Out With a Bang Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Out With a Bang is one of the most underrated Chinese esports dramas I’ve seen. But when you watch it, you’ll know it’s worth it. The acting and the visuals really keep me going through the drama. I really like the best friend character of the male lead. I love her personality. There is comedy as well as romance but more of a friendship or bromance here which I really like. Check out the full Out With a Bang Chinese drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: Out with a Bang ( 瞄准你的未来 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: July 21, 2022
Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama, Sports
Country: China
Original Network: iQIYI
Available On: iQIYI

Out With a Bang Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The drama’s storyline follows professional e-sports player Xiao Yi Chuan who is about to face retirement.

In order to stand on the highest podium stage, he gives up injury treatment, and when he returns home, he meets a hot-blooded girl Xiong Jiu Jiu who is traveling around recruiting players for her grassroots e-sports team.

After Xiong Jiu Jiu’s hard efforts to seduce Xiao Yi Chuan, he finally decides to join this team.

After the team finished recruiting, they had game maverick player Xiao Yi Chuan, theoretical king Hong Yang, Chu Tian, who was full of potential, and Dong Shi, who entered the team on his own.

The team is not only faced with strong rivals but runs into trouble with people ranging from game rookies to game masters.


Out With a Bang Ending Explained

The Chinese drama Out With a Bang has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Chu Tian and Xiao Yi Chuan and their team fight for the championship. They finally won it and Xiao Yi Chuan gave his trophy to his girlfriend.

One year later. Chu Tian is an MVP. Our JR team leader won another championship. Xiong Jiu Jiu is the director (managing manager). Our couple is still strong, so strong that Chu Tian feels sorry for Xiong Jiu Jiu because Xiao Yi Chuan is too clingy.

Everyone is happy, but Xiao Yi Chuan is no longer in the role of a member. He is now a coach/professor. His hands can’t play anymore. Even so, he still has a passion for the sport and he really loves teaching the players.

Out With a Bang C-Drama Review

Out With a Bang Review

Out With a Bang is one of my favorite Chinese E-sport dramas so far. The story plot presented here is quite good, you can enjoy action scenes from e-sports, like the actors, such as the silly but funny romance between the main characters, and the many brotherhoods between a group of men.

The E-sport section of this drama is slightly different from the usual E-sport dramas. This play shows fewer tournaments on screen, I believe there are 2 in all, the first one when they compete as a new team and the second towards the end of the game when they understand & learn how to work with each other.

This E-sport drama focuses more on building their team, getting along with each other, chemistry, learning each other’s weaknesses, and improving them. It also shows the struggle & power of building a new team for the tournament.

Instead of featuring lots of tournaments, this event featured more e-sport training. There are a lot of live-action scenes from the actors and I really appreciate this because looking behind the scenes, there’s a lot of work to be done. Their work paid off because I enjoyed those game scenes. They are full of action!

For romance, there are our main characters Xiao Yi Chuan and Xiong Jiu Jiu who finally find out that they like each other after their usual bickering.

Even though it’s a little misunderstanding at the beginning, you don’t have to wait too long to solve it.

Actors Zhang Jiong Min and Xu Ruo Han have cute yet cute chemistry and they match our main characters perfectly. There were a lot of upheavals when these two started their relationship and it made me very happy and I laughed a lot.

Inside you’ll also find a bit of a love triangle: like a male supporting character who likes Xiong Jiu Jiu, which makes you feel bad. Xiong Jiu Jiu completely moved on from him and became close to Xiao Yi Chuan afterward.

On the other hand, there was also the female announcer who also liked Xiao Yi Chuan, but her role, although annoying, was very small. He didn’t play a big role so there wasn’t much distraction from his gratitude.

Secondary couple (Dong Shi & Girl Chu Tian): Not the best secondary couple I’ve seen but not the worst either. I can’t feel as much chemistry as Yi Chuan & Jiu Jiu.

Another character I like is Bo Yu. He is very funny, goofball a friend but also very considerate of Yi Chuan. We also saw the sibling relationship between Yi Chuan and Chu Tian’s sons.

The thing that is lacking for me is how they describe Xiong Jiu Jiu’s character which doesn’t have much of a story and a bland background. The focus seems to revolve more around Yi Chuan’s character only and they are pressing there.

I was expecting more from a secondary partner, i was expecting more from Chu Tian girl but the way she is presented, it seems like she is not important at all in this drama.

The ending was great but with all the focus on Yi Chuan’s injury in so many episodes, I feel like they missed a detail toward the end. There doesn’t seem to be a good conclusion to Yi Chuan’s matter.

But apart from that, I like this drama with the theme of the reality aspect of building a new e-sports team: Some members don’t get along, new players, pressure, struggle, & not much support at the beginning but then you see how things turn around with never giving up, dedication, and hard work.

Out With a Bang Chinese Drama

Out With a Bang Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhang Jiong Min as Xiao Yi Chuan

Xu Ruo Han as Xiong Jiu Jiu

Support Role

Hao Fu Shen as Chu Tian

Jeremy Wang as Dong Shi

Song Pei Ze as Wang Bo Yu

Li Pei En as Qin Zheng

Wang Xing Wei as Hong Yang

Mai Tong as Chu Tian

Yuan Jia Yi as Shia Ya

Cheng Shi as Dr. Chen

Xu Bing Chao as Xing Zi Yi

Wang Kai Yi as Huo Ran

Jeremy Luo as Kara


My Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed this Chinese drama Out With a Bang. It’s a different approach than I’ve ever seen. The ending wasn’t what I expected or liked, but it satisfied me enough.

The main cast chemistry, the fraternity, and the in-game battle scenes are the reasons why I enjoyed Out With a Bang the most and it’s definitely worth a watch. I also recommend this for you to watch. My rating for the Chinese drama Out With a Bang review is 8/10.

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