Back From The Brink Review and Ending Explained

Back from the Brink is one of the best Xianxia Rom com Chinese dramas. You will love many things in this drama that you won’t even find anywhere else. What are they? see the full review of the Chinese drama Back from the Brink below!


Drama Details

Title: Back From the Brink ( 护心 )
Episodes: 40
Release Date: May 9, 2023
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Back From The Brink Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama Back From the Brink follows the story of the ancient dragon Tian Yao who finds himself badly injured and heartbroken, after the betrayal of a lover.

The woman he loved betrayed him by dismembering him and removing his dragon scales. His lover then also sealed his body parts in five places but fortunately, Tian Yao’s soul escaped.

Now reborn, he meets Yan Hui, who vows to protect him as he retrieves his lost bones. He also found a seal in the lake and Tian Yao saw his chances fully return.

After meeting Yan Hui, Tian Yao becomes hopeful, knowing he has his heart protection scale that can break the seal. Tian Yao uses Yan Hui to retrieve his stolen body parts.

While the two were always together, he found their relationship deepening over time. Tian Yao admires Yan Hui’s repeated attempts to save him, while Yan Hui appreciates the strong bond they have created.


Back From the Brink Ending Explained (Spoiler!!)

The Chinese drama Back From the Brink has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Yan Hui requests a meeting. He reveals the bleach truth: he and Tian Yao cannot beat Fu Yin. This world will be swallowed up with Dragon Valley as the only shelter.

However, even if there was no hope, he would fight with all his might. He loved this world, and would not allow Fu Yin to take over.

Everyone was excited and joined him to fight together. The Dragon Valley was lit up with a flame crest and it was as if Tian Yao could feel their fighting spirit.

However, when Tian Yao fought with Fu Yin, he was no match for him, was in tatters, and was defeated. It was because he was without the Heart Protecting Scale and Inner Core. Luckily everyone healed Tian Yao with the firecrest.

Meanwhile, Yan Hui was facing Fu Yin alone this time. It was his black versus black, but because Fu Yin was completely devoured by his demonic energy, he overcame it and hardened the other person.

He managed to swallow up this world. There would be no happiness, no sorrow, only eternal silence, and obedience. But Yan Hui actually had not completely disappeared. He returned to the bottom of the Black River where he was trained in Hell’s Poetry with his Heart Protector Scale.

He realized the interchangeable relationship between the two and mastered the Dragon Flame with his Abysmal Poetry. Yan Hui then returned to fighting like a God. With Yan Hui’s positive, mind-opening, free-flowing energy, he defeats Fu Yin.

Then he gently sank down towards Tian Yao. She told him he was going to die. Yan Hui then pointed at Tian Yao’s heart and said I am here with/in you.

Yan Hui yawned and the moment he disappeared, everyone recovered. He used his entire body to dissolve the dark energy within everyone. Finally, the heart shield scale returned to Tian Yao.

Yan Hui yawned and the moment he disappeared, everyone recovered. He used his entire body to dissolve the dark energy within everyone. Finally, the heart shield scale returned to Tian Yao.

Years later Tian Yao continues to search for Yan Hui. His hair turned white because he had used up his dragon power to pass it on to everyone.

He collected [gold dust] from everyone he met to meet Yan Hui. One day Tian Yao stopped by the bakery and met a girl who had bought ten buns.

He chased after it, but it wasn’t Yan Hui. Then another girl shared some bread with her. Now this is true Yan Hui, if he shares the bread, he must recognize it.

Yan Hui was neither reincarnated nor resurrected. He is always in gold dust. With Tian Yao expanding his energy to protect the world, he could return to being himself in his human form.

They met, Yan Hui in his white hat matched Tian Yao’s white hair. They then began married life and lived till their hair turned gray (i.e. old age) in conjugal bliss.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained

Back From The Brink Review

Back From The Brink is one of the best xianxia rom-com Chinese dramas that are entertaining to watch. You’ll love the rom-com aspect here, from the main couple’s interactions (these two inhabit each other’s characters with charm, wit, and tenderness!), to the side characters, not to mention the cutesy, mellow CGI.

This is not the first time I’ve seen such a good Xianxia Genre, actually, I really like the Xianxia genre and have seen it a lot, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it with such a fun rom-com.

The C-drama Back From The Brink was adapted from a novel entitled “Hu Xin” by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. But the plot doesn’t follow the novel, it’s not even the same.

The scriptwriters have added subplots and motivations that are very different and weaken the main character at the start of the play. Still identifiable from a personality standpoint but from a different strength standpoint.

There are also other characters who appear less in number even though there are more in the novel, to their detriment. Even so, the script put together by the playwright is very enjoyable and relatable.

The series also successfully explores themes of resilience, redemption, and the power of forgiveness. It offers a well-crafted narrative that keeps viewers engaged.

When it comes to the couple’s chemistry, and this couple as a whole, you have to love them, because they are basically so compatible.

They visually look great together and in terms of the couple’s story, it was a gradual process in which their feelings for each other grew through their journey and Journey together.

But to be honest, what I like about the Tian Yao and Yan Hui couple is, their love is the same. Usually in other Xianxia Dramas there will always be a side that has a deeper love than one other.

But for these two here, I like the way the author writes it this way because it really makes me enjoy their relationship.

Actress Zhou Ye herself brings her signature cheerful, brave, and loyal character to Yan Hui, which is reminiscent of her appearance in “Word of Honor”. At times it resulted in over-the-top moments, but overall, she does a commendable job in the role.

Meanwhile, Huo Ming Hao shines as Tian Yao, playing the protagonist who has experienced deep love, brutal betrayal, and emotional scars.

His portrayal shows great control as an actor, effectively conveying the complexity of the character. This role has the potential to broaden his fan base and advance his acting career.

The supporting actors and others also have promising acting skills. Even though the story isn’t too deep and doesn’t require methodical acting, the writer balances it out with funny, witty, and comical dialogues.

The supporting actors do their job well and one of the best is Riley Wang who plays the character Bai Xiao Sheng.

Here, all the supporting characters have their own time to shine, nothing extra and unnecessary. Everyone has their own role to play and that’s fine.

The OST and costumes are great. The CGI isn’t great but it’s also not bad considering the fact that it’s not a high-budget drama.

We have to give credit to the director, screenwriter, and actors for all the efforts they put into making this a better version of the novel.

Then is Back From the Brink worth watching? If you want to be entertained and treat yourself to interesting leads then I think this is for you. I don’t even mind watching this over and over again.

Back From The Brink Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Neo Hou as Tian Yao

Zhou Ye as Yan Hui

Yang Rong as Su Ying

Riley Wang as Bai Xiao Sheng

Chen Xin Yu as Xian Ge

Support Role

Zuo Ye as Feng Qian Shuo

Liu Yao Yuan as Zhu Li

Pema Jyad as Fu Yin

Zhang Kai Ying as Huan Xiao Yan

Zhang Wan Fang as Zi Yue

Sa Ding Ding as Ying Huo

Guo Yang as Pu Fang

Du An Qi as Yun Xi

Zhao Rui as Xi Feng

Qi Yi as Xue Lin

Fu Hong Sheng as King Huan

Liu Feng as Yu Li

Ye Si Wei as Zi Chen

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Back From The Brink is a well-explored xianxia-themed Chinese drama that is a retelling without new in-depth revelations. It has a beautiful story with love and hate, happiness and sadness, kindness, and cruelty, and light and darkness.

This emotion-laden drama, combined with an exploration of meaningful themes, is a must-see for fans of the Chinese wuxia genre. I love this and would recommend you to watch it. My rating for Back From The Brink Chinese drama review is 8.8/10.

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