When I Fly Towards You Drama Review and Ending Explained

When I Fly Towards You is one of the best Chinese youth dramas that have a natural storyline, good characters, and perfect couple chemistry. You need to watch this if you feel lost and sad because it relates to the reality we live in. Read the full When I Fly Towards You review below!


Drama Details

Title: When I Fly Towards You ( 当我飞奔向你 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: June 13, 2023
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

When I Fly Towards You Chinese drama Review

Synopsis And Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama When I Fly Towards You follows the story of Su Zai Zai, a cheerful girl who has just transferred to Yucai High School.

In early autumn of 2012, on the first day of school, Su Zai Zai meets Zhang Lu Rang, a boy who is aloof and cold and falls in love with him at first sight.

Behind Zhang Lu Rang’s seemingly outstanding academic achievements and privileged family background, he is a person of “contradictions” who appears quite confident on the outside but constantly doubts himself on the inside.

Due to the presence of his genius younger brother Zhang Lu Li, Zhang Lu Rang was always compared to him by his mother. For more than a decade, Zhang Lu Rang’s life was like living inside a thick shell.

He was introverted and spoke little. He looks calm and polite but keeps his distance from everyone for his own convenience. However, Zhang Lu Rang’s life suddenly changes when he meets the cheerful Su Zai Zai.

He also joins hands with Gu Ran’s old and new friends, Guan Fang, and Su Zai Zai’s best friend, Jiang Jia. They helped him understand the meaning of self and slowly he began to understand how to plan his life.

Zhang Lu Rang and Su Zai Zai then work together to achieve their goals while supporting each other, as romance begins to develop between their friends.


When I Fly Towards You Ending Explained

The Chinese drama When I Fly Towards You has a happy ending. In the last episode, Lu Rang brings Zai Zai to an apartment and tells him that he just bought it to be their home.

Then a big television in the apartment started playing the secret diary or secret video that Lu Rang took from her. She says that if true after meeting him she learned to live a good life. She is very bright and smiling. She is hopeful for her future. He then gave her an engagement ring.

On the other hand, Gu Ran asked Jiang Jin if he wanted to get married. but he didn’t let her finish her question because it wasn’t the right time. In the end, our second couple is also together.

Then Zai Zai said that marriage to Lu Rang was the culmination of all the Happy New Year wishes he had said since he was 16 years old. They had a good life and were blessed with a baby after that.

The drama ends when they have to attend a school reunion wearing their old school uniforms. They look exactly like when they were in middle school.

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When I Fly Towards You Chinese drama Ending Explained

When I Fly Towards You Review

At first, I thought When I Fly Towards You was just a normal high school love story drama, because I’ve watched a lot of c-dramas about youth, high school, romance, and comedy.

That’s why when I watched the initial episodes, I thought it would be just like any other Chinese drama, but as I continued to watch it, I really liked how it portrayed reality and life which somehow relates to most.

Even though the story is normal, nothing extraordinary but I still really enjoyed it. But it’s still pretty addicting, making you want to move on to the next episode and see what happens.

The main male character is an introvert and quite shy, while the main female character is an extrovert who is fussy and chatty. I love that they contrast each other in personality but are still very similar deep inside.

My favorite parts of the story are the friendship between the main characters, the main couple’s relationship, and the realistic depiction of learning and values.

I also like the comedy and humor between the characters in this drama and the focus is on Friends groups. Everyone’s cute when they’re together and it’s like the pressure just disappears.

I admire the strong bond they have between their group. They are the kind of friend who is so goofy yet so pure, who will help you at every turn but will not hesitate to stand by your side in times of crisis. What makes this group of friends so special is that it feels real and you can relate to them in so many ways.

The characters Zang Lu Rang & Su Zai Zai are our ultimate couple. Zang Lu Rang, a shy man, somewhat introverted and burdened by his mother’s expectations, is a somewhat lost son here.

On the other hand, Su Zai Zai is straightforward, free-thinking, carefree, and cheerful. He helped Zang Lu Rang open up and make him believe in himself.

Their growth from strangers to friends to lovers feels so natural and real. The development of their relationship was neither rushed nor too slow.

The highlight of their relationship is that there are no major misunderstandings or major fights over meaningless topics.

One thing that I like about Su Zai Zai is that he is very direct and sometimes sassy in handling matters and will work things out with Zang Lu Rang before they become bigger problems.

As for the side couple characters of Gu Ran and Jiang Jia – I’m interested in their stories too. Even though they have a very distinctive, not-so-unique, storyline, I enjoyed every part of their story because of the way they presented it.

The acting and casting are outstanding. Every actor/actress fits every role perfectly and acts superbly. The chemistry between the characters is something I admire, especially between FL and ML.

I support them all the way. They made me giggle and laugh so many times (they are so cute together). The cast really made me feel like I was watching a real person’s story.

Is the Chinese drama When I Fly Towards You worth watching? Worth it, this is something to watch when you need something funny and uplifting positivity with the assurance that good things will keep happening.

It’s also entertaining and wholesome, and it manages to be those things without its characters leaning too much toward cheesy, clichéd, or cringe-inducing. An extraordinary feat, without a doubt.

When I Fly Towards You Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhou Yi Ran as Zhang Lu Rang

Zhang Miao Yi as Su Zai Zai

Support Role

Bian Tian Yang as Gu Ran

Jiang Zhi Nan as Jiang Jia

Guo Zhe as Guan Fang

Roy Xie as Xie Lin Nan

Gao Wen Feng as Lin Mao / Teacher Lin

Zhang Lei as Su Jian Hua

Chen Si Si as Zhou Xiao Li

Hao Wen Ting as Lin Yun

Feng Xiang Kun as Shen Qian Yu

Wang Mu Xuan as Zhu Miao

Wang Jia Xuan as Zhang Lu Li

Guo Xiao Tian as Xu Qi


My Verdict

Overall, When I Fly Towards You is a very good Chinese youth drama. I love all the characters, chemistry, and natural storylines. You need to watch this if you feel lost and sad, maybe it will make you forget the reality we live in. My rating for When I Fly Towards You Chinese drama review is 8.8/10.

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