The Last Princess Chinese Drama Review

The Last Princess is a satisfying Chinese melodrama with a good-looking cast and a good story, but it’s lacking. Then what do I mean by the lack of Chinese drama The Last Prices? Read the review below!


Drama Details

Title: The Last Princess ( 步云衢 )
Episodes: 35
Release Date: March 21, 2023
Genres: Historical, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

The Last Princess Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in the early years of the Republic of China, the storyline follows a fallen noblewoman who dreams of becoming a doctor and the son of a large family who becomes a soldier.

In early 20th century China, people’s livelihoods experienced a decline and crisis. Jin Yu Rong is an aspiring doctor who hopes to help as many people as possible with her own two hands.

She then meets Zhao Zheng Nan who shares the same attitude as her, caring for the common good. The two then go from acquaintances to important roles in each other’s lives or lovers.

However, they were forced to separate, because they were soldiers with progressive thoughts and had to join the war. Just when Yu Rong fell into the abyss in her life, she finds direction in revolution. Inspired by Yu Rong, Zhao Zheng Nan joins forces against the Japanese occupation to jointly embrace the new China.


The Last Princess Review

The Last Princess is a Chinese drama whose story is not about the “last princess” or even a “fallen” noblewoman. Some people misunderstand this.

It is about a pair of characters who fight for their own vision and aspirations, and who are destined to be together, despite the obstacles and threats to their lives.

I am quite satisfied with this drama, even though sometimes there are sudden edits that make suspected parts disappear. But this is understandable because the history of this drama is also not very smooth.

This drama focuses on the story of a couple who struggle to make their dreams come true despite the many challenges they have to overcome.

The main female character Jin Yu Rong may seem cold at first, but she does not waver in her sentimental attachments after they are formed, even though it sometimes gets to the point of attachment that makes no sense.

While also too eager to distance himself from his treacherous warlord. She manages not to look too fabulous though her hairdo is always perfect and her nails manicured.

But his sacrifice for the “public good” is exaggerated and sometimes makes him stand out as a rigid and stubborn would-be martyr. She is also not whiny and childish like the other female characters.

The male lead Zhao Zhengnan is handsome and determined: a soldier who intends to put the country before his personal feelings, but still does his job.

He is the best character to protect his love which he put before his own life. He managed to pull Yu Rong down and hold him down several times, despite the pain.

Apart from our two main characters, every character in The Last Princess represents a turbulent part of history and gets a fair amount of character development.

As for acting, our two main actors did all their duties well, they have good chemistry. But there were some things Dr Jin Yurong didn’t cut her long nails – it was uncomfortable to see Doctor bandaging her long nails – the director should have told her to cut the long nails.

We also find her crying awkwardly and emotionlessly. Regardless, they were great and our supporting cast did a great job too. Their acting is good.

The Last Princess Chinese Drama Review

The Last Princess Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Rain Wang as Aisin Gioro Yurong/ Jin Yu Rong

Zhang He as Zhao Zheng Nan

Support Role

Maggic Fang as Aunt Xue

Yuan Hang Ming as Lieutenant Yu

Xue Yi Lun as General Wang

Zhu Zhong Jin as Lao Guo

Xu Zhe as Attendant Wang

Xie Yu Chen as Xiao Yan

Ding Zhi Yong as Wang Zhe Fu

Chen Bao Guo as Jiang Fang

Wang Xin Fang as Shi Dao Yi

Chen Xu Ming as Professor Ma

Wang Jian as Jin Da Long

Li Qing as San Dao Qian Xi

Wu Ri Gen as Li Kui Shan


My Verdict

Overall, this is a satisfying melodrama with a handsome cast and mostly good acting, which I have no regrets watching. Then is the Chinese drama The Last Prices worth watching? Of course and I would recommend you to watch this. For rewatch value, maybe not I won’t rewatch this. My rating for The Last Princess Chinese drama review is 7/10

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