Till The End of The Moon Review – An Extraordinary Masterpiece

Till The End Of The Moon is a good Xianxia Chinese drama. They have everything that no other C-drama has and it is one of the best right now. What made this series so appealing to me? read my Till The End Of The Moon review below for the answer.


Drama Details

Title: Till the End of the Moon ( 长月烬明 )
Episodes: 40
Release Date: Apr 6, 2023
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Netflix

Till The End of The Moon Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Till The End of The Moon tells of a story in which an era of demons reigns over both cultivators and humans. They must all be under the devil and live in misery.

The cultivator elders then believed that it was imperative to send someone back in time to find the devil king’s origins and prevent his awakening.

Li Su Su is a girl chosen to accept a mission and assumes the identity of the mortal Ye Xi Wu, the second daughter of General Ye.

She is about to marry Tantai Jin, the captive prince and future demon lord, and is determined to destroy him. Knowing that in the future he would slaughter countless people and bring only misery.

But as a witness to Tantai Jin’s past life and rise to power, an unexpected story emerges, complicating his quest and mission.


Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained

Does Till The End of The Moon Have a good ending? The ending of Till The End of The Moon is pretty open leading to a happy ending.

In episode 40, after Tantai Jin sacrificed himself to kill the Demon God and his destructive path, the 3 realms became peaceful.

At the end of the episode, there is a time jump 500 years later and Su Su is seen with her daughter with Tantai Jin. The last scene shows Tantai Jin coming back to life with a smile on his face (It means he has been reborn).

But we don’t know if that’s true, because there’s no confirmation of any kind of reunion.


Till The End of The Moon C-drama Review

Till the End of the Moon Review

Till The End of The Moon is a phenomenal Chinese Wuxia drama. This is one of the best-made dramas in C-drama history, dare I say the best xianxia to date.

It has anxiety, love, pain, miscommunication, jealousy, grief, sacrifice, helplessness, and betrayal. Truly an emotionally draining story with fate and sad fate.

This series presents the theme of time travel for 2 individuals with 3 lives in 10,000 years. The plot is complicated, but executed with a Xianxia flair. I won’t go into details about the plot, let’s just say it’s about “enemy to lover”.

Get straight to the character. Tantan Jin is not an ordinary main male character who changes in an instant as soon as the main female character enters the game and is with him. He’s evil, born evil and the audience knows it, but you can’t stop loving him and defending him.

Viewers will be shown how he went from being bullied and tortured individual to the demon lord that everyone fears (we are amazed to see his journey). The audience will understand why he is the way he is.

It was the world that made it that way, they sowed the seeds if their doom was in the form of Tantai Jin. They made a Demon Lord with their actions. They dug their own graves and they are the ones lying in them.

I hope they don’t cover up the crime. I know it’s nearly impossible to show him as evil as in the novels ( Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben ), but I wanted them to retain as much of his origin as possible with censorship and all. And here has the perfect crime count.

Tantai Jin’s character was also extraordinary in every way, actor Luo Yun Xi was extraordinary. He can change his personality in an instant and actually plays 4 characters. You can tell these characters apart by the way they talk and carry themselves.

I can’t explain but the way the guy looked, moved his body, moved his hands, and spoke was so strangely different.

But still, you can’t stop watching it. His face changed from innocently handsome to sinister handsome in seconds according to his mood.

When he smiles for the female lead or plots murder will bring fans to their knees. In some scenes when I watched it, I felt like I was watching a gothic horror.

Meanwhile, Li Su Su is no ordinary main female character. She is not a helpless girl who only seduces and seduces. She is very refreshing to watch and really has a strong female lead in xianxia.

In some incidents, you will find him to mean for the things he did to Tantai Jin and you will not like him but in the end, you get him he did that out of the world and even prolonged it.

The chemistry of our main coloring is extraordinary. Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu looked good together, they had eye contact, they stole a touch, and a beautiful smile. You will not find anything that seems forced here.

As for the supporting cast, I won’t comment. They do their job well and their acting is good. But there are some characters that I feel lacking but it’s not a big thing.

One thing that was lacking for me is that due to the new sensor, they had to make a 56-episode drama into 40 episodes so the editing can seem choppy at times (although to be honest it doesn’t matter).

For CGI quality here is the best, really beautiful. The cinematography and camera angles are also excellent. Costumes, jewelry, and hairstyles are amazing. You can see they paid a lot of money for this production.

Then, is the drama Till The End of The Moon worth watching? Very decent, it has a fast-paced but unhurried plot and a straight plot. It may not be perfect but it’s definitely the best out there.

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Till The End of The Moon Chinese drama Cast

Till The End of The Moon Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Luo Yun Xi as Tantai Jin | Cang Jiu Min | Ming Ye

Bai Lu as Li Su Su | Ye Xi Wu | Sang Jiu

Support Role

Chen Du Ling as Ye Bing Chang | Mo Nv | Tian Huan

Deng Wei as Xiao Lin | Gong Ye Ji Wu | Sang You

Sun Zhen Ni as Pian Ran

Eddy Geng as Ye Qing Yu

Wang Yi Fei as Si Ying

Huang Hai Bing as Zhao You

Yu Bo as Di Mian

Zheng Guo Lin as Qu Xuan Zi

Zhang Zhi Xi as Chu Huang

Xiao Shun Yao as Tantai Ming Lang

Roy Wang as Jing Mie

Chen Bo Hao as Ji Ze

Li Pei En as Pang Yi Zhi

Li Jia Hao as Nian Bai Yu

and More


My Verdict

Overall, Till The End of The Moon is very well crafted and executed. This Chinese drama brings the whole genre up on one stage, not level up but up the stage.

It’s so well done that you don’t get bored because every character is interesting, the main plot has almost no plot holes, but since it was cut from 54 episodes to 40, there are a lot of missing scenes.

Nevertheless, I think the drama follows the novel about 65 to 70%, with tweaks here and there, but the main plot is consistent with the novel and that’s good.

I recommend this for you to watch, at least once. Don’t miss this drama. My rating for Till The End of The Moon Chinese drama review is 9,5/10.

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