Here We Meet Again Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Here We Meet Again is a romantic comedy Chinese drama that really impressed me with the great chemistry between the main cast and the non-cliché storyline. What made me able to say that? see the full review of the Chinese drama Here We Meet Again below!


Drama Details

Title: Here We Meet Again ( 三分野 )
Episodes: 32
Release Date: May 22, 2023
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and Wetv

Here We Meet Again review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama Here We Meet Again follows the story of Xiang Yuan, the eldest miss of the Donghe group who is assigned to save their Xi’an branch from bankruptcy.

One day Xiang Yuan meets Xu Yan Shi, the boy she loves at school but doesn’t love her. In the past, she had chased after this man with all her might but ended up with nothing.

In the present, the two are reunited as adults, both trying to save a company that almost went under because of trouble at work.

Despite facing the inequality between the two, Xiang Yuan is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a navigation engineer.

In the process of dealing with the company’s crisis, Xiang Yuan gradually learns to take matters into his own hands. Slowly the two grow closer and support each other as they make their dreams come true.


Here We Meet Again Ending Explained

The Chinese drama Here We Meet Again has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Xu Yan Shi pays a brief visit to America to visit his estranged mother.

The mother then transferred 500,000,000 to Xiang Yuan and asked him to look after her son Xu Yan Shi. Xiang Yuan then assures his mother that he will look after Xu Yan Shi but she returns the money back to her mother’s account.

Meanwhile, everyone is excited for Xu Yan Shi who is now an honorary member of the National Satellite. Everyone ago when BD2 was launched.

On the other hand, Grandpa advises Xiang Yuan to go easy on Xu Yan Shi as his work is very busy so sometimes he seems very selfish but that’s just part of his job.

Finally, after some time, Xu Yan Shi said that she was ready to marry Xiang Yuan any time and finally they got married.

Here We Meet Again Chinese drama Review

Here We Meet Again Review

“Here We Meet Again” is a romantic comedy Chinese drama that really impressed me with the great chemistry between the main cast and the non-cliché storyline.

What really sets the series apart from other modern rom-com is its portrayal of a strong, independent female lead as well as a male lead from a challenging background. The contrast between their lives adds depth to the story, making it even more interesting.

The series also effortlessly balances comedy and romance, delivering plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as well as a sweet romance when appropriate.

Plus, the natural progression from friendship to a love relationship is depicted in a way that feels authentic and heartwarming. The palpable chemistry between the male and female leads adds an extra layer of depth, keeping viewers engaged and supportive of their relationship.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is the incredible character development. As the plot unfolds, we witness misunderstandings gradually unraveling and building trust between the main characters.

The writer creates a beautifully crafted script that captures the complexities of their circumstances, showing how burdens can hinder communication and create barriers to their relationship.

As for the plot, even though it looks like an ordinary plot like other rom-com dramas, I like it because it’s not filled with all the clichéd plot lines.

They do away with the love triangle and we don’t have a second female lead constantly wasting screen time circling around the main male.

The two leads are rendered excellently with their screen time. The confusion about their relationship is cleared up, flashbacks from both their perspectives link up just right and the balance between work and romance seems natural here.

I don’t know why people call it slow going, but to me it’s neither slow nor fast, it has the perfect pace and nothing feels rushed or dragged.

As for character, Xu Yan Shi is a man who is not always cold but is very calm, mature, and caring. Vin Zhang succeeded from start to finish, he did a very good job of bringing Xu Yan Shi to life.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yuan’s character was a girl who had a bold personality but at the same time was not a damsel in distress.

Janice Wu here also manages to perfect this character due to her excellent acting skills, natural flowing humor, and absolute charm.

The side characters like the technical department, the grandpa of the female lead, the cute little brother, and others all do their part well. I’m not commenting here because the writer developed the characters well.

For the main character Chemistry is one of the best. I laugh with them, sad with them, and worry with them, so it’s totally worth watching.

I also really appreciate the healthy jealousy the leads show with their chemistry. It adds an element of realism to the story, as they navigate their feelings while still maintaining respect for one another.

This aspect adds to the complexity of their relationship, making it even more interesting to watch. For an OST, the settings and outfits here are perfect and I love them.

What I don’t like here is that this drama has a duration of 32 episodes and a lot of filler, but when I watch it, it feels like a lot of scenes were cut after production. I don’t know if that’s true or just my feeling.

Transitions from one scene to another are lacking. It seems like one thing is happening and something completely different is happening in the next scene. One had to imagine what must have happened and how much time had passed between them.

I said the OST fits, but sometimes they use the same song over and over again, and it’s too much. At first it was good, but after a while it got annoying.

There is also no fading when the song starts or ends. It only starts when the scene starts and ends with the scene. And cuts to the next scene.

And if there is another song for that scene, it will simply start without remembering that they were playing the song or music track 10 seconds ago.

Despite its few flaws, Here We Meet Again is a Chinese drama worth watching for its captivating love story with well-developed characters, interesting storyline, and chemistry that will keep you hooked until the end.

Here We Meet Again Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Janice Wu as Xiang Yuan

Vin Zhang as Xu Yan Shi

Huang De Yi as Gao Leng

Nita Xia as Chen Shu

Support Role

Liu Wei Ting as Lin Qing Qing

Fu Jia as Li Chi

Liya Cui as Xu Yuan

Li Chun Lee as Situ Ming Tian

Yang Yu Cheng as Lai Fei Bai / “Xiao Bai”

Zhang Xi Lin as Li Yong Biao

Li Yi Xiao as Li Qin

Liang Da Wei as Lu Dong

Shi Jing Ming as Liang Qin

Lu Yu Hao as Xu Cheng Li

Lauren Tong as Xiang Jia Mian

Hao Ming Qi as “Lao Gui” / Gao Si Bo

Hou Rui Xiang as “Lao Qing” / Wang Qing Yi

Yang Jun Yu as “Lao Yi” / Zhang Yi

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Here We Meet Again ranks among my best Chinese romantic comedies. It’s a subtle yet simple drama, without the bubbling qualities and a genuinely charming and sweet lead.

Do I recommend it? I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a captivating love story with well-developed characters, an engaging storyline, and chemistry that will keep you hooked until the very end. My rating for Here We Meet Again Chinese drama review is 8.7/10.

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