See You Again Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

See You Again is a 2022 Chinese drama that lives up to its name which displays fear and struggles with questions. It’s actually worth watching but many people are disappointed with the ending. Check out the See You Again review below to see why I might say that!


Drama Details

Title: See You Again ( 超时空罗曼史 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: September 5, 2022
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi, WeTV, and Viki

See You Again Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

See You Again is a Chinese time travel drama whose story follows a movie star from the Republican era who meets a rookie screenwriter from the 21st century. Two people from different worlds cross the boundaries of time and space to start their romantic story and live together.

Xiang Qin Yu is a famous actor in the 1930s who finds himself time-traveled to the modern era while on set. He has a proud demeanor on the outside but is gentle on the inside.

While in the 21st century, he happens to meet Jin A Yin, a beautiful unknown screenwriter who is simple and intelligent. While they are together, the two begin to fall in love.

Meanwhile, Xiang Qin Yu also investigates the shooting incident and the truth behind the passage of time that determines the two meet.


See You Again Ending Explained

The Chinese drama See You Again has an ending that is quite reasonable but at the same time sad. I honestly hoped for a good and happy ending, but they presented the opposite. Some viewers, might have guessed this ending from the start of watching it.

At the end of the episode, Xiang Qin Yu insists that he must return to his time in the 1930s. That’s why he was always hesitant to accept Jin A Yin’s feelings or sincerely confess his feelings to her when she also felt the same way.

Meanwhile, Jin A Yin is also very close to him and wants to be with him. We can only blame her persistence, but she couldn’t possibly give up easily on Xiang Qin Yu and choose Li Long Da or any other male character.

See You Again Chinese Drama Review

See You Again Review

See You Again may be an underrated Chinese drama but in fact, it is very good. I appreciate the storyline which is quite good. Actually, the script is very good, full of a bit of suspense, comedy, and love wrapped well.

Some say this drama is disappointing, some say it is doubtful, it all depends on the audience’s own judgment. Of course, the young audience will feel very disappointed, because it doesn’t live up to their expectations.

However, those who are more mature know that reality cannot be changed. Past glorious lives belonged to the past, so the present belongs to the present, and the future belongs to the future. In fact, they cannot coexist and only memories are kept as long as they are fresh.

Past and present storylines- I like stories that develop in the past and present. Many times there is a short time fired in one time period then most of the time it is fired in the main time period.

It’s great to go back and forth between the past and the present. It adds depth to the story by seeing things that happened in the past and present beyond the initial setting.

The show is good and has a creative plot, but the gaps left during the show harm the piece, as it becomes only a collection of ‘why’s. It is possible to laugh in comic scenes and even cry in some dramatic ones.

The director delivered the drama smoothly and didn’t end in a rush, but the script still had holes and situations that weren’t resolved properly (though not as many as in other time travel dramas). The photography is good and the scenes are well-edited, no major mistakes in the editing.

As for the characters, most of them are very relatable and fun to watch. Hu Yi Tian’s performance as Xiang Qin Yu / Chi Yu here is very good. Even though he has a lot of lines, he seems to be keeping his mysterious cold side and that’s good.

Chen Yu Qi as the female lead is also quite likable. He is suitable for playing the character Jin A Yin / Jin Zi who is sometimes a bit naive but not too naive, creative, and cheerful. This character can stand alone even though he is poor.

Our two main characters, Hu Yi Tian and Chen Yu Qi, have good chemistry and don’t seem forced. They fit perfectly here with a touching romance.

The side characters (except for one of the villains) do their part well, they show good friendship and don’t get in the way.

The side character development is great to watch, and while some of the scenes look a bit silly, they seem to make up for it with time.

I also feel like maybe I think they could cut this one down to 24 episodes if they tried because some parts just felt unnecessary.

I will say that this series has an unsatisfactory ending, I like a happy ending, not an open and cryptic ending (personal opinion). Despite these flaws, See You Again is a drama worth watching with the acting, story, and chemistry of the main cast.

See You Again Chinese Drama Cast

See You Again Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Hu Yi Tian as Xiang Qin Yu / Chi Yu

Chen Yu Qi as Jin A Yin / Jin Zi

Support Role

Wang Tian Chen as Li Long Da

Michelle Bai as Chen Mu Mu

Liu Yi Tong as Ma Ze Hao / Yang Da Rong

Dai Wen Wen as Tao Tao / Yang Xiao Yun

Hei Ze as Jin Chuan

Zhang Xue Han as Teng Xi

Li Lin as Producer Hu

Yu Shui Ge as Liu Tuo Tuo

Min Zheng as Feng Dao

Wang De Shun as Di Hu Sheng

Yu Ming Jia as Zhou Shu

Sun Xin Hong as A Hao

Yan Feng as Boss Lin

Ma Liang as Wu Jian Zhou

and More


My Verdict

Overall, the Chinese drama See You Again is good to watch. It has a very different concept from the usual time travel stories and they execute it well. They also have excellent character development, acting, and chemistry. I would recommend this for you to watch and make sure you watch it. My rating for See You Again Chinese drama review is 7,9/10

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