My Lethal Man Review and Ending Explained

My Lethal is a Chinese drama that has an ordinary plot with lots of holes. But I endured watching it and understanding it. How could that be? why do I hold on? see the answer in the Chinese drama review My Lethal Man below!


Drama Details

Title: My Lethal Man ( 对我而言危险的他 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: January 2023
Genres: Romance, Crime & Mystery
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: Viki and iQIYI

My Lethal Man Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama My Lethal Man follows the story of Zhuang Xin Yan, a wealthy heir to the LH Group. Life as an heir is not easy because many evil people are after him.

Hence, Xin Yan’s grandfather sent him overseas when he was young as a way to protect him after his father died and his mother went missing after an accident.

Even though overseas, Xin Yan has always been the target of evil parties who want to take control of the LH Group. He was being hunted while in Italy and happened to be in the same location as Shen Man Ning who looked a lot like him.

As a result, it was Shen Man Ning was kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity. Xin Yan who found out about it felt bad and tried hard to save him.

While trying to escape from their captors, they suddenly get into an accident. Xin Yan back then protected Man Ning in the accident and he died. On her last breath, Xin Yan asks Man Ning to help her get back to the LH Group.

Then after the accident, Shen Ma Ning is shocked to meet the mysterious Xing Cheng who pressures her to assume the identity of Xin Yan.

As Man Ning feels obligated to repay Xin Yan for saving him and his wish, he agrees to follow Xing Cheng back to the Zhuang family.

Man Ning then pretends to be Xin Yan and introduces Xing Cheng as his fiancé. But behind that, there is a danger that lurks for him because his identity is threatened to be exposed by the enemy. Forced to rely on Xing Cheng for his safety, Man Ning also begins to fall in love with him.


My Lethal Ending Explained

Does the Chinese drama My Lethal Man have a happy ending? yes, My Lethal Man has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Shen Man Ning and Xing Cheng managed to gather evidence against Cai Xuan about what he had done to his parents.

Cai Xuan initially refused to admit it, but when Lin Guang Yi turned on the recorded message from Grandpa Zhuang who had died before, Cai Xuan was shocked.

Grandfather Zhuang wanted Cai Xuan to start realizing the mistakes he had made and mend his ways. He knew all along that Cai Xuan was the one who tried to kill Mei Xuan and his family.

Grandpa Zhuang gave him a chance because he had lost Mei Xuan and didn’t want to lose another daughter again and again.

After watching the recording, Cai Xuan went berserk and he also confessed to his crimes and the fact that he desperately wanted to destroy the Zhuang family. He even admitted to holding Shen Man Ning hostage at one point.

Then suddenly Mei Xuan appeared to calm him down and reassure him that he was always valued as a member of the family. Mei Xuan did not die in an accident 17 years ago but was seriously injured which seems to be affecting her memory.

She had been living in the welfare home all this time before Tang Lin’s brother tracked her down and discovered her whereabouts.

Xing Cheng is later reunited with his mother after the exposure of the criminal he has been investigating. The last scene of the beautiful drama shows her and Man Ning sitting on the beach.

They sweetly profess their love for each other and learn that they should cherish those they love after what they’ve been through so far.

My Lethal Man Chinese Drama Review

My Lethal Man Review

My Lethal Man is a C-drama with a normal plot and nothing new. But it’s not that bad because it’s not an ordinary drama with an unknown twin-brother plot.

Despite what many people think, I loved the drama. I’m feeling different here being so tired of how drama usually starts with the guy being mean at first then you never get to see his meanness once he’s with the woman. But these plays? It’s consistent.

It was the mystery male lead that first attracted me to My Lethal Man, but when you watch it you realize how perfect the female lead here is.

I get how most people can’t fathom the idea that the girl looks exactly like the male lead’s sister.

To be honest, I had the same feeling at first. However, when you realize they’ve been apart for 17 years without contact, you start to accept the plot more.

You will realize that yes, the man does love his sister with all his heart, however, he loved the idea of his sister when he was young.

He has no attachment to his sister’s face or the way she looks now that they are older because she didn’t spend years growing up with her.

When it comes to romance, this is where you will see how girls proactively fight for their love. She was the first to confess, and at every point, she wasn’t afraid to show her true feelings.

When he says “I love you,” he always follows up with the question, “Do you love me too?” (not in a sad and depressed way but in a light way).

With a keen eye, you’ll see how guys are always the ones to get the better ending in their relationships, especially with how polite the main girl is.

He always tells the main male character that he will protect him, is willingness to accept blame, him picking him up from work, him kissing her hand and other details. You’ll see how guys are always giddy and that girl really is her home.

For Acting: I think Fan Zhi Xin and Li Mo Zhi did a very good job. Both of them did well, he also played his part perfectly.

I love how lethal and lethal Fan Zhi Xin can be, as seen in most of the scenes. One thing you should pay attention to is the hair. You’ll notice how the scene plays out with her hair and these little details make the drama more enjoyable.

What I hate here is that sometimes, I can’t see the emotion on their faces because of the bleaching filter. When the shot was taken from far away, I could see how superbly the actors and actresses conveyed their emotions, but during the close-up shot, I couldn’t even see how the tears were falling down their faces.

Sometimes, it’s as if they’re trying to do it, crying without the tears that make it funny. Oh, how I can only wish Chinese productions no longer felt the need to cover up their actors.

My Lethal Man Chinese Drama Cast

My Lethal Man Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Li Mo Zhi as Shen Man Ning | Zhuang Xin Yan

Fan Zhi Xin as Yan Xing Cheng / Yan Yi

Support Role

Li Yi Zhen as Tang Lin

Chang Zhe Kuan as Lin Mu Fan

Li Xin Ran as Rao Mei Na

Wang Xu Dong as Fang Xiang

Qiu Ding Jie as Yuan Shuai

Li Zhi Fan as Zhuang Jia Kai

Liang Guo Rong as Zhuang Cheng An

Li Bin as Lin Guang Yi

Xu Hai Wei as Yan Li

Wang Ye as Da Yang

Shi Xu Ci as Secretary Qiao

Zeng Yun Zhen as Zhuang Cai Xuan

Zhu Wei Ling as Zhuang Mei Xuan


My Verdict

Overall this is a drama for you if you don’t put much expectation on the story and want to enjoy it for the male lead, chemistry, and thrilling romance then you will definitely enjoy it and My Lethal Man is worth watching. I also recommend it for you to watch. My rating for the Chinese drama review My Lethal Man is 7.8/ 10.

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