devastated and sad she felt, then she got up and knocked on every available door to look for opportunities and do her best.

She stood on her own two feet again and proved that wherever her talent goes, it will stand out. The chemistry of the leaders is very good. The main characters here are an intelligent and strong couple.

The performance of all the actors in this drama is extraordinary. Gong Jun managed to act as a ruthless investor perfectly, while on the other hand giving the most loving expression after falling in love with Jiang Hu.

Zhong Chu Xi’s (Elaine Zhong) portrayal of Jiang Hu was also outstanding, her natural acting as the fallen heiress was perfect and made me sympathize with her character as a whole.

I also liked Wu Xuan Yi’s extraordinary acting in her portrayal of Xiang Zhao Yang. Meanwhile, Gao Zhi Ting as Yang Jian looks very honest and matches Xiang Zhao Yang.

When Yang Jian smiled, it was quite healthy and sincere and his disappointed face when Zhao Yang was displeased with him was full of emotions. Wu Xuan Yi and Gao Zhi Ting also deserve appreciation.

The production quality is above average, and the only issue I had was how certain scenes had to be cut, which ultimately resulted in awkward scene transitions.

Rising With The Wind is really worth watching because the story is interesting, realistic, and not boring even though it has 40 long episodes.

Cast of Rising With the Wind Chinese Drama

Main Role

Gong Jun as Xu Si / Simon

Elaine Zhong as Jiang Hu

Wu Xuan Yi as Xiang Zhao Yang

Gao Zhi Ting as Yang Jian

Support Role

Wei Zhe Ming as Gao Yi

Wen Zheng Rong as Yue Shan

Morni Chang as Pei Zhi Yuan

Liu Pei Qi as Ye Guo Ming

Fang Fang as Song Jia Li

He Feng Tian as Wu Guang Lei

Li Yu Hao as Qi Li Wen

Hong Xiao as Tao Xiao Ying

Heidi Wang as Fang Mo Ping

Ge Fan Zhi as Wu Hang Ze

Rong Rong as Song Jia Li

Fei Qi Ming as Dou Bo Tao

Chen Yi Ge as Zhang Wen Shan

Oliven Meng as Mei Shao Wang

Flora Wu as Ye Xiao Wei

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Rising With the Wind is a Chinese drama that depicts a realistic business scenario with an addictive and never-boring romance. I can see myself rewatching this again someday. I would rate this 8,9/10.

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