To Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

To Love is a Chinese investigation drama that has quite an interesting storyline, sufficient character development, and a well-directed plot. Check out the full To Love C-drama review below!


Details Drama

Title: To Love (最初的相遇)
Episodes: 40
Release Date: November 19, 2020
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

To Love review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of To Love Chinese drama follows a tense love story in which the fates of several young people with different backgrounds and charms get entangled in two unexpected twists and turns.

Yan Jin is a businessman and former anti-drug cop who decides to investigate a drug trafficking case that led to the death of his close friend. He later infiltrated the organization as an undercover cop and got to know Ji Xiao Ou.

This caused Zhan Yu, who had a one-sided crush on her, to become jealous. However, Zhan Yu is murdered and Yan Jin becomes the prime suspect instead. With the help of Ji Xiao Ou, Yan Jin tries to clear his name and investigate the murder of his close friend.


To Love Chinese Drama Ending Explained

To Love Chinese drama has a happy ending I think. At the end of the episode, Ji Xiao Ou suffers from severe liver damage, massive blood loss, and a severe infection. He is still in a coma and lying in the intensive care unit unsure whether to live or die. Meanwhile, Yan Jin waited anxiously in front of his bed.

Half a year later, Xiao Ou is still lying in the hospital and relying on a ventilator to keep him alive. No one knows when he can wake up, and no one knows if he can wake up.

But Yan Jin still patiently waited for the miracle to finally appear, Xiao Ou opened his eyes in the hospital. The love between the two of them has passed the test of life and death.

In these long years, no matter when and where, Yan Jin will always be his support, just like a marriage vow: regardless of illness, or poverty, stay together for life until Death do them part…

To Love Chinese Drama Review

To Love Chinese Drama Review

To Love is one of the best Chinese police dramas. It has a unique way of storytelling as it shows Xiao Ou and Yan Jin’s perspective so that viewers can piece together the full story for the first 14 episodes.

Then the remaining episodes continue with the current timeline as the main cast works to solve Zhan Yu’s murder.

The author did an excellent job of introducing and developing the story and slowly leaking more and more facts. I’m happy to say the writers didn’t disappoint with the pacing even though this is a 40-episode drama.

This drama shows that each character has their own flaws, nobody is perfect, as some show personal growth.

The direction and cinematography are very well done, transitioning seamlessly between scenes and also creating an element of suspense/drama. It is clear that they spent a lot of money to produce this drama because of the beautiful locations and very realistic sets and props.

As for acting, the leads have great chemistry and they look so cute on screen. I had seen Li Geng Xin in Princess Agents so I knew he was a pretty good actor, so I had no complaints about the way he portrayed Yan Jin in a confident, haughty, and sweet manner.

The female lead is Cass Gai who plays her role quite well, so no complaints with her. His emotional range is as good as Li Geng Xin, with teary eyes that are heartbroken.

The supporting actor who played Zhan Yu was also great. He’s not only handsome but his acting is good too, drawing my empathy for his character’s family background here which is less fortunate.

Then, is the Chinese drama To Love worth watching? Worth it, this is one of those dramas that you don’t think 40 episodes would be too long. Here many characters are given enough screen time to make an impression and progress.


To Love Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Lin Geng Xin as Yan Jin

Cass Gai as Ji Xiao Ou

Du Chun as Zhao Ting Hui

Support Role

Qin Hai Lu as Xiao Mei Ren

Yu Rong Guang as Father Yan

Wei Zi as Chief Li

Li Kun Lin as Feng Wei Xing

Li Qing as Zhan Yu

Joyce Feng as Yan Shen

Lin Cheng as Fang Ni Ya

Liu Ming Ming as Cheng Rui Min

Luan Yuan Hui as Liu Wei

Qian Jie as Li Mei Qin

Fan Lin Feng as Yang Cheng

Zhang Zhi Zhong as Huang Fa Xiang

Lin Le Xuan as Zhou Shuang

Wang Yan Xin as Zhou Bin

And More


My Verdict

Overall, To Love is a great C-drama and I believe it was carefully crafted by a talented director, screenwriter, and beautiful cinematography. I would recommend this for you to watch, it’s totally worth it. My rating for the To Love Chinese drama review is 8.5/10.

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