A League of Nobleman Review and Ending Explained

A League Of Nobleman is a Chinese historical drama that I initially didn’t watch because there was no romance. But I was curious because several sites gave highly rated positive reviews and ended up watching it. I just want to make sure that the praise is justified and that this drama is worth watching. Check out the full A League Of Nobleman review below!


Details Drama

Title: A League of Nobleman (君子盟)
Also Know: The Society of Four Leaves
Episodes: 29
Release Date: January 30, 2023
Genres: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and WeTV

A League of Nobleman Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells about Zhang Ping, a poor orphan who comes from the provincial part of China. He had come to Beijing in an attempt to take the civil service entrance exam but had to make a living making noodles to sell on the streets.

Although he is unsophisticated in his manners and is a dreamer, he is very perceptive and also very mischievous. That meant he was naturally gifted at solving puzzles and uncovering hidden mysteries.

Meanwhile, Lan Jue is a mild-mannered young priest who hides a secret from his youth and doesn’t want him to reveal it to anyone. But as Lan Jue goes about his business, trying to solve a case, his paths intersect with Zhang Ping.

Despite some misunderstandings, Zhang Ping manages to help Lan Jue solve the case, despite accidentally knowing his secret. But this incident turned into the start of an extraordinary partnership.

The two men develop a close bond – despite their very different backgrounds. And together, they decide to solve all sorts of mysteries, including what really happened to Lan Jue’s father – and rid the palace of corruption once and for all!


A League of Nobleman Ending Explained

A League Of Nobleman has a great ending for the overall main cast. Emperor Wang Xuan returned victorious from a war with an enemy nation and he remained a respected ruler despite suspicions that he was not of royal blood.

He then appointed Zhang Ping to be a county magistrate to allow him to gain more experience there. Emperor Wang Xuan also had great hopes that Zhang Ping would eventually become a respected senior official.

Meanwhile, Wang Yan became the Minister of Judicial Review and he started working on the accumulated arrears case. whereas Lan Jue was now the Governor and part of his duties would take him to various counties and villages. He is seen meeting Zhang Ping in his new area during his travels.

In the final episode and final scene, the viewer is informed that he has a young son whom he sent to the countryside in the past because of the risks he took to clear his father’s name. So, it’s time to reunite with his son and his little family.


A League of Nobleman Review

This drama is adapted from the novel “The Case of Zhang Gong” 《张公案》 written by Da Feng Gua Guo. It is broadly about meeting the naive, honest, and honorable Zhang Ping, and the diplomatic and graceful Lan Jue. I love both those depictions and the friendship that reveals secrets.

The plot is layered with a plot within plot and plot twists. Here we have the power-hungry Empress Dowager, a seeming good-for-nothing Emperor, of perverted royal blood who will do anything to get revenge, an honorable official forced to compromise his integrity because of the rot of the system, and a scholar obsessed with solving cases that don’t exist. solved.

Lan Jue is a graceful man whose burning goal is to clear his father’s name in a two-decade-long treason case.

In this quest, he is quite bendable in ways that justify his goals. He is hindered at every turn by Zhang Ping, a poor scholar, noodle maker, and truth seeker.

Zhang Ping believes Peizhi is a criminal and is determined to catch him. Peizhi is sarcastically amused by Zhang Ping’s naive truth and impressed by his deductive talents.

He intended to take advantage of him if he could and if not, throw him away. Watching Zhang Ping transform from a Peizhi cat paw to someone she raises kittens with is the best part of the drama for me.

This play is very well executed and gets all the essentials right. Every flaw in the plot is made up for by the superb character designs and heartfelt performances from the cast.

Jing Boran and Wang Duo gave prominent performances but even Song Wei Long, whose acting was still a work in progress, was such a fine performer that she fit this Zhang Ping character perfectly.

Too bad her scene with Jing Boran was obviously heavily injured. After all the preparations, I was really looking forward to seeing Zhang Ping and Peizhi shine in the final arc.

Instead, it was pretty much hijacked by Shulin’s unfinished business with Peizhi and his abandonment issues. Everyone including Mowen and the emperor were put aside.

As much as I love Shulin’s complexities and Wang Duo’s phenomenal acting, I have mixed feelings about the final arc. The tone feels a bit odd and succumbs to an overly corny melodrama of dog blood.

I think Zhang Ping’s newfound pragmatism and enlightenment that the right result can be more important than the right truth. It shows great character growth even though justice proves ultimately elusive.

Another thing I love about this drama is the high production value that gives off the sinister and suspenseful aura that permeates the existence of the stylish and luxurious Dayong elite.

Everything from the set design to the incredibly mysterious and beautiful opening dance, to Peizhi’s floating costume, to Peizhi’s long and sensual hair reflects, elegance, refinement, and impeccable taste.

I also like the opening score, “Red Bloody Fog”, a catchy, mono acoustic drum beat adding mystery and suspense. I was actually really impressed with all the OSTs and background music.

Some of the notes are upbeat with hope, most sinister and dark, depicting imminent danger, evil, and death.

The OST “The World is Blessed” gives viewers an overview of the common sights on the streets of ancient times in the ancient city. The vocals accompanied by the piano depict the life of the common people who are simple, cheerful, and full of hope for a better tomorrow.

I even liked the song sung by Master Zhang Ping, “Cows Wake Up to Eat Grass”; I found myself humming over and over again. There is an extended use of drums to give the impression of something ominous coming.

Dropping each beat signifies finding the jig-saw piece for the puzzle. His music can be mesmerizing, like the song “Demon of the Heart”, putting listeners into a trance.

In darkness and despair, there is hope because there are people like Zhang Ping who are determined to find the truth as depicted in his song “The Ramen Detective’s Noodles”.

Then is A League of Nobleman worth watching? It’s worth it and it’s one of the great watches for just about anyone I find it very immersive and beautiful to look at.

A League of Nobleman Chinese drama Review

A League of Nobleman Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Jing Bo Ran as Lan Jue

Song Wei Long as Zhang Ping

Hong Yao as Wang Yan

Guo Cheng as Chen Chou

Wang Duo as Gu Qing Zhang

Shawn Zhang as Emperor Wang Xuan

Support Role

Chen Chuang as Er Pi Jiang

Hou Tong Jiang as [Master]

Terry Li as Lan Lin

Jampa Tseten as Xu Dong

Ren Luo Min as Wang Qin

Shi Yue Ling as [Empress Dowager]

Wang Jian Guo as Ying Xi

Yang Yun Zhuo as Xuan Ji

Zong Xiao Jun as Boss Jia

Zhang Zhi Zhong as Minister Gong

Yang Meng as Liu Xian

Xie Chun Yi as Jin Ying


My Verdict

Overall this is one of the best Chinese dramas in 2023 Would I recommend it? of course, you have to watch it. But it really depends on how you feel about the genre and this is no romance.

I liked most of it and it always keeps me guessing especially when I’m so confused. So try it yourself and see what conclusions you reach. Maybe you can solve this puzzle yourself. My rating for the A League of Nobleman review is 8.5/10.

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