My Journey To You Review and Ending Explained

My Journey to You is a Chinese drama with an original script of 24 episodes written and directed by Guo Jingming. It tells the story of a girl who infiltrates the Gong family for a mission. In the midst of his mission, he finds love, and friendship and gradually discovers for himself, what his heart desires. See the full My Journey to You Chinese drama review below


Drama Details

Title: My Journey To You ( 云之羽 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: September 2, 2023
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

My Journey To You Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wu Feng and the Gong Residence were bitter rivals, both with powerful factions and hidden agendas. Therefore, Wei Shan is sent to infiltrate the Gong Residence as a prospective bride for the heir but faces challenges from within.

The leader of the Gong Residence, Zi Yu, clashes with his rival, Shang Jue, when the lazy Zi Yu becomes the leader of the Gong Residence, complicating Wei Shan’s mission.

Wei Shan and his fellow spy, Shangguan Qian, must complete their mission or the poison they were forced to ingest before being sent will damage their bodies.

Even though they don’t believe it, they are forced to protect each other. As Zi Yu and Shang Jue make their choices, Wei Shan finds himself moved by Zi Yu’s love, adding to the complexity.


My Journey To You Ending Explained

My Journey To You Chinese drama has an unconvincing ending. At the end of the episode, Ziyu teams up with Shang Jue to lure Wu Feng into a trap at the Gong Residence because Wu Feng wants their blueprint for world domination.

A fierce battle ensued which resulted in Wu Feng’s elite fighters being killed including Zi Yi who was shot by Han Ya Si. The latter sacrifices himself to save Wei Shan during the battle. Victims of the Gong Residence, Elder Hua, Young Master Hua, and Xue Gong Zi were murdered.

During the chaos, Huan Yu sneaks in to steal the blueprints. But he was ultimately eliminated and defeated by Zi Yu and Wei Shan in a duel. During the fight, Shangguan Qian picked up the blueprint that Huan Yu dropped. But she was stopped by Shang Jue.

Shangguan Qian later confessed that she was pregnant with his child. She also tells him that they have the same goal of eliminating Wu Feng.

Shangguan Qian’s Gushan Sect was exterminated by Wu Feng in the past. Shang Jue let her go after he secretly stole the blueprint from her sleeve pocket. They still think about each other after separating.

A letter supposedly left by Han Ya Si to Wei Shan stated that she was indeed the daughter of the Yun family and that she had a twin sister. Wei Shan takes over her sister’s identity to become a prospective bride at the beginning of the drama.

Before leaving the Gong Residence to visit her family, she promised Zi Yu that she would return with him. But she failed to do so because Wu Feng was waiting for her at her family’s house.

As Zi Yu waits for her, the drama ends with the sound of the door opening and Zi Yu’s surprised expression. This final scene allows this drama to have a second season, let’s wait!

My Journey To You Review and Ending Explained

My Journey To You Review

My Journey to You is a dark, complex, and suspenseful Chinese wuxia drama that hones in on spy Wei Shan’s mission to sneak into the Gong family’s heavily guarded mountain fortress.

The real heart of the main plot centers on the Gong family and the secret they swore to keep forever. It’s not fun being a gong; trapped on an isolated poisonous mountain and locked in an existential battle with their arch enemy, Wu Feng.

All young masters of the Shang (weapons), Jue (commerce), Zhi (poisons), and Yu (defense) lines shouldered many responsibilities from a young age.

Everyone except the self-indulgent and spoiled Ziyu who has a father, adoptive mother, and older brother to fall back on. It is no surprise that Shang Jue and especially Yuan Zhi hate Ziyu and demand that he prove his bravery.

As for the subplot, it looks more complex than it actually is with the mystery contained within. The reveal of the antagonist comes at the end of the story after the fact and the long expository style gives the impression of an anti-climax at the end.

That said, the mystery subplot is quite tight and interestingly woven into the external plot of this dark wuxia. This drama has an incredibly beautiful, eccentric, layered, and memorable cast of characters.

The romance here will not be like romance in general. That’s because this kind of dark-themed wuxia was never made for romance, so conventional romance watchers are bound to be disappointed.

Both Wei Shan and Shangguan Qian are spies on a do-or-die mission. If they had loved brains, they would have died long ago.

By design, the relationship between Shang Jue and Shangguan Qian is more interesting here, because Shang Jue is a character who is more cynical and full of questions than Ziyu.

He is a much more difficult target and this forces Qian to take more risks and thus reveal more about herself to lure him.

It is very clear that there is a strong attraction, that they are attracted to each other. It’s a dark and deeply toxic relationship where viewers must decide whether and to what extent they are truly in love.

In contrast, Ziyu is naive and does not ask questions. Wei Shan was her first love and she fell in love with him absolutely and unconditionally. The feelings may be intense and pure, but they are also uncomplicated and not too different.

The bigger problem is that Weishan was designed as a difficult character to understand. He doesn’t need to reveal much about himself to catch Ziyu’s attention and for the most part, he remains a blank character.

At the end of the drama, he is still such a mystery that it is difficult for viewers to get interested in him and thus the main romance.

Yun Wei Shan is the main character but because he is so hidden, it is as if there is no main character to anchor the story.

Overall, this feels like a story about multiple characters told from multiple points of view. For me, this is the biggest flaw in the narrative which is saved by the presence of many other characters who are fully aware.

This isn’t entirely a bad thing as it allows the entire spectacular cast, and especially Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao, and Tian Jiarui, to really shine without taking much away from Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe. All the actors get the screen time their characters deserve and give strong performances.

In terms of cinematography, stunning action scenes, and stunning aesthetics, this drama was everything I hoped it would be. Even though there are several shortcomings, overall I am very satisfied with the writing of this drama.

I really enjoyed this drama with its layers of dialogue as well as lots of hidden clues in the form of riddles and homonyms embedded in the script.

Cast of My Journey To You Chinese Drama

Main Role

Yu Shu Xin as Yun Wei Shan

Zhang Ling He as Gong Zi Yu

Ryan Cheng as Gong Shang Jue

Lu Yu Xiao as Shangguan Qian

Support Role

Jolin Jin as Gong Zi Shang

Sun Chen Jun as Jin Fan

Tian Jia Rui as Gong Yuan Zhi

Wen Zheng Rong as Ming Wu Ji

Omid as Han Ya Si

Zuo Ye as Young Master Yue

Lester Lin as Young Master Xue Tong Zi

Liang Xue Feng as Young Master Hua

Chen Du Ling as Madame Lan

Ai Mi as Yun Que

Sonya Fu as Zhang Shi Po Po

Zhang Xue Han as Zi Yi


My Verdict

Despite its flaws, Overall, My Journey to You is an excellent drama with an engrossing plot, impressive cinematography, and art direction. As such, I am very happy to rate this 8,5/10. If you like mystery suspense with a mix of wuxia drama, this is a great watch!

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