I Belonged to Your World Review and Ending Explained

I Belonged to Your World is a very simple, funny, and moving Chinese time travel drama that made me laugh and cry at the same time. This is far from a perfect drama, but it is still a story that I will always remember. Why do I say that? See the review below to find out the answer!


Drama Details

Title: I Belonged to Your World (他跨越山海而来)
Episodes: 20
Release Date: March 10, 2023
Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

I Belonged to Your World Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Qi Yue, a girl who comes from a rich family and doesn’t have any ambitions at all. She spent her time doing nothing and just lazing around.

One day, a young man came to see her, he claimed to be her 25-year-old son, Qi Shuo, and came from the future. Qi Shuo’s arrival was to tell Qi Yue that she would have a bad marriage and a miserable life because of her “death-defying abilities”.

Qi Shuo wants to avoid a bad fate from happening to his mother Qi Yue and travels back to help Qi Yue rewrite her fate.

He also explained many things, including Lu Xiao who would become Qi Yue’s husband in the future. Lu Xiao is a handsome student who is smart at her school and popular among the female students.

Now Qi Yue was forced to make efforts to improve herself to get close to Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo developed a “transformation plan”, and under the supervision of her own son, Qi Yue was admitted to the same university as Lu Xiao.

There, Qi Yue continued her journey with Lu Xiao and started to approach him. Meanwhile, Qi Shuo took the initiative to enter Lu Xiao’s circle of friends and became his mother’s helper. With carelessness and deceit, Qi Yue finally captured Lu Xiao’s heart.


I Belonged to Your World Chinese Drama Ending Explained

I Belonged to Your World Chinese drama has a fairly convincing and realistic ending. At the end of the episode, Qi Yue wakes up and is in the hospital surrounded by Lu Xiao, her father, her father-in-law, and Shu Ling. She sat down and her first question was “Where is Qi Shuo”.

Her father said that he only scared her when she fainted at the wedding. She kept asking about Qi Shuo, and her father-in-law told her that she was pregnant and weak so she should rest. Qi Yue got out of bed and ran out there to look for Qi Shuo.

Lu Xiao then told Qi Yue that Qi Shuo hid the truth from her because he had already made up his mind before coming here. Qi Shuo will do whatever it takes to change her miserable life.

He had done all this for her happiness. Qi Yue didn’t accept this truth and said “This is an interesting story, so please tell me where Qi Shuo is”.

Lu Xiao explained that it was hard for her to accept this but he felt the same way before. The direction of the story has changed completely, so his fate has also changed. There’s no going back. Qi Yue asked what he meant.

Lu Xiao continued and said Qi Shuo was gone… and disappeared. Qi Yue cried and asked what he meant by “disappeared”. He hugs her, as she cries that she is an incompetent mother.

The scene switches, as Lu Xiao asks his professor if time travelers might return to a parallel universe instead of their home universe.

The professor explains, in this case, when a time traveler goes back in time and changes the past, even if he makes a slightly different choice than the future, there will be a new parallel universe choice and things in the original universe will not change.

Lu Xiao then said he had to tell his wife immediately. Meanwhile, At home, Qi Yue wakes up and calls Qi Shuo but no one answers.

So Qi Yue left the house in her uniform, but she was without her cell phone. She went to see Zhao Yang to say that he needed his help.

She asks him to marry her and goes on a date with her. Zhao Yang was confused and said that he had just arrived at her wedding two days ago. He points out that he already confessed his feelings to her before so he accepts it now.

He said it happened in the past, and honestly, he chased her because he thought Qi Yue was rich. Qi Yue said that he could give him all the money if he would date her.

Zhao Yang replied that he did need money before but he didn’t need it now. Zhao Yang then turned around to leave.

Qi Yue then goes to her middle school to meet her former teacher, who is now the principal. She asked if she could go back to school. He was confused.

Qi Yue said that she wanted to relive her high school days, so she would go back and change her life. But she knew it couldn’t, Qi Yue started crying about how things turned out but she couldn’t take it anymore.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiao returns home and wonders where Qi Yue is. He noticed that she left her phone at home and went to look for Qi Shuo. He ran around town looking for her.

Qi Yue now sat at the table and thought about every moment shared with Qi Shuo:

Mama. I am your son“.

You are my mother“.

You will be a great mother. You will become a better version of yourself.”

One day in the future, you told me that home is not a place for a reason. Home is a place filled with unconditional love and trust.”

For your wedding, does it matter what month I was born in? Go to sleep if you’re tired. You carried me like this when I was little. Then I fell asleep behind you.”

A worried Lu Xiao found her sitting alone and immediately hugged her. They both cry together. When they returned home, many traces of Qi Shuo’s existence had disappeared – his notes, his decorations, his photos.

Qi Yue yells at Lu Xiao for throwing away Qi Shuo’s things. Lu Xiao explains that he did not disappear but lives in a parallel universe.

She tries to get into the drawer but it is locked and then asks for the key. Lu Xiao tearfully took out the key from his pocket and handed it to her.

Qi Yue then took out Qi Shuo’s diary and opened it, but the text disappeared right before her eyes: “Mom. We will remain one family in the next life.”

All the text started to disappear from the page as she turned it on. She desperately tried to rewrite the text but to no avail. She then sent a voice message to Shu Ling to ask if they remembered who Qi Shuo was.

A sobbing Lu Xiao sat nearby. Qi Yue said even if everyone forgot, she would definitely remember. She continued to cry as she talked about him – her son.

