Fake It Till You Make It Drama Review and Ending Explained

Fake It Till You Make It is a business Chinese drama with mature romance, great chemistry, realistic conversations, and sincerity. If you are looking for something like that, then this is for you. See the full Fake It Till You Make It review below!


Drama Details

Title: Fake It Till You Make It (装腔启示录)
Episodes: 14
Release Date: August 18, 2023
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Viki

Fake It Till You Make It Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The plot follows Tang Ying and Xi Zi Quan who meet on a plane by chance and begin an ambiguous game of flirting, exciting each other’s love life.

Tang Ying is a woman who works as a lawyer who is stubborn and ambitious. Meanwhile, Xi Zi Quan is a mature and charming investment banker.

When they meet by chance, they start testing each other until they drop their masks and build trust to reclaim themselves. In the process they fall in love sincerely!


Fake It Till You Make It Ending Explained

Fake It Till You Make It Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, when Tang Ying returns home, she is greeted by a pleasant aroma. It turned out that Xu Zi Quan had prepared a late-night snack for her. Their life together is indeed very sweet.

Both of them currently have a heavy workload, especially Tang Ying who has work pressure. She even worked long hours every day, and couldn’t really relax. But as long as she was with Xu Zi Quan, they enjoyed each other’s company.

In preparation for her court appearance, Tang Ying felt nervous and did not know what to do. Xu Ziquan stopped him and helped calm her down.

Tang Ying finally won her first legal case in court. Everyone was cheering for her, but she didn’t seem very happy.

When she got home, Tang Ying felt dizzy, which frightened Xu Zi Quan and it was time for her to calm down and rest.

Meanwhile, Xin Zi meets a girl who is looking for Xia Tian and she gets angry. Xia Tian did not understand why Xin Zi was so upset, and both found the situation confusing.

After a conversation with Xia Tian, Xin Zi understands that the girl came to join Xia Tian’s band. Xin Zi and Xian Tian were attracted to each other but hesitated to admit it directly. In the end, they come together, because feelings are hard to resist.

Adega switches to show Xu Zi Quan taking Tang Ying to the roof, showering her with sweet words, and finally proposing. Tang Ying happily accepts his proposal, and they celebrate their engagement. End

Fake It Till You Make It Drama Review and Ending Explained

Fake It Till You Make It Review

It is not a drama for everyone, but if you are looking for something like mature romance, realistic, honest, and sincere conversations, then this is for you.

You will probably really enjoy this drama which is not full of clichés and romantic tropes, it is not a silly rom-com or a sad and angst-filled drama.

Here you will be presented with lots of business talks – about 50% business, 50% romance. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to reconsider watching it.

This is not a plot-driven drama either. Here, the business plot serves as a way for our top prospects to grow personally and professionally.

As for his character, Elvis is a playboy who is fun and hard to resist. He is afraid of committing or opening up to any woman.

Meanwhile, Tang Ying is a career-focused and hardworking lawyer who is afraid of getting hurt after her failed love confession several years ago.

They have equal standing and power dynamics in this relationship. The two met as strangers on a plane, slowly becoming friends and then lovers. I love this romance.

Even though they are complete opposites, the chemistry between Elvis and Tan Yang is clearly visible. When they became best friends, they seemed like a perfect match made in heaven. Their honest conversations about love and constant flirting are the best parts of the show.

Even through just a few short text messages, you can feel the chemistry. You will support them and want them to be together as soon as possible.

His acting is right on target. This was my first drama about Elvis Han and Elvira Cai and it did not disappoint. If in the end you don’t like the theme of this drama, at least you can enjoy the extraordinary acting of Elvis Han and Elvira Cai. Both are beyond doubt!

Meanwhile, Dai Yun Fan as Xu Jia Bai is also very good. I was very impressed with his emotional acting. The acting of the cast as a whole is very good. None of the characters irritated or annoyed me.

The dialogue is very heavy – The beauty of this drama is that the conversations are witty and wise. Try not to speed things up or you’ll miss dialogue and lose the mood.

Try not to do this in business plots, because you will be even more confused. You need to pay attention to many things to understand, so you have to be patient. That might be a slight drawback.

So is Fake It Till You Make It Chinese drama worth watching? Very worthy if you are looking for a mature romance with a business plot. But I think the drama starts a bit slow and you might get confused about the business side of things.

This may also seem a little preachy, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with a great romantic journey between two flawed but realistic characters and great chemistry.

Enough with the romance, but what does “Fake It Till You Make It” mean? In this drama, all the characters at some point have to mask their true intentions and feelings and express themselves differently.

Cast of Fake It Till You Make It Chinese Drama

Main Role

Elvira Cai as Tang Ying

Elvis Han as Xu Zi Quan / Elvis

Support Role

Bao Shang En as Lin Xin Zi

Dai Yun Fan as Xu Jia Bai

Li Yuan as Wang Yu Su

Zhang Jia Shuo as Xia Tian

Jiang Shi Meng as Da Wang

Chen Wei Dong as Yan Lu Ning

Peng Yang as Ada

Wang Ting as Han Han

Wu Li Peng as Jin Hao

Qiang Yu as Jiang Cheng

Zhang Hao Yue as Yu Chuan Chuan

Zhang Hao Zhe as Mu Zhuo Yun

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Fake It Till You Make It is an excellent 14-episode Chinese drama that isn’t driven (or hampered) by the incoherent adherence to romance tropes that plague so many romantic comedies these days.

Moreover, the duration of this drama shows a lot about why this drama is superior to other dramas. It doesn’t drag on, it’s mature and has good chemistry. I would easily give Fake It Till You Make It Chinese drama a rating of 8.5/10

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