The Love You Give Me Review and Ending Explained

The Love You Give Me is one of the best 2023 Chinese rom-com dramas I’ve ever watched. This is a light and refreshing drama so don’t expect any crazy plot twists. The scenes are realistic so some people might get distracted by some of the character’s actions. Check out the full review of The Love You Give Me below


Details Drama

Title: The Love You Give Me (你给我的喜欢)
Episodes: 28
Release Date: April 24, 2023
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki

The Love You Give Me Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama The Love You Give Me follows the story of a young woman named Min Hui who fell in love with a young man named Xin Qi, five years ago.

But things get complicated between them when Min Hui pretends to be Xin Qi’s long-lost childhood friend in a false way to help a friend who died suddenly.

Additionally, Xin Qi suffers from a dangerous and potentially life-threatening heart condition. The current Min Hui loved him very much and didn’t want to see him suffer.

It didn’t matter that every time she tried to tell him the truth, he would cut her off, not believing her, or her heart condition would relapse. When she finally learned the whole truth, she cut all ties with him.

Now, five years later, they are reunited at a business event under the most uncomfortable circumstances. Min Hui has risen to become an R&D assistant to a director at a technology company. Meanwhile, Xin Qi is also famous as the CEO of an investment company.

Fate had brought them back together for some reason, but Xin Qi decided to vent all his anger and betrayal on Min Hui.

Fate also reveals that Min Hui has a son, who suffers from the exact same heart condition as Xin Qi. It then makes him realize through a series of events that he is the father.

After some heart-to-heart conversations, and explanations to end the misunderstandings, the two forgave themselves for the mistakes they made in the past. But will the two rekindle their love, which is now a fully-fledged family?


The Love You Give Me Ending Explained

The Chinese drama The Love You Give Me has a happy ending. In episode 27, Cheng Qi Rang and Ding Yi Feng were arrested for sexual harassment. Xin Qi then worked hard to take control of the Guanchao Group.

It was because the Guanchao Group owned Be Agile and he wanted to protect the Min Hui project that was in the company. This caused Xin Qi to overextend herself and resulted in a decline in her heart condition. It was also then that he proposed to Min Hui in a stupor.

At the end of the episode, Xin Qi has to return to the US for heart surgery, but before she leaves, Min Hui wants them to get married. He asked if Xin Qi was willing to marry him. He says yes but refrains from putting the ring on her finger.

Instead, Xin Qi promised Min Hui that he would return soon healthy to do well. Time flies and 6 months later, Xin Qi returns from the US to surprise Min Hui.

The last scene of episode 28 shows them having a wedding ceremony with Quan Quan and their friends in attendance. 2 years later, the couple had another baby boy but Quan Quan demanded a sister instead (so cute).

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The Love You Give Me C-drama Review

The Love You Give Me Review

The Love You Give Me is a mellow Chinese Rom-com drama in 2023. I have dropped so many Cdramas and it is for this one that I am following. It’s much, cute, and interesting, sometimes, something is boring, but they finish it well.

For a C-drama with 28 episodes, there are still some clichés that do happen that can be skipped, but the best part is, they manage them really well. You won’t feel as bored as in other dramas when watching this.

The storyline isn’t an entirely new concept, but the way it’s portrayed is very sweet. The thing that really surprised me is that this drama has 3 couples.

I’ve seen the drama mostly with 2 couples, but the way they balance everyone on screen is amazing. I’ve seen dramas, where the supporting pair had a story that was quite boring, to the point where one could skip it altogether, but this one was very different, in that aspect.

No couple apart from the main cast is not worth watching, each of them has their own story and the way they mix it up perfectly is just amazing. Here, you also never get the feeling that the supporting couple is stealing the main couple’s screen time and that’s perfect.

But there are also times when it gets a little repetitive. I’m not going to lie, I missed some of the supporting couple scenes, as they all have one thing in common which is “fighting and then reuniting”, which admittedly was a bit boring.

All three couples have very different stories with different paces & different problems to deal with (The main couple has kids and past traumatic history, another couple, where women don’t want to get married, and another where men doctors try hard to get them, but in the end, had to catch up, the love of his life in the end).

For acting and chemistry, the main couple was surprising. They have great chemistry, there are a lot of scenes that will make the audience pound and they are brilliant.

The conversation between the main couple is also very sweet, they talk about their work, life, future, lovey-dovey talk. Here the main female character also looks very beautiful. Even the 2nd pair here is also pretty good. Act-wise, everyone did a good job.

The music is quite good and the cinematography is also good. The ending is just right. As is clear the common ending is a given, but for some reason, I really like it.

The Love You Give Me Chinese drama

The Love You Give Me Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wang Yu Wen as Min Hui

Wang Zi Qi as Xin Qi

Support Role

Cui Yi Xin as Min Quan Quan

Li Chuan as Zhou Ru Ji

Ma Xin Rui as Cao Mu

Chen Xin Hai as Chen Jia Jun

Li Xing Yao as Yao Zi Zhu

Kim Jin as Cheng Qi Rang

Jill Hsu as Xin Di

Mei Bao Lai as Lin Xi Yue

Li Wei Long as Hardy

Aliya as Cheng Yi Ting

Su Zi Shan as Cai Wen Ji

Bao Da Zhi as Zheng Bang Guo

Han Ming Xi as Ding Yi Feng

Zhang Ling Yi as Jia Jia

And More


My Verdict

Overall, this is a very good drama, where emotions, comedy, love, and business, are all pretty balanced. If you’re looking for a light Romcom (that can give you some downtime), you’re in the right place.

If you ask whether the Chinese drama The Love You Give Me is worth watching? very worth it and I recommend this for you to watch. My rating for The Love You Give Me Chinese drama review is 8,4/10.

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