The Furthest Distance Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

The Furthest Distance is a Chinese drama that tries to convey that in the world between life and death, no one is separated from each other but love still exists. See the full review of The Furthest Distance below!


Drama Details

Title: The Furthest Distance (最遥远的距离)
Episodes: 30
Release Date: October 26, 2023
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

The Furthest Distance chinese drama

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows the love story between Qin Yun Sheng, an emergency doctor, who has a house that needs renovation and Su Ying, a beautiful interior designer.

They met because of their participation in a home renovation reality show. As they got to know each other, Su Ying gradually opened her once-closed heart to Qin Yun Sheng.

But in the end, she found out that Qin Yun Sheng still missed his dead girlfriend. In order to bridge the furthest distance between them, Su Ying took the initiative to fight for Qin Yun Sheng with a love that might be strong enough to heal them both.


The Furthest Distance Chinese Drama Ending Explained

The Furthest Distance Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, everyone is together but Su Ying is alone and feels mixed emotions while watching other people dancing, eating, and drinking bitterly.

She then walked alone to the beach, sat down and recalled every moment she spent with Qin Yun Sheng while crying. Meanwhile Du Hui Xuan came to comfort her.

Several days had passed, and Su Ying still continued to miss Qin Yun Sheng. She went into the greenhouse, repeatedly checking. Qin Yun Sheng who saw Su Ying’s sadness, almost revealed himself, but Xu Ming Shi stopped him just in time.

After that, Su Ying went to Qin Yun Sheng’s former dormitory, and Zhang Yisen who saw her, asked what she was doing. Su Ying said she forgot something in Qin Yun Sheng’s room.

Su Ying closed the door and sat on Qin Yun Sheng’s bed, touching the pillow and blanket with teary eyes. Zhang Yisen then quickly said a few words, assuring Su Ying that Qin Yun Sheng was fine.

Sometime after there, Su Ying heard that there was a German case at the studio. She then booked a ticket to Germany. While Xu Ming Shi quickly informed the panicked Qin Yun Sheng. He asked Xu Ming Shi to delay Su Ying from leaving while he found a chance to confess.

The next day, Su Ying, with her luggage, headed to the airport but before that, she went to the greenhouse first. At that time Xu Ming Shi immediately informed Qin Yun Sheng.

Su Ying squatted on the floor of the greenhouse, crying while calling for Qin Yun Sheng. Unbeknownst to her, Qin Yun Sheng was behind her and answered the call.

Su Ying expressed her strong desire to meet him, and Qin Yun Sheng asked her to turn around. Su Ying saw him, rushed into his arms, then pushed him away, and asked him if he was playing with her.

Qin Yun Sheng wonders how she knew it, and Su Ying explains that she deduced it from his social media posts at sunset, Zhang Yisen’s clumsy acting, and the trash in the dormitory trash can. She took the German case to retaliate. Qin Yun Sheng apologized, and they kissed.

The next day, when Su Ying arrived at the studio, Xu Ming Shi and the others were still acting as usual. Su Ying interrupted them and called Qin Yun Sheng out.

Qin Yun Sheng told them to stop pretending because Su Ying already knew everything. The group apologizes to Su Ying, and she forgives them.

Su Ying and Qin Yun Sheng continued their sweet life, and the relationship between Xu Ming Shi and Du Hui Xuan also warmed up. Zhang Yisen got the opportunity to work abroad and happily told Mi Bai. Meanwhile, other friends’ lives are also improving. End


The Furthest Distance Chinese Drama Review

This is a drama that tries to convey that in the world between life and death, no one is separated from each other but love still exists.

My first impressions of this, I enjoyed the romance, story development, and chemistry of the two main characters and there was also comedy so it wasn’t boring.

Nothing felt too rushed or too forced when it came to the romance and it was more female-centric to Su Ying’s character and her career. Also focused on Qin Yunsheng, which is a bit more refreshing as it doesn’t focus on the heavy medical aspects.

For your troupe storyline where the male lead’s ex-girlfriend dies of heart failure. I honestly thought the male lead would take a long time to love again.

I’m glad it was too long, it was around ep 6, that he realized he likes the female lead. The female lead oozes with beauty and good looks, she literally oozes with confidence and sexiness.

All the clothes she wore suited her perfectly and made her stand out. I like the female lead because she is smart, tough, and brave.

Yes, an exciting love story that I think gives us a second chance to love. A very pleasant moment was when Qin Yun Sheng confessed his love to Su Ying, my heart just melted.

But some that I didn’t like were the evil little sister characters, the annoying ex-boyfriend, and the treacherous staff. Their actions made my blood boil and my heart beat fast.

Because of the evil younger sister (Mi Bai), the two main characters have to be separated and apart. However, it reveals how Qin Yun Sheng and Su Ying went the furthest to achieve the love we all seek, not falling into the pit of clichés especially using ex-boyfriends and identical twins.

I think the evil sister plot wasted a great opportunity that I’m sure could have been even greater. They ruined a beautiful love story about a second chance at love with that plot.

Apart from that, this drama is quite good with the development of the story and the chemistry of the two main actors. So is it worth watching? worth it, I recommend this for your free time.

The Furthest Distance

Cast of The Furthest Distance Chinese Drama

Main Role

Elaine Zhong as Su Ying

Leon Zhang as Qin Yun Sheng

Support Role

Zhang Tao as Yang Zheng Wen

Li Xi Rui as Du Hui Xuan

Liu Yu Hang as Xu Ming Shi

Tian Yi Tong as Tian Mei

Cai Yao as Cai Chen

Guan Zi Jing as Zhang Yi Sen

Li Zi Feng as Su Zi Yang

Cao Yi Xin as Cao Xiao Ye

Liu Tian Zuo as Brother Hai

Shi Yu as Director Ruan

Yang Bing Zhuo as Yang Bin

Zhang Wan Ting as Sister Han

Sebrina Chen as Mi Bai / Mi Su

And More


My Verdict

Overall, The Furthest Distance is a Chinese drama that has romance, story development, and good chemistry between the two main characters. It also doesn’t feel too rushed or too forced when it comes to the romance. But as I said, the twin sister plot isn’t that convincing. I would rate this 8,3/10.

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