Forever Love 2023 Review and Ending Explained

Forever Love 2023 has a story of love, fighting, and conspiracy contained in one 10-minute episode which runs well. How is that possible? See the complete review of Forever Love 2023 below!


Drama Details

Title: Forever Love ( 请成为我的家人 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: August 31, 2023
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Melodrama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

Forever Love 2023 Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Lin Xin Tong, a girl and rich young heiress of the Li group. She is beautiful, cheerful, smart, and has everything, including her loyal boyfriend, Chi Shan.

However, when Xin Tong’s father, a conglomerate chairman, died suddenly, her life changed completely. On the day her father died, Xin Tong saw her father arguing with Mo Yao. However, she tripped and hit her head on the stairs, causing her to go blind.

Later, Mo Yao became her bodyguard when he claimed that her father had paid him to protect her before he died. But actually, Mo Yao has his own agenda in investigating what happened to his father’s company.

His father and Xin Tong’s father were good friends. However, it seems that his father was tricked by Xin Tong’s father several years ago. As a result, his father committed suicide when his company went bankrupt. Even though Xin Tong is the daughter of his enemy, Mo Yao still falls in love with her.

On the other hand, Xin Tong’s boyfriend, Chi Shan, is having an affair with her best friend Xia Yu. They are targeting Xin Tong’s shares in the conglomerate left by her father. Likewise, Mo Yao had a main motive in approaching her.

When her fiancé and best friend warn her about Mo Yao and vice versa, Xin Tong must decide who to trust. Who should be trusted?


Forever Love 2023 Ending Explained

Forever Love 2023 Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Mo Yao defeats Chi San’s men in a fight but is cut down in the process. When Xin Tong arrives and is taken hostage by Chi San, the injured Mo Yao has to exert more effort to save her.

When the fight reaches its peak, Chi San is stabbed but not killed because Mo Yao wants him to face prison time. After everything was over, Mo Yao collapsed in Xin Tong’s arms wailing in despair.

The scene then switches to Xin Tong who is preparing flowers for someone’s funeral visit. She came out of her house and was greeted by Mo Yao. “Mo Yao is not dead”

The final scene of the drama shows Mo Yao escorting Xin Tong to her car with condolence flowers intended for Yu Wei who was killed by Chi San at the beginning of Episode 28. The narration also shows that Chi San was sentenced to death for his crime by the court.

Forever Love 2023 Review and Ending Explained

Forever Love 2023 Review

I was quite surprised when I started watching the drama “Forever Love” in 2023. How can love, drama, fighting, and conspiracy all in one 10-minute episode work so well? Speechless

This drama also displays amazing chemistry between the main characters with realistic passionate kissing scenes. Their kissing scene was so deep as if it was created for each other.

Similar to other short dramas, this drama is not of high quality, but this drama is suitable for relaxing and filling time, especially if you long for romance with a love-hate relationship.

The story has an average revenge plot with enough detail for 30 10-minute episodes. I didn’t get bored and could follow the storyline easily. But the story development is weak, so just watch it without any expectations, just to enjoy!

The acting was good, but there were some over-the-top actions from all the actors in the end, even though they also had a chance to show that they could act well.

I think in some buildings, they were rushed to shoot, perhaps due to time constraints, because the same backgrounds are usually accompanied by a bit of excessive action.

Plus, the music is pretty good and they have the right moments for it. I really hope this drama continues for much longer!


The cast of Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama

Main Role

Chen Fang Tong as Lin Xin Tong

Dai Gao Zheng as Qin Mo Yao/ Zhou Mo

Support Role

Ma Xin Yu as Xia Yu Wei

Hou Dong as Chi Shan

Hu Xi Fan as Zhou Mo


My Verdict

Overall, Forever Love 2023 is a drama that is good enough for you to watch lightly because it displays stunning chemistry, and passionate romance and doesn’t drag on. My rating for the Chinese drama Forever Love 2023 is 8.0/10.

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