Love You Seven Times Review and Ending Explained

Love You Seven Times is a Chinese Xianxia drama about the love story between the God of War and a Fairy with seven interconnected and parallel lives together. See the full Love You Seven Times review below!


Drama Details

Title: Love You Seven Times ( 白日梦我 )
Episodes: 38
Release Date: Aug 10, 2023
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of Love You Seven Times follows the story of Chu Kong, the God of War who lost his memory after a battle with Cang Hai of the Mo Luo Divine Clan 30,000 years ago.

He managed to defeat Cang Hai and throw him into the void. But the battle also caused Chu Kong’s primordial spirit to suffer damage.

Meanwhile, a prophecy appears that Cang Hai will return in 1,000 years, and now Chu Kong must immediately repair his primordial spirit. However, the method is not easy, because he has to undergo 7 love tribulations in the Mortal Realm.

On the other hand, Xiang Yun was a cloud that was transformed into a fairy by Master Red Thread. He currently works at the Marriage Pavilion and is in charge of finding a love match for Chu Kong for his plight.

However, an accident causes the two to be tied together through the thread of fate. Therefore, Xiang Yun was forced to become Chu Kong’s partner temporarily.

Chu Kong initially looks down on Xiang Yun but eventually develops feelings for each other after several shared tribulations. At the time on the other side, the Mo Luo Divine Clan tried to revive Cang Hai for revenge.


Love You Seven Times Ending Explained

Love You Seven Times Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Chu Kong manages to regain Cang Hai’s power over Xiang Yun.

The bad thing was that his twin power within Hao Xuan had also come back to life. So, if they killed Hao Xuan with their combined strength, Xiang Yun would also die in the end because his fate was tied to his twin brother.

However, Xiang Yun and Hao Xuan were both unaware that 30,000 years ago Chu Kong had cast a Soul Protection Spell on Cang Hai/Xiang Yun.

This spell ensures that all losses to Xiang Yun/Cang Hai will be transferred to him, which is why his primordial was destroyed in the first place. So, now Chu Kong killed Hao Xuan without any reservations.

Her spell then protects Xiang Yun and Chu Kong dies in her place as a result. Before Chu Kong disappeared completely, he told Xiang Yun to live well and maybe they would meet again in the future.

After Hao Xuan’s death, Xiu Ming succeeded in his position as Jade Emperor although he saw it as temporary. On the other hand, Xiang Yun refused to rule the Mo Luo Divine Clan and handed over his duties to Jin Lian and Jin Luo.

300 years later, a heavenly star appears which makes Xiang Yun believe Chu Kong is still alive. He then went to the Mortal Realm, to the Marriage Shrine where they first met. In the end, Chu Kong appears and the pair are reunited.

Love You Seven Times Review and Ending Explained

Love You Seven Times Review

It was a pretty good Chinese Xianxia drama with a love story of the main characters and similarities between all the lives and tribulations experienced by the main characters.

After Back from the Brink, this is another Xianxia that interests me. One of the many aspects I love about this drama is that everything connects back in a full circle despite the seven stories (7 woes).

I loved the parallels used cleverly throughout the play and none of it felt disconnected, so it was done cleverly by the writers of this play.

Here you will see all the characters have a meaningful role in each tribulation, all the little details like a simple hairpin are connected through all the tribulations and this is very, very difficult to do so I was really blown away by how it all came together. And there are no plot holes.

Things you might think “It’s seven connected lives and all the misery, it’s bound to get boring”. I felt that way at first too.

I was skeptical at first because seven lives seemed like it would be repetitive and boring but there is no typical 3 lives xianxia style.

All lives are connected but at the time, it advances the storyline in a very clever way. Each life is very different, with different settings and episode lengths.

In some lives, only the Female Lead remembers herself at the moment, in others only the Male Lead, and we also have lives where they both remember giving a unique experience in each life.

As for the acting, Ding Yuxi as the male lead did a good job in bringing it out. characters in life, whether it was Chu Kong from the present, Chu Kong from the past, and each of his Mortal Tribulation identities, I enjoyed them all.

She really brings all her characters to life, When she’s happy, I’m happy, when she’s in pain, I’m in pain, when she’s crying, I’m crying.

Actress Yang Chao Yue who plays the female lead character Xiang Yun/Cang Hai also does a good job. I liked it when I played the character Cang Hai who was brave and straightforward in what he wanted.

As for chemistry, this couple clearly has it and is very good. How do you say this has no chemistry with 7 tales of Misery, lol? I really like their chemistry.

Furthermore, the costumes and sets are quite beautiful. The secondary couple also has an interesting storyline so it is quite unique to watch.

Something I might feel is lacking (personally, maybe not everyone feels).

It doesn’t have the addictive factor that makes you completely obsessed with the drama. Like something was missing, maybe it lacked the emotional impact I was looking for or my expectations were too high.

Apart from that, there are also several scenes where the editing sometimes feels choppy and strange. The effects and CGI in the final episode are also a bit strange.

Is Love You Seven Times worth watching? Worth it, It’s a sweet xianxia with wonderful interconnected and parallel themes, lots of interesting characters, and some character growth. The main focus is the love story between the cast so this is a comfortable drama that is good to watch.

Love You Seven Times Review and Ending Explained

Love You Seven Times Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Ding Yu Xi as Chu Kong / Lu Chang Kong

Yang Chao Yue as Xiang Yun / Cang Hai / Song Xiang Yun / Yang Xiao Xiang

Support Role

Edward Zhang as Hao Xuan (Heavenly Emperor)

Xing Ze as Xiu Ming

Lin Bo Rui as Jin Lian / Qian Ren / Jin Cheng

Zhai Xiang Yang as Zi Hui / Qian Mou

Lu Yu Xiao as Jin Luo

Yang Hao Yu as Hong Xian Weng / (Red Thread Master)

Yang Meng En as Immortal Li

Yang Li as (Goddess of Fate)

Zheng Guo Lin as Song Qin Wen / Chief Yang / King Mo Luo

Hai Lu as Wan Jun / Madame Yang / (Empress Dowager of Qi Kingdom)

He Wen Jun as Immortal Sun

Zhang Xue Han as Ying Shi

And More


My Verdict

I highly recommend this drama if you are new to the world of xianxia C-dramas and also for those who want to see something refreshing.

Maybe at least in the first episode, some feel very slow and cliche or heavy, but this plot is important so that they understand the whole story behind it.

I read comments from people who have read the novel and they chose the drama in terms of characterization and deep story/plot complexity. My rating for Love You Seven Times Chinese drama review is 8,5/10.

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