Flight to You Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Flight to You is a drama that somehow manages to be very realistic and very silly at the same time. How? The characters represent the realistic part, whereas the plot, especially in the last 8-10 episodes is a bit too close to the mental circus that you have to accept and not question the logic behind it. Check out the Chinese drama review Flight to You below!


Details Drama

Title: Flight to You (向风而行)
Episodes: 39
Release Date: December 26, 2022
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: CCTV, iQiyi, JSTV, Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and Iqiyi

Flight to You Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the drama follows the lives of the Luzhou Airlines flight crew and the various situations they have to face in their daily careers.

Cheng Xiao is an aspiring pilot who must learn to get along with his strict instructor, Gu Nan Ting. Meanwhile, she is also navigating a male-dominated field where women are not given much attention.

Relying on his skills, strength, and ingenuity, Cheng Xiao makes friends and quickly adapts to his surroundings to achieve his dreams.

The two then work together in life-changing situations and various emergencies, Gu Nan Ting begins to not only trust Cheng Xiao but also develop feelings for him as he does for her.

Can their stressful and haunting jobs from the past let fate finally guide them towards each other and a successful future?


Flight to You Ending Explained

The Chinese drama Flight to You has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Gu Nan Ting was about to do surgery on his eyes, but the thought of never flying again scared him.

But he didn’t tell Cheng Xiao, for fear that it would affect his monumental flight. He will fly the first plane manufactured in China – all parts are also made in China.

Someday, Gu Nan Ting and Cheng Xiao will conquer their battlefields: one in the air and one in the hospital.

Then from inside the car, Gu Nan Ting saw an airplane, but it wasn’t Chinese DNA! No, it was a plane (and supposedly the one Cheng Xiao was flying) and he was crying. Ni Zhan shook his head for being a too emotional
buddy. It’s a side effect of the surgery, obviously.

When our main couple met, Gu Nan Ting asked Cheng Xiao when they could live together. Cheng Xiao said the answer depended on his actions. He kissed her and went to work. Then he picked up the phone. The delivery guy has eight boxes. These were Cheng Xiao’s belongings. By this act, he meant that he wanted to live together.


Flight to You Chinese drama

Flight To You Review

Flight to You is a Chinese drama about workplace romance. The main female character Cheng Xiao is the only female pilot in the company and she is placed with a flight instructor. Meanwhile, our main male character, Gu Nanting, has a cold and emotionless exterior.

Their meeting was originally a misunderstanding, but Cheng Xiao slowly discovered that Gu Nanting was actually a warm and caring person through various trials and tribulations at work, and fell in love with him.

Gu Nanting grapples with her own past and must decide whether she will keep her growing feelings for Cheng Xiao hidden or confidently approach her.

This show is built on a lack of plot. When you consider international aviation is one of the most regulated industries in the world with lots of cross-checks and rules, this use of subplots is confusing. There are so many holes and differences, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The drama also doubles down on the distraction by bringing the obnoxious mother of the female lead into the fray. This unruly mess dragged on for a few (too long) episodes which added to my disappointment.

Because Romance is sometimes so slow that we feel like we’re walking backward. Everything is in the hands of friends, all romance, love, frustration, attachment, and doubt.

To be honest, I’m fine with this snail’s pace. I value and enjoy the relationship between Gu Nan Ting and Cheng Xiao not only because of the spark but also the partnership and friendship they have built. How they influence each other and grow to be better pilots and better people for it.

You may also have to close one eye and ignore some of its illogical aspects. Towards the end, you may need to close two, as the show gives up realism as it struggles to follow the plot and give everything a proper closure.

That said, at the time I liked the character so much, I wasn’t even frustrated, but amused by some of the developments.

The acting of the main cast makes this show strong. Wang Kai can give any role and make it believable. He makes any character look like a real-life person.

Tan Song Yun also perfected his role as Cheng Xiao – he really is the center of the whole drama and he runs the show on his back without any problem.

Also, every supporting cast member does a fantastic job and I honestly have no complaints. Things are looking good in terms of acting here.

The production values are at the high end of a work/cut life c-drama drama. Something I want to compliment the show on is the transition scenes – the fast-forward shots showing different times of the day are beautiful.

Despite a few things missing, I love this drama with great performances that focus on self-improvement, fairness or lack thereof at work, taking responsibility, and dealing with the aftermath and consequences of accomplishments and failures.

It tackles mental health issues (sometimes in questionable ways) and sexism and how hard it can be to fight it in the workplace. If you ask is Flight to You worth watching? it is very valuable and very interesting.

Flight to You Chinese drama Cast

Flight To You Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wang Kai as Gu Nan Ting

Tan Song Yun as Cheng Xiao

Support Role

Liu Chang as Ni Zhan

Yan Zi Dong as Song Song

Shao Yu Qi as Li Yu Heng

Bo Zi Cheng as Xia Zhi

Zhou Qi Qi as Ai Jia

Liu Jun as Jiang Tao

Cheng Tai Shen as Xie Ze Tian

Wang Ce as Xu Ce

Guo Xiao Ran as Lin Yi Cheng

Nate Gong as He Da Peng

Gary K. as Qiao Zheng Yu

Terma Tong as Liang Yue Rue

Shi Qiang as Tan Qing

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed most of this Chinese drama and you probably will too. There are moments, and the first half is really exciting and eye-opening.

If it had stuck to the original plot focusing on flights and office romance all the way through, it would have been a winner. Instead, we took a long, winding road that added a little bit to the process.

The fan service may eventually appease some viewers who just wanted to submit CP and swoon over their belated sweet moment. To me, it was a sneaky way of covering up for the disappointing melodrama that came before it.

Then do I recommend this? I recommend the drama Flight to You for you to watch, there are lots of good things about aviation-themed dramas. My rating for the Chinese drama Flight to You review is 7,7/10

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