The Trust Chinese Drama Review – Interesting and Very Funny

The Trust is a beautiful Chinese drama that elevates the idea of body switching, the execution is interesting and very funny. This would allow the viewer to see the main couple understand each other’s pain, hardship, and perspective, and begin to empathize with one another. Check out The Trust review below!


Details Drama

Title: The Trust (恩爱两不疑)
Episodes: 30
Release Date: April 6, 2023
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi, Mango TV
Available On: Viki

The Trust drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of The Trust Chinese drama follows the story of the daughter of a great general named Xu Yu who grows up with a sword in her hand. He had trained from a young age and was as proficient with a bow as he was with a sword.

Xu Yu was also skilled as a horseman even rivaling his father’s army. But because of that, he never thought of another path idea.

In order to save his struggling family, Xu Yu later agreed to marry Emperor Xiao Jin Yun. But the two of them were people with opposite personalities, Xu Yu who liked fighting day and night, whereas Jin Yun preferred reading books.

Knowing from the start they would never get along, the pair prefer to spend their days as far away from each other as possible. Although their encounters are few, they are often memorable.

One day, the two met by a pool that changed their lives in an instant. Xiao Jin Yun and Xu Yu had fallen into the pool together, but somehow they strangely exchanged souls.

Currently, they are trapped in their own bodies which makes them have to undergo different activities. As days passed, Xu Yu and Jin Yun began to realize that neither of them lived the enchanting life that each believed.


The Trust Chinese Drama Review

The Trust is a beautiful Chinese drama that embodies the idea of body switching. That’s nothing new in the world of drama, but the implementation and execution here are quite interesting and very funny.

Couples who don’t trust each other switch bodies and are forced to continue playing each other’s roles as if nothing had happened.

They have to put their own feet in each other’s shoes which eventually leads the two to understand each other’s pain, hardship, and perspective, and begin to empathize with each other.

It also presents the plot saga of political power struggles and harem catfights, although on a smaller scale but just as deadly.

The schemes of political rivals are also concocted to bring down the others, and the Emperor tries to maintain the balance of power while silently fighting against the attacks of his own ambitious and treacherous uncle.

Our female lead Xu Yu is the daughter of the most powerful general in the land, guarding the northern border with a formidable army. He grew up in such a household that Xu Yu became highly proficient in sword fighting, horse riding, bowing, and arrow, but not very good academically.

She is a carefree girl and falls in love with Xiao Jin Yun with whom she grew up. After marrying him, Xu Yu found life was not what she expected and she became disillusioned and unhappy.

As disappointment filled her mind, she stopped caring about all the household chores and didn’t compete for her husband’s attention, while the others in the harem fought tooth and nail.

With that kind of attitude, her mother-in-law didn’t like her and she repeatedly got into trouble and was always framed and blamed for everything she didn’t do by her husband’s concubines.

Whereas our main character Xiao Jin Yun is a cold and indifferent person in many ways. He also saw Xu Yu as a troublemaker but everything changed the day they switched bodies.

Xiao Jin Yun realized how badly Xu Yu was treated by his own mother and concubine; they criticized him, stabbed him in the back, framed him, and lied about him to him.

On Xu Yu’s body, Xiao Jin Yun knew that the Xu family was truly committed to him; Their loyalty is second to none. As Xu Yu, Xiao Jin Yun managed to improve Xu Yu’s relationship with his mother and help him regain her status as the main wife, earning everyone’s respect.

Xu Yu also experienced changes within Xiao Jin Yun, the changes were just as important; he becomes mature, responsible, and calm in the face of all the negativity that comes his way.

The pair then grow to understand and trust each other, all their misunderstandings are cleared up. They work together to overcome a series of crises, politically and at home. Their romance is gradual and sweet, going from distrust to unquestioning trust.

Thanks for this great script. We have the usual tropes and there are lots of them, but the show showcases the tropes in such a way that shows how the main cast really complement each other.

They both have their own shortcomings but by changing roles, they actually help each other to overcome some of the thorny problems that have been festering so far. It also shows how their lives are more complicated than they thought. This allows for a lot of character growth and breaks down barriers between them.

For Palace subplots and intrigue also runs throughout the show. It was largely predictable with standard antagonists filling clichéd roles.

For the acting part, our two main actors have equally good acting. The two actually play two roles. Especially for the female role Xu Yu is quite stereotyped. Not bad but mostly a cliché for a costume drama. When he plays king then he really shines. He extruded gravity and behaved gracefully.

Their chemistry is good and their romance is admirable. It’s great to watch them grow closer together over time and find true love in an organic way. The path is not easy but it is a path that is beneficial for them and for us.

The male lead is handsome in costume, and he does a decent job playing the king. But his behavior while switching souls was like a caricature of a girl.

It makes the main female character look stupid and ridiculous. I accept that she’s not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but when she’s in her own body she doesn’t behave like an airhead, so her portrayal seems unnatural and a little odd.

Regardless of that the ending to this show is as sweet as you’d expect, but also contrived. It was the ending we needed to have but you could feel they took some serious liberties with the plot to get us there.

The Trust Chinese Drama Review

The Trust Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Song Yan Fei as Xu Yu

Zhang Hao Wei as Xiao Jin Yun

Support Role

Li Jun Chen as Xu You Ran

Ma Li as Pei Xin Zhu

Yvonne Yung as [Empress Dowager

Cao Jun Xiang as Xiao Jin Ming

Yu Bo as Xu Ding

Shen Chi as Xu Biao

Miao Hao Jun as Xiao Qi

Lin Zi as Ta Ta Er Hu Na

Xuan Yi Hao as Zhang Yu

Lin Zi Lu as Bao Jian

Marco Li as Zhen Bei Hou

Lin Yan Rou as Tao Shu Ren

Marmalade Zhang as Li Mei Ren

And More


My Verdict

Overall, the Chinese drama The Trust is worth watching and I enjoyed the show. Admirable romance can be funny and insightful. It did breathe new life into the genre but wasn’t consistent enough to be a breakout drama. It still has one leg mired in the trope and it’s showing little relief. My rating for The Trust Chinese drama review is 7,9/10.

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