One month later, Shu Ling left home to enter medical school. When she saw Qi Yue’s message asking if she remembered Qi Shuo, Shu Ling asked “Who is Qi Shuo”.

During the examination, Qi Yue asked about her son. The doctor asked how she knew it was a boy, she replied that she had already chosen a name for her son.

Five years later: Lu Xiao and Qi Yue were having breakfast with their son. Their son asked if they could go to the beach today. Lu Xiao told him that he couldn’t today, he had to go to work because they were working on a good program. But they could leave tomorrow.

Lu Xiao said in the future, people could travel across time and space and across mountains and seas to sit in front of her and eat her tofu pudding.

Qi Yue then received a notification on her laptop for her story series: I Belong to Your World. Online, someone asked if his son had suddenly disappeared. Qi Yue replied that as the author, she didn’t want him to disappear either.

On the other hand, her son interrupts him to bring her a locked box and asks what’s in it. She said it was a diary, and when he opened it, it remained empty. Her son said there was nothing in it, but he kept flipping through it while lovingly touching each page.

The scene shifts to show Qi Yue, Lu Xiao, and her son walking on the beach, in almost matching outfits.

Lu Xiao tells his wife that their time travel program has made very important progress. He thinks that in the near future, they will actually be able to create a time machine.

She asks if he isn’t afraid that their son from the future will come back and ask her not to marry him. He replies it’s impossible because they are destined to be a family.

Their son ran ahead of them and hit a man. Qi Yue then told her son to apologize. Her son quickly apologized to the man who was none other than – Qi Shuo!! – says it’s okay then says he’s fine and rubs the kid’s head.

Qi Shuo walks away while Lu Xiao scolds his son for running around. Qi Shuo stopped and turned to Qi Yue, who had also stopped to look at him. He smiled and she smiled back.

Then the two continued to walk away from each other, Qi Yue joined her husband and son, and Qi Shuo joined a long-haired woman. End!

I Belonged to Your World Review and Ending Explained

I Belonged to Your World Chinese Drama Review

It’s a very simple, funny, and moving story that’s great in a “happy but sad” way. They managed to grab my attention and put me on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The plot centers on an unconventional, comedic, and touching mother-daughter dynamic. A young man who tries to prevent bad things from happening to his mother is the best part of this drama. He cajoles, threatens, bullies, pressures, and manipulates his teenage mother for her own good.

Here, the main character Qi Shuo really sacrifices a lot for his mother. He was a twenty-five-year-old man who was completely devastated when his mother Qi Yue died at an early age after a difficult life.

He travels back in time to change his life. Meanwhile, Qi Yue (his mother) as a teenager was just a lonely and happy young girl with no goals or ambitions.

When Qi Yue meets Qi Shuo, she is overjoyed and accepts that she has an adult son, after some initial reluctance. Qi Yue also happily went along with his machinations without looking too deeply into his statement.

Qi Shuo also suggests that Qi Yue is determined to go to university and marry Lu Xiao, a talented physics student and more importantly, a good man.

A good script and good characters are nothing without good chemistry too. So here, the chemistry between Judy Qi and Liu Yi Tong is touching. They are suitable for the role of a teenage mother and a child. Also, their cute antics when they were chasing Lu Xiao surprised me, lol.

As for the acting, the trio of young leads Judy Qi, Liu Yi Tong, and Jerron Wu really impressed me with their spontaneous and brilliant use of comedy to convey deep emotions.

You could say that Lu Xiao is a less interesting role, but Jerron Wu gives the right impression with his role as a silly, romantic, and very sexy nerd.

The way his Lu Xiao quietly sees through everything and steps in to take over the baton from Qi Shuo adds resonant depth to this archetypal character.

Judy Qi who plays Qi Yue also makes me excited. Judy Qi’s acting was so good, that I didn’t even notice any undercurrents until the point of no return made me watch her break down.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi Tong’s portrayal of the unique, intelligent, cruel, and selfless Qi Shuo is very successful here. Qi Shuo is a boy who really fascinates me.

His Qi Shuo is a character that makes me want to laugh as much as I want to cry. His mischievous and pure joy as he basks in Qi Yue and Lu Xiao’s happiness and affection with the barest glint in his eyes is iconic.

Furthermore, some things that might be lacking from this drama are the choppy editing but you can forgive that because this is a web drama. The funds spent by a web series are not as big as a drama in general.

Other things missing are some pretty obvious plot holes and also some digressions including an unnecessary Qi Shuo mini-romance.

So is I Belonged to Your World Chinese drama worth watching? Worth it, this is a very entertaining and funny drama that has a touching sacrifice plot. This drama conveys it all even with only 20 episodes.

Cast of I Belonged to Your World Chinese Drama

Main Role

Judy Qi as Qi Yue

Liu Yi Tong as Qi Shuo

Jerron Wu as Lu Xiao

Support Role

Kiko Ye as Deng Shu Ling

Cai Xin Yang as Xu Zhao Yang

Liu Jia as Liang Yu Fei

Chen Mei Lin as Ding Fei

Zhang Zhang as Zhou Xin Cheng

Hayden Wang as Xu Bin

Ma Zi Wei as Yang Zi Yun


My Verdict

I Belonged to Your World is far from a perfect drama, but it is still a story that I will always remember for a long time. This is simply the saddest happy story of absolute and unconditional love between a child and his parents. I rate this as a very moving and funny 8.2/10.

